NYC Transit Explorer

The NYC Transit Explorer demo shows you how long it takes to get everywhere in your city using public transportation. It also helps you game out different scenarios. Which areas are easier to get to from Point A vs. Point B? Which areas are harder to get to late at night? How much harder will it be for me to get around without the L train?

The next game from Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix is more about mixing music than making it. Called Fuser, the NCsoft-published game lets players explore the fantasy of being a DJ at a massive music festival. But unlike other Harmonix music games, being a DJ hero in Fuser doesn’t require a special controller, just a standard gamepad.

US-based Firefox users get encrypted DNS lookups today or within a few weeks.

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One
Los Angeles on New York

Diabetes is characterized by trouble producing or managing insulin, and one emerging treatment involves converting stem cells into beta cells that secrete the hormone. Now, scientists have developed a more efficient method of doing just that, and found that implanting these cells in diabetic mice…

"As we have seen time and time again, obituaries of famous women are a problem. No matter what her actual accomplishments, a woman’s obituary often highlights the story of her personal life while downplaying her work."

But that's nothing compared to the specific and deliberate attempts to devalue their work.


Otter is a really excellent tool for automatically transcribing audio.

Elizabeth Warren is uniquely qualified to take down shitty billionaires.
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Prosecutors in Hennepin County, Minnesota, used jailhouse informants and an unreliable gang expert, and ignored evidence of innocence to send a Black teenager to prison for life.

And Klobuchar's been bragging about it for nearly 20 years.

This was the best song of 2019. It has yet to be topped in 2020.

Unlike the myriad critiques of the military that wash over the institution from outside the Blob, this one is written by a professor with 20 years on the inside. He knows the instructors, the culture, the admissions process, the scandals, the cover-ups, and how its legendary “warrior-scholars” have performed after graduation and on the battlefield.

Bakken’s prognosis: the military as an institution has become so separate, so insulated, so authoritarian, that it can no longer perform effectively. In fact, it’s worse: the very nature of this beast is that it has been able to grow exponentially in size and mission so that it now conducts destructive expeditionary wars overseas with little or no real cohesive strategy or oversight. Its huge budgets are a source of corporate grift, self-justification, and corruption. The military has become too big, yes, but as Bakkan puts it, it’s failing in every way possible.

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