Stop Bitacle. Org
Posted by crustacean in the wired 13 years ago
I hadn't been familiar with this particular operation, apparently out of Spain, until today.  
Bitacle, scrapes blogs for content and republishes them under its own pages, without attribution and milks the clicks.  
" This weblog was started after began stealing the content of weblogs. The aim of this weblog is to create as much ‘negative momentum’ against as possibe, to make them stop with their abusive activities. "  
Discussion, activism and even an anti-bitacle wordpress plugin.
Use a different font
jsong123: I thought it was bitade when I fist saw it on this site, the c and the l merge into a d
phlap: I can take their stuff, without attribution or with it and have it all put on my site, saving lots of work, time, effort and copyright.
reflex: Yeah, except for the fact that "their stuff" is actually the stuff they stole from us in the first place.
hang on...
reflex: I just took a quick look. It looks like Bitacle is a web-based feed reader. You set up an account and customize it to pull in all your feeds. Not sure what the fuss is about in that case... unless there's a group of people out there who are trying to prevent us from using readers.
Only recently put URL's to source
crustacean: Was not linking content source  
sample of current.