Orville Redenbacher, the popcorn icon who died more than a decade ago, will digitally rise from the dead during Monday's Golden Globe Awards.  
In a provocative ad — whose wizardry will make waves from Madison Avenue to Hollywood — a dead-ringer for Redenbacher pitches popcorn while jiving to his MP3 player.  
This ad is a big step beyond the bevy of spots in recent years that have featured dead celebrities by using real film clips inserted into other contexts, such as Fred Astaire dancing with a Dirt Devil vacuum or Audrey Hepburn in a Gap ad.  
It's the first time a dead spokesman has been re-created as a walking, talking huckster that can be made to say or do anything.  
(Includes a video of virtual Orville)
SpearmintFur: Almost as bad as Gene Kelly dancing with that vacuum cleaner.
Mac: It was Fred Astaire  
SpearmintFur: Wa wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  
I still swore that there was one with Gene Kelly.  
And while I didn't read the article, I did check out that video. It was creepy as all hell.
AbleWasIEreISawElba: A rejigged Gene Kelly appeared in a recent VW ad, I believe..
AbleWasIEreISawElba: Ha, rejigged, get it? I didn't notice until I'd posted.
Hope this doesn't become a trend
vinfille: I don't want to be subjected to the "Where's the beef" lady ever again.
darkstar: Alas, Clara Peller, we hardly knew ye.
That is just wrong
crustacean: He looks like he's about to leap on the nearest mammal and suck the life force out of it.
Shreela: My dead iz pastede on yay!
crataegus: You literally made me LOL.