Who wants to pay for Stanfords Crypto Course, when University of Washington has made the whole Cryptography Course available online for free. Yes, all the presentations, videos (mp3, WMV), homework, quizes etc. are available online. The material seems pretty decent, and is intended for advance audience.
deathburger: 43(Y=F)#0G=B,TXP3$-!>$U#13T
cherwilco: dammit I hate you deathburger! now im gonna havta figure that crap out sheesh!
deathburger: heheheheh  
I couldn't resist.
metreiya: terces pot yllatot
deathburger: Rknpgyl!
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FoolProof: OMFG, HE LIVES!
cornpone: he's probably just here to tease us for a few days with his presence.
FoolProof: No shit. Then he'll run off to someplace where people are in trouble to play hero when he's really needed here. How selfish.