6/6/06 is National Emo Kid Beatdown Day! This website helps you determine what an "Emo Kid" looks like.  
Happy Hunting!
thatmikeykid: hateful, ignorant, and lame.
deathburger: What if it's an emo goth kid?
Already have something else scheduled
skrolnik: I'll be way too busy celebrrating National Slayer Day that day to participate in this. Maybe you should re-schedule?  
yeah this is pretty lame.
GhettoBodhi: pretty much hate speech, obviously somewhat tongue in cheek but I wouldn't be surprised if a few emo kids get pushed around anyway as a result.  
amberella: Don't they get pushed around anyways?
noctolator: Hate speech is only offensive if it is based on an arbitrary characteristic such as one's race or appearance.  
It's not the same kind of hate speech to simply say "You are lame" to somebody who is socially affected in a way that deserves its own special beating from time to time.  
tomcat101147: That's a pretty lame excuse for hate speech of "any" kind.
crataegus: ramen