In anticipation of the coming flame wars...(with hilarious sample certificate)!  
Frequently, when people argue one of the arguers will use the gambit "well, that's just what Hitler would have said." For many years, this was considered a devastating debating move from which it was impossible to extricate oneself.  
Then, in 2002, the World Institute of Hitlerology introduced the Certificate of Hitlertude. The offended party merely writes down his argument and sends it (along with a stamped self-addressed envelope and 10 Euros) to the Institute's headquarters in NĂĽrnberg. Top experts in the field of German history, Nazi theory and the biography of Adolf Hitler will then examine the argument and compare it to known things that Adolf Hitler said. They will then post you a certificate (suitable for framing) bearing the Hitler Quotient of your argument, expressed as a percentage...  
Sadly, Certificate of Communism no longer available.