The development of surgical organ transplantation in humans will always be considered a landmark in medical science, and the scientists that pioneered the risky operations both brilliant and innovative. Well, most of those scientists anyway. One in particular, a surgeon by the name of Serge Voronoff, will live on in medical infamy for performing transplants which, while at the time (late 1800s) were lauded as genius, would eventually disgrace him. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that this surgeon was the student of Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel, from whom he had learned the technique of transplantation. The surgery's aim was "rejuvenation" (anti-aging) and all began when Dr. Voronoff became interested in eunuchs and castration.
pneum0nic: you can say that again!
gives a whole new meaning to the term
Henry: monkey nuts
monkey gland
by Meyers, Black, & Schoebel  
as sung by Billy Meyers ("The Original Monkey Man")  
I always felt like eighty-three  
Standing 'round like an old oak tree  
But something wonderful happened to me;  
Just wait and see.  
A little operation  
Filled me full of syncopation  
And now I shout with glee!  
(monkey screech) I'm just a monkey man.  
I feel like a wild monkey  
Looking for a chimpanzee.  
(monkey screech) See this monkey talk.  
Every day in every way I'm getting better in my monkey walk.  
(monkey screech) I'm wild as wild can be.  
(monkey screech) So don't you monkey with me.  
Since my recovery, the other day  
I made a discovery, and that's why I say  
It was a monkey gland  
That made a monkey out of me.  
(monkey screech) I'm happy as a chimpanzee  
(monkey screech) Swinging from a monkey tree.  
If you don't believe what I say is true,  
Just call on me, and I'll throw coconuts at you.  
It was a monkey gland  
That made a monkey out of me.