Anti-British rant.  
"To English people, I am sorry, but if you'd just go further than Brighton on holidays, and stop wasting your media bandwidth on irrelevant BS, you might notice that the rest of the world is more fun to live in. You love your servitude.. you live in a Brave New World. If you'd just be bothered reading the book, you'd know it.  
Which brings me to the worst aspect of English life: tradition. In England, tradition is more important than change, even when that change is sorely needed, clearly enunciated, and blindingly obvious. The culture reaches to defend tradition before it reaches to encourage change. English citizens are taught to think this way by the leech-like Establishment, which protects its stranglehold on happiness by ensuring that the peasants remain stupid."  
lagbnaft: I don blame im..really I don.
I must confess
humandoing: i had to google g.w.f Hegel. interesting.
UK vs England
clanger: I find it interesting that the author uses England and UK interchangably.