Volkswagen aspires to become a full-line manufacturer, with products ranging from the smallest subcompacts to the largest luxury cars, and the VW Phaeton is the latest example of the brand’s upward mobility. In a bid to prove to customers that this luxury car is indeed different from all the others, the company has set up a factory, at a cost of some 186 million euros (roughly $208,000,000 at current exchange rates) that is unique in all the world.
ultrafastx: holy cow. that's the most beautiful factory I've ever seen. No American company would ever build a factory like that, I'm convinced.
Fluffy: Too bad they're building such a lame-ass midlifecrisismobile in it...
affiliate19: cool
semiconductor fab ?
maximus: I have seen the future of industrial manufacturing, and its in Dresden; Looks more like a semiconductor fab than a car factory.