Drawing Day
Posted by LinusMines in it's the arts 11 years ago
When is Drawing Day?  
...June 7, 2008. Unless otherwise noted, Drawing Day will be the first Saturday of June each year.  
What is Drawing Day?  
One day a year, the world stops to remember that joy we had when we first picked up a pencil and created our first piece of art - that's what Drawing Day is all about. The goal for Drawing Day is simple - to create enough drawings to make some noise worldwide for the sake of art. 2008 is the first year of this initiative. Our goal is definitely a long-shot, but we're aiming for 1 million drawings worldwide...  
Why is Drawing Day important?  
Illustrators and artists alike often go unappreciated. The creation of art and illustration captured our minds ever since we were children and our parents turned the pages of our first book. These stories came to life via the illustrations that took us to an imaginary world full of inspiration.  
Whether you're a professional illustrator or you just enjoy the occasional scribble, you can give back to the illustration community by drawing on this day. By injecting more and more illustration and art into our community, we are not only showing our appreciation to our fellow artists, but we are spreading awareness of the joy of drawing.
We should all
vinfille: make drawerings and scan them to post on LF.
vinfille: don't forget to remind us on June 7th.
spoon: I'm down for some drawing ---who else is in?
cornpone: /raises hand.
AB: Sure!
FoolProof: Liar!
cornpone: LOL!  
hahahahhaa! busted...
Actually, a reminder on June 6 might be a good idea. I'm down.
FoolProof: I'm down unless I forget. ...which I'm prone to doing.
AB: It's Wednesday.  
Drawing Day is Saturday.  
Gentlemen, start your pencils.  
Vroom vroom.
cornpone: What are we going to draw?
perhaps we could pick an element to include, rather than a subject? That way people can draw whatever they want while still being sociable, yes?  
Pies are pretty easy to draw, but with potential for more complexity and detail. And I like pie. Just sayin.
Hugh2d2: Yeah... I'm in for a theme.
affiliate19: Keep reminding me. I'd forget my name in 4 days if I didn't hear it all the time to remind me.  
Is there a subject to draw?
werd. I had to go back and look just now to see what I was commenting about.  
remind me. I might just have the time to draw something on Saturday.
I just joined the Drawing Day group on Flickr. I'll be sure to post to LF first, but this seemed like the least complicated option for "officially" participating.