InfoWars and Goop are trying to sell you the same misinformed lifestyle.

An informative, passionate love letter to history's second most important drum machine. Although for me, 909 will always be #1.

This is delightful to watch, no matter who you are. Enjoy.

"This project examines English eel-rents from the 10th through the 17th centuries to help show both the extent and longevity of eel-rents as a part of the medieval English economy. Included are maps of eel-rents by century, estimates of the distances that rents travelled, and an educated guess about of the worth of eels in modern terms."

"Not only does [the way in which urban space is currently structured around the car] lead to congestion, it reduces quality of life with noise, pollution, and sprawl. To valorize Teslas is to simply want to continue the mistakes of the 20th century, keeping that basic organization of space the same while changing almost nothing. And as Singapore's Environment and Resources minister stated recently, it is systemic changes to things like public transportation that offer true change, not the "lifestyle" of a Tesla."

The former presidential candidate dropped in on an exhibition of the emails that fed a controversy which dogged her 2016 campaign.

A damning assessment of practices by MIT and the Media Lab which have ultimately been going on for 100 years.

Really great list.

I've seen two of them live, follow a handful on Twitter, and I'm particularly fond of Cameron Esposito due to her appearances on Comedy Bang Bang. I hope to catch a show the next time she's in town.

Nowadays mostly notices and recordings of podcast mixes; but if you go back into the Archives you'll find more posts of old and rare jungle tracks from the 90's.

Fast software is the best software and almost none of today’s software software is fast.

Old school MTV news host and journalist Kurt Loder explains why George Clooney’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is “the greatest movie ever made.”

I'm not sure it's the GOAT, but it's pretty great.

"It has always struck me that while the people at the New York Times consider it the apex of journalism, the highest the ladder of excellence goes, they have not extended that reputation for quality to the acts of listening, receiving criticism, sorting signal from noise, and changing their work. It’s like they know they can’t do it well, so they don’t even try. And being the best in the world at listening and evolving isn’t even an aspiration there. “We are not the resistance” is a crappy read on what people are trying to tell you. But this is one area where mediocrity and worse — incompetence — is tolerated at the Times. Responsibility for that has to flow to Dean Baquet. There is no other place it can pool."

130 minutes of deep house and techno.

Take one step back from the brink of full privacy violation by stopping Facebook from scanning for your face.

Track This

This Firefox tool opens up a 100 tabs (in any browser) and feeds ad trackers a bunch of garbage info that makes it harder for them to pin you down. It's not entirely clear that this is a meaningful thing to do, but it's a great way to demonstrate what trackers are capable of.

"Bridgefy is a developer-friendly SDK that can be easily integrated into Android and iOS mobile apps to make them work without Internet. Companies increase engagement by letting people use their apps when they previously couldn't."

This is becoming rather popular in Hong Kong, lately. Ad-hoc mesh network over Bluetooth. Direct messages are encrypted, but Bridgefy also has a broadcast feature which is unencrypted and open audience.

The Bridgefy messaging app for iOS and Android can be found here: