In a lawsuit filed in January, the RIAA accused 83-year old Gertrude Walton of sharing over 700 pop, rock and rap songs...  
What the RIAA didn't know is that Walton had passed away in December following a long illness. Her daughter, Robin Chianumba, has lived with Walton for the past 17 years and told the Charleston
[West Virginia] Gazette that her mother refused to even have a computer in the house.
riaa rant
zaphodbblx: You see they don't even care that someone most likely stole this poor womans identity and if that wasn't bad enugh they just dont give a damn!
SuperCatBarf: Fascinating.  
I heard they blah blah blah.  
Gave that shit up.  
take my "LF" whatever for stating old info  
LinusMines: Explanation...  
Very old info: RIAA sues sharer.  
Old info: RIAA sues senior-citizen non-sharer.  
Very new info: RIAA sues senior-citizen non-sharer who has been dead for a month.
beaglebot: Screw the RIAA. Buy from non-RIAA artists.