A town in Sweden plans to become the first place in the world where corpses will be disposed of by freeze-drying, as an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation or burial. Jonkoping, in southern Sweden, is to turn its crematorium into a so-called promatorium next year.  
Swedes will then have the chance to bury their dead according to the pioneering method, which involves freezing the body, dipping it in liquid nitrogen and gently vibrating it to shatter it into powder. This is put into a small box made of potato or corn starch and placed in a shallow grave, where it will disintegrate within six to 12 months.
crataegus: If this powder can be pelletized in concrete reefs, I may have to change my burial plans.
RE: wow
Blogclot: I think you're on to something there Crat!
Coobeastie: I read about them testing that a couple of years ago - I'm glad they've got it off the ground and running. (well, nearly)