Crack Mix 331: Ziúr

"Abrasive, hard, but never gratuitously unpleasant."

Open Mike Eagle performing 'Qualifiers' live at a laundromat is exactly what you need today.

Tom Colicchio is a really thoughtful guy, and he's been very busy working on behalf of small restaurants and the people who work there.


A simple and effective facemask design by Loren Brickter

Brace yourselves
1982 Intellivision ad made to look like computer graphics, but was likely done at least partially by hand.
CIA orders White House to conduct broadcast tv radiation LSD experiments on Americans to attract a younger audience.
The eyes have it.

An estimated 65,000 doctors trained in other countries are ineligible to practice here because they haven’t met U.S. requirements that they have a year of resident training stateside.

Nationwide, an estimated 30,000 so-called Dreamers work in health care. Yet along with their brothers, sisters and cousins, all are poised to lose their status in June, when the virus may still be raging

"With about 200,000 people flowing into and out of jails every week, there are great risks not only for the detained, but also for jail workers and surrounding communities."

"We’d like to help," said the Rev. George Nicholas, chairman of the African American Health Equity Task Force. Yet he says no one has contacted the task force, which formed in 2014 to address health disparities. So the group, along with the Buffalo Center for Health Equity and others, is preparing a news release to put the issue on the table.

That’s par for the course. It’s routine around here for policymakers and elected leaders to hatch plans to address community concerns without involving the ground-level experts within those communities.

So far, Zoom has secretly installed web servers on users' systems, leaked email addresses and photos to other users, falsely claimed to support end-to-end encryption, and leaked data to Facebook.

And that's just the stuff we know about.

Conan would absolutely be doing this even without cameras.
Best Editor's Note Ever
Picasso's Angry Jerk Period