The video resembles one of the many concert clips you can find on YouTube: Guitarist Jake E. Lee burns up the fretboard onstage while Ozzy Osbourne claps to the beat in front of thousands of rabid fans.  
Except that something's not right -- the shredding solo emanating from Lee's guitar sounds as if it was going through an actual shredder, while the rest of the clip is devoid of background noise, save for Ozzy's comedic, overenthusiastic clapping.  
Of course, that's the joke (which, admittedly, loses some of its punch in its translation to text). Lee's a legitimate metal guitar hero, and Ozzy's not supposed to sound as if he's clapping to himself inside his bathroom.  
But the overdubbed "shreds" videos -- of which there are nearly a dozen skewering the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Slash -- have struck a chord on YouTube. Countless posters have praised the creator of the hilarious clips for pairing ax-wielding rock gods with god-awful guitar work, all while making it look real.  
The man behind the videos is Santeri Ojala, a 32-year-old from Tampere, Finland, whose YouTube user name is StSanders. One day a few months ago, Ojala happened to catch a Steve Vai performance on TV while the sound was off. It looked "kinda funny," Ojala wrote in an e-mail interview, so he grabbed his guitar...
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