Ford has unveiled a new paint-shop operation which reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions while recycling fumes and paint waste. This paint shop of the future is the product of three solutions coming together.  
First, Ford and its suppliers have developed a paint formula that produces less VOC emissions while also reducing the amount of paint required to cover a vehicle. Additionally, any overspray is collected and formed into a noise insulating material for production vehicles. This innovative recycling helps eliminate the non-toxic sludge that typically makes its way into landfills.  
Secondly, Ford has developed a new three-wet paint process that eliminates the prime-coat application and its related processes and waste.  
Finally, this new concept in paint shop operations includes a Fumes-to-Fuel technology that collections paint fumes and uses them to produce electricity. Ford claims this patented technology can provide power for a typical suburban block.
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