During the Cold War, many missile defense sites—precisely because their purpose was to guard infrastructure of vital national interest—were housed in urban or suburban locations. Los Angeles in particular, thanks to its aerospace facilities, military bases, and booming postwar population, became one of the most fortified regions in the United States.
( squeaky little voice, close-by ) *Hello, my name is Johnny Cash*
"A new species of black tarantula that lives near Folsom Prison, California, has been named after Johnny Cash."
The Malware Museum
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The Malware Museum is a collection of malware programs, usually viruses, that were distributed in the 1980s and 1990s on home computers. Once they infected a system, they would sometimes show animation or messages that you had been infected. Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety.
At 32 minutes past two the morning of 16 January 1987, two Beastie Boys broke into my West Hollywood hotel room and dumped a wastebasket of extremely wet water on my head, my bed, the carpeting and my Converse All-Stars. (I’d stupidly left the chain-lock unsecured, and I suppose they bribed the night clerk into giving them a key.) Earlier that evening, after Pee-Wee Herman had visited their dressing room and before they appeared on Joan Rivers’ show, the Beasties were tossing parsley at me, dropping ice cubes in my hair, and “dissin” (graffiti-artist lingo for “saying bad things about”) my brown socks and flannel shirt. I interpreted all of this to mean that they did not like me.

Frinkiac is a search engine for Simpsons quotes. It contains nearly 3 million screenshots (every episode from season 1 through 15) indexed by the quote they are associated with and has a variety of features to help you find the exact screenshot you're looking for... Never again find yourself wishing you could pinpoint the second his heart rips in half. You'll feel like god must feel when he's holding a gun.

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A DS9 love letter and viewing guide.
Quote: The technology goes further than a simple volume control, of course. The app allows you to alter the fundamental characteristics of the sound you’re hearing by applying different filters. In a live show setting, the coolest tool is the simple equalizer which allows you to control the sound of five frequency bands from 180 Hz to 6.8 kHz.
Quote: (T)the app takes a cue from music production software and allows you to apply intentionally wonky effects like echo, flange, and fuzz to the sound around you. These effects are trippy and insane.
Scans of Western Electric Telephones and Equipment manuals and policies. Some of these originally ran 10,000+ pages and were vital to making the telephone system work.
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Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke - do you? Pick a challenge, fire up Vim, and show us what you got.

Fancy a blast from the past? Curious about the Microsoft Windows release that introduced such familiar concepts as the Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar and Notifications Area? Well, now thanks to the wonders of Emscripten and DOSBox, and modern JavaScript runtimes, you can try it out in your browser.


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Republican Party leaders have dismissed Donald Trump as “just” a celebrity since last summer. Yet, as much as the Republican establishment might want to deny it, Trump’s improbable candidacy in the 2016 presidential election is actually a product of the GOP’s decision 60 years ago to elevate actors to the rank of politicians. And Trump’s loss in last night’s Iowa caucuses does nothing to change the pattern.

By Kathryn Cramer Brownell

"Remember how I said “I love you.” “I know” was like, seminal for me? Now I realize, that’s the whole of Han. Yes. I know the story about Harrison Ford and forgetting the line and whatever. At first blush, he’s the original romance hero (before love knocks him to his knees). He’s a space pirate, for heaven’s sake. He makes a living on the run, knows all sorts of unsavory people, and is known as the greatest reluctant hero of our time.

Except, he’s not really heroic. He’s dragged kicking and screaming through heroics. Practically the only thing he ever does that’s heroic is not shoot first in that bar (see what I did there?). Let’s be clear. Han fights for himself first, and then everyone else. EVEN LEIA."

Interesting use of Slack as a family management tool with some pretty cool integrations.
The term "technological doping" makes it sound like athletes are injecting nanobots, but it's using tech outside the body, like in equipment, to gain an unfair advantage. In the biking world, it's having a secret motor in your racing bicycle.
In its way, the performance remains as influential a moment in television history as Elvis on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Houston’s rendition of the anthem is studded with vocal gems and remains a master class in vocal prowess. Its hold on us, however, can be attributed, ultimately, to a single powerful effect: the startlingly beautiful sound Houston makes when she sings the word “free.” This was a sound for the ages.