You too can join the growing legions of Prohibiton-era bootleggers and boozehound college students! Make your own spirits from simple goods! Become the prison sweetheart (Unless they're onto you, in which case you're gonna have to stick with pruno.)  
For more spirit-making information, see kingnerd's previous post.  
NSFW everywhere but New Zealand due to legality of actually making moonshine without proper permits.
Here is a site dedicated to the legalization of alcohol distillation. There is some good information and links. Here is an excerpt: Making your own spirit is a basic freedom. It is our own alcohol which we legally own. We have made wine and now we want to distill it in order to separate out the alcohol that is already present so we can have spirit for a drink instead. We are prohibited by law to do so! We are not entrusted to move our own alcohol from a glass of wine to a drink. If we do so, we instantly turn into criminals. Politicians doesn’t seem to understand that you will be equally intoxicated by a glass of wine or the same alcohol when distilled. There is no difference at all.