According to this site, sometime next month or other there will be ceremoniously launched into virgin space an Actual Cross, of the Christian persuasion. Crafted from the heart of the redwood tree, this Ultimate Icon will be coaxed into a geosynchronous polar orbit, from which it will maintain an ever-watchful Eye over every foible of our ornery, sinning planet. Yes, there it will remain forever and ever, pendulous in the ether above, and from time to time it will hang directly and ominously over Your Own Cowlick, o depraved one.  
Measuring a whopping 2 inches from stem to stern, and a stout half-inch athwart, its Mere Presence in Space will, I am told, fulfill yet another of those arcane Armageddonish prophesies that seem to leap out spontaneously from the thumbgreased last pages of Scripture to these baboons. The size is not, repeat not, a typo. It's a full 2" x 1/2" -- just about appropriate as a prop for The Passion of the Sea-Monkey. I'm guessing you won't be able to see its heavenly passage with your common field binoculars after all ... you'll have to accept its loopy, spying-for-God existence on, of course, Faith.  
Actually, I'm hoping the more physics-minded lfers can 'splain to me and Little Ricky exactly how you can manage to get a gangly wooden object the size of a fat joint into a geosynchronous orbit and to remain in situ for all time, or at least until that Rapture comes about.
scilec: With a really, really long rubber band.
Faith is right
reapre: That's about right. They're gonna have to believe it's up there. Because even if they somehow manage to get the math right and then place it correctly, a massive amount of space dust is certain to batter that tiny thing out of its orbit.
The KKK must be creaming themselves...
substrate: afterall, there's gonna be a flaming cross descending from the heavens.