Vegan Lunch Box
Posted by LinusMines in just add bacon 13 years ago
Vegan mom creates (and photo-journals) some creative box lunches for her first-grader.  
Incudes link to recipe blog.
The Exile: Vegan food for children? This nutjob should be jailed.
several pediatricians would disagree (Dr. Spock, for instance).
LinusMines: Exile: I would've agreed with you twenty-five years ago, when choices for vegetarians were less (pick any adjective) than what they are now. Today, there are a lot more options available that don't involve sacrificing nutritional needs (protein, calcium, et al.) and/or just plain old enjoyment and flavor.  
What's best here is not just that the mom gives her child meals with variety, and presents them in a way that has him excited about it, but that she's mindful of his likes and dislikes. Even if he later gravitates to real meat on his own, he's probably a lot better off now than someone who 'orders' their kids into a half-assed vegan diet, creating all kinds of hell in the process.
thatmikeykid: Yeah! You can get fake ribs now! Fake ribs!!  
babies like ribs, right?
LinusMines: That's as wrong as tofurkey, I'm thinking.  
Or a Mixed Veggie Nut Patty with Organic Tomato Carrot Pesto.
thatmikeykid: tofurky is indeed disgusting...  
and that other thing... well.. i don't see myself ever being in a situation where i'd be desperate enough to eat it.
My daughter...
gbaker: My daughter made the choice not to eat meat. She didn't appreciate the killing of animals for food.  
She made the choice before I could coerce her back to meat with bacon.  
This kind of stuff comes in handy for me.  
It's difficult to get a kid the proper nutrients in this regard when you don't know the first thing about a healthy vegan diet.
deathburger: Tell her it's vegetarian bacon. ;)
gbaker: I actually made such a big deal about bacon over the years that she tried it just the other day.  
Needless to say she likes it.  
I don't know if its enough for her to reevaluate her convictions on the matter though.  
It sure would be a whole lot easier to feed her if she did.
tomcat101147: Try telling her that she didn't kill it, it wasn't killed specifically for her and her contribution towards killing or not killing is probably not noticeable to the rest of the world.  
If she had 20 or even 10 thousand friends that felt that way they might make a difference. If she's not convinced then she might at least start a movement and be employed at some point. If she joins PETA go ahead and kill her.  
Tough love can be a bitch.
gbaker: LOL
crataegus: Dude, I really did not need to see a naked pic of Paris Hilton in my NCS...
deathburger: That's not Paris. She hasn't got that much meat on her.  
In her, whole 'nother story.

M E A T  
FoolProof: I. Love. It.
deathburger: Now Made with Real Vegans!