Check this out ppl. Doesnt look very good, but its definitely possiable. Now all it needs is a nice harddisk case. I am sure someone will come with it.
naz_drala: 6 min play time after the upgrade :) never listen to the same song twice for sure LOL
aardvocate: Have a ten, just because the "result" picture made me laugh out loud.
200GB ipod
fabulon7: If you were to only ever legally buy music, how much money do you think you would have to spend to fill a 200GB iPod?
beaglebot: I have at least five gigs of legal open source music. There's tons more that I haven't downloaded yet. It's possible but I get your point.
beaglebot: n'mind. M eyes are blurry and I just noticed that was 200 not 20
AaronGNP: I figure:  
One 700 Meg CD, encoded at 128 kbit is appx. 58 MB.  
200000 MB / 58 MB = 3448 Albums.  
3448 Albums * $12 USD (Cheap, but for the sake of argument) = $41,376  
Yeah, I'm SURE they're all being filled with legally obtained content :)