WASTE is a decentralized P2P network. It was designed for small groups (up to 50 people) to have access to each others files in a secure network. When one computer connects to another computer and you start sharing files, the data that will be transfered will use the path of least resistance and thus arrive in the shortest amount of time.  
It’s a lot easier than you think!  
This is meant to be for the TOTAL n00b, a step by step guide to hold your hand right up to the end. That’s why it is so long.  
The hardest thing about WASTE is exchanging IP’s and Public registration keys. Think of the keys as a way to unlock the doors of houses that are filled with MP3 goodness. The only problem with these keys is the that you have to exchange your key for someone else’s that is already on a network Other than that is a piece of cake.  
More WASTE setup info
GhettoBodhi: I was just thinking about doing this yesterday, thanks for the link!  
fb-: I'm going to setup a network in the journal.. see how it goes..  
fb-: Setup a WASTE server journal.  
Maybe if there's enough interest, we can setup a pseudo-linkfilter private file sharing network?
deathburger: If they get the linux client working, I'll share AVP on it (after it's ripped/encoded)...
fb-: Sucks.. you'd think they'd hurry up on that.. looks like no Linux client until 2.0 though.
HoneydewMe: Have you guys try running it with wine? I'm a bit busy right now, so I won't be able to get around to it.
deathburger: Haven't tried anything with it, actually.
HoneydewMe: I'll give it a go tomorrow.
fb-: Email me your keys when you do and I'll add you.
GhettoBodhi: just noticed the port waste defaults to is 1337, can't believe that wasn't already snagged!  
fb-: Awesome, eh?