How to Make Cocaine
Posted by pdxpogo in health 13 years ago
Video shows the process of extracting the alkaloids used to make cocaine. Gasoline+cement+calcium oxide+ammonia+H2SO4+coca leaves  
If you haven't seen it done it is interesting.  
You will need some hydrochloric acid to further refine the stuff into the chloride salt people snort.  
Now you know why some of that shite is called jungle cut.
aktaeon: Fantastic.
leyman: i always wondered how they did it in the jungles...  
but gasoline... as a solvent? you'd think the "drug lords" would easily be able to get their hands on pure acetone, which would be a much more efficient extractant, stoichiometrically speaking...  
now that i think about it, the BATF forms i have to submit annually on the usage of such purified solvents goes a long way in explaining why they use gasoline... has solvent properties but not regulated at all.  
let's not talk about the residual benzene, xylene, ethylbenzene, or toluene...  
man, i'm glad i don't use that stuff...