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Blog Torrent is software that makes it much easier to share and download files using the bittorrent protocol. Blog Torrent is easy to install on your website: we don't use MySQL so installation is as easy as uploading a folder to your web host, and all administration happens in the web interface. Blog Torrent is easy for users: even if they don't know what bittorrent is, they get an installer that downloads the file they want. But most of all, Blog Torrent makes publishing with bittorrent painless. Just click "upload", pick a file, and you're done. This is our preview release and it has a lot of bugs and rough edges... but we're smoothing them out for the next version, so stay tuned.  
Making it easy to blog large video files means that people can share their home movies the same way they share their photos or writings. It lets people create vast networks of truly peer-to-peer video content-- video that was made by individuals and shared with individuals, no bandwidth budget or distribution deal needed. Does this mean that we can do for television what blogs have done for news? Let's find out...
Oh yeah
Autodafe: Sweet
deathburger: Unsupported OS detected  
Since you're not using Windows or Mac, chances are you can figure out the Bit Torrent command line tool for creating torrents. Once you've created your torrent, you can upload it to this tracker using the form below. The announce URL for this server is /labs/battletorrent/demo/announce.php.  
Blogtorrent makes this really easy, but there still isn't a version for your platform. You can help fix that.
Apparently by sending them money rather than actually helping.
mmChronic: By sending them money exactly like Mozilla or by joining the development team exactly like Mozilla.  
Should we start complaining at Mozilla too? Or is the problem just there's no version for your minority OS - yet? The stated intention of this project is to get everyone (including non techies) hosting torrents and the obvious way to get users (especially non techie) is to start with the OS that has the biggest number of users.
pdxpogo: touche...
deathburger: BT works just dandy on my OS, thankyouverymuch. The point I was making, which appears to have been too subtle for you, was that they offered no link to any information on how to actually help (such as a dev team), merely the suggestion that you send them money.  
Can I have the spoon back now? Are you fed?
mmChronic: Sorry for the assumption re your OS. I thought you were complaining about it not working on yours. Maybe it was too subtle for me.  
But what I was actually commenting on was proving that your actual complaint about donating / helping was unjustified. Maybe the big yellow box in the top right with a Develop section (where I lifted the sf project link from) or the sections in the body text titled 'Why help develop Blog Torrent?' and 'Developer Links' were too subtle for you?'? ;)  
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