The U.A.E. government has blocked so that people in the U.A.E. can no longer see photos there. Why? Because the rest of the world won't conform to the U.A.E.'s extremely oppressive and repressed attitude towards nudity and sexuality.  
What's even more baffling and frustrating is that the people of the U.A.E. are largely blaming people who post photos with erotic content or nudity, rather than pointing the finger at their own repressive government.
This is different how?
substrate: There's a vocal minority in this country, and the President is a member, who'd like to dial us back a television sitcom version of the 1950's. None of them point at themselves and say "Gee... I'm a narrow minded busybody", they point at everybody else and say "Look at those purveyors of filth."
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fabulon7: The company I work for also blocks flickr. I must work for an oppressive regime.
deathburger: Probably.
iNFiNiTY: i cant even visit the(that) website bcoz its blocked ...
Its True
chinonyerem2: That is true. I see it as one of the greatest evil of our time  
FoolProof: The UAE or Flickr?