You can see why Buttigieg was a perfect fit from this line in a New Yorker profile: “for much of his life, Buttigieg has been giving those around him the impression of extreme promise.” The “impression of extreme promise” rather than “the evidence of extremely sound moral character” is what gets you onto those 30-under-30 or 20-under-20 lists. And so it is no surprise that, after informing us that he got the highest possible grade in his Oxford course, Buttigieg narrates his next move as follows:

"Knowing I would head back to America meant that there was less at stake for me in the grade, but I took pride in it even while sensing that the time had come to learn what wasn’t on the page and get an education in the real world.

Which is why I went to McKinsey."

Okay, pause for a moment. If you are Pete Buttigieg, at this point in your life you have the ability to take almost any job you want. These schools open doors, and you pick which one you go through. (Ask yourself: If I could do anything I wanted for a living, what would I do?) Pete Buttigieg looked inside himself and decided he belonged at… the world’s most sinister and amoral management consulting company.

Jeremy Kaplowitz does stand-up as "1990s Jerry Seinfeld Doing Bits About His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend"

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following the work.

Recent research on what photons can tell us about health and disease; How bioluminescent you are might just say something about your health.

“Traditionally, we would have used displacement maps and shading tricks to accomplish such an intimate and finely detailed beach,” said Brett Levin, Technical Supervisor on Piper, “but we decided to see what RIS could do.” And they did…the team decided to fill the beach with real grains of sand, all of it…

Little Gopher Client

Little Gopher Client is a client for the Gopher protocol written in Free Pascal and Lazarus with support for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (32-bit) operating systems.

Scientists hope to develop new drugs that prevent virus shutting down key parts of the immune system

Americans received a record 5.66 billion robocalls last month, prompting carriers, lawmakers and start-ups to boost efforts to block calls and catch scammers.

President responds to offer by Nancy Pelosi saying he may give evidence despite not wanting to give credibility to ‘witch-hunt’

Usenet. Use it?

Centralised DoH is currently a privacy net negative since anyone that could see your metadata can still see your metadata when DNS is moved to a third party. Additionally, that third party then gets a complete log per device of all DNS queries, in a way that can even be tracked across IP addresses.

Researchers dig into Facebook's ad library.

President Trump's associate Roger Stone was found guilty Friday of witness tampering and lying to Congress about his attempts to contact WikiLeaks.

After years of resisting, Nike launched a pilot in 2017 to sell a limited product assortment on Amazon. Now, it's focusing on selling more directly to consumers.

So says whistleblower and former federal investigator Bill Black, who defines with fine detail what will likely be emerging from the impeachment hearings.