TV Video Game Ads
Posted by Hornpipe2 in fun & games 13 years ago
Classic, contemporary, and present videogame TV ads.  
We got 2413 classic and contemporary videogame TV commercials. Have fun watching or download them for free.
AB: Awesome sites like that deserve to be remembered and bookmarked. They're the best kind of advertisements on the web — you know, the ones that aren't annoying. The site definitely brought back memories; most of those memories were translated into Japanese, though!
AB: Best Bump... EVAH!  
This is what brought me here, I believe...
AB: Why do I keep coming back to this link on THIS DAY? I feel somewhat creeped out. Also:  
thatmikeykid: this is an incredible find, hornpipe.
thatmikeykid: bumpity-bump-bump.