MC Hawking's Crib
Posted by potatono in strangely funny 18 years ago
Yo! This site is your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper. While there are dozens of other sites on the web devoted to Stephen Hawking's scientific achievements, I am unaware of a single site (aside from this one) devoted to his career as a lyrical terrorist.
listen to the music
potatono: If you visit this site, download the music.. It's fucking hilarious. "Dr Dre can suck my dick, he's got no PhD!"
My favorite passage
clu: "Noah and his ark, Adam and his Eve,
straight up fairy stories even children don't believe.
I'm not saying there's no god, that's not for me to say,
all I'm saying is the Earth was not made in a day."
All My Shootin's Be Drive-bys
clu: Here is a more recent song by the Hawking you can't miss. All My Shootin's Be Drive-bys.

I missed the most obvious joke the first couple of times I listened to this track.
Free Music Friday
FuzzyDave: I'm Posting a comment to potatono's link to MC Hawking's Crib in celebration of Free Music Friday.  
Be sure to download  
All My Shootings Be Drive-Bys  
and most of all: The Mighty Stephen Hawking
FuzzyDave: Bump.  
Best Rapper barely alive.
lorddimwit: My favorite rapper is M.C. Escher.
cornpone: but he's a chef.