He came to our house and asked, "Can I stay here?" I said I’ll have to talk to my mom. I asked her and she was like, "Yeah, but I have to call his mom and let her know that he’s here." So she called his mom to let her know and they worked it out. So his mom said, "He can stay there if he wants to." So a day turned into a week, week turned into a month, month turned into a year and a year turned into about five or six years, something like that.
Deep in the bowels of Paisley Park, the recording studio compound Prince built in Chanhassen, Minnesota, lies a room-sized vault.... The walls are lined with shelves, organized chronologically and bursting with unreleased recordings... A lifetime’s worth of songs, videos, documentaries, and more. No one knows how many. Hundreds, certainly. Thousands, probably...

If you know anything about Prince...that won’t surprise you. Making music was like breathing to him...simply in that he did both all the time...

...Now the question is, what will happen to what’s inside the vault? A few years ago, Prince made a passing reference to releasing it all in 2013, but nothing came of it. He also once threatened to just burn everything. Will the world ever hear the rest of what Prince made?

By David Pierce
A recent study by researchers at the University of Hawai?i at M?noa, published this month in the journal Toxins, may finally put to rest the ongoing debate about whether to use cold or heat to treat jellyfish stings. Their systematic and critical review provides overwhelming evidence that clinical outcomes from all kinds of jellyfish stings are improved following treatment with hot packs or hot-water immersion.
I'm amazed that the death of Joanie Laurer - aka pro wrestler Chyna - would be mentioned on NPR. I wasn't a fan, but she has her place in my inner map of American pop culture.
[quote] (T)here’s a lag from when we first experience something, to when we’re actually aware of it. ... This entire two-stage process, from start to finish, can last up to 400 milliseconds—which is a long time from a psychological perspective. [end quote]
Not a surprising idea to me, others have pointed out that the brain does some processing of sensory inputs before passing on to the conscious mind.
“This is absolutely deflating,” he said after Runner’s World presented evidence of his course-cutting. “My life and my job are based on integrity. And I cheated.”

The firefighter is one of at least 47 runners who skirted the rules last year to gain entry into the most prestigious marathon in the country, according to an investigation by race-results watchdogs. The investigation is ongoing...

[blinded by science]

The mayor of this Atlanta suburb said he wants the possession of less than 1 ounce of pot to be treated like a traffic ticket.

I don't smoke the weeds anymore, but I'm proud to call this town my home.
"For the second year in a row, those surveyed cited the rise of the Islamic State as the greatest danger to the Middle East — half of the young people identified it as such — followed by the threat of terrorism. After that, Arab youths cited more prosaic and universal concerns that included unemployment, the rising cost of living and the lack of strong political leadership."
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SpaceX has finally landed its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea, after launching the vehicle into space this afternoon. It's the first time the company has been able to pull off an ocean landing, after four previous attempts ended in failure. Today's success is a crucial milestone for SpaceX, as it shows the company can land its rockets both on solid ground and ocean.
One young man, many instruments, much talent - musical and technical. Maybe this will turn out to be some big hoax, but enjoy the awe now, before it's been spoiled.
A question I get asked a lot is, “How come you haven’t gotten sued?” Another thing I see a lot of is artists worrying about getting sued (for example, in relation to comic companies cracking down on fan prints at conventions). I also see a lot of terrible mash-ups whose makers by all rights *should* be sued. So for all these reasons I thought I’d put together everything I know on the subject.
By the time the painting was finished two weeks ago, it stretched across more than 50 buildings, making it the largest public work of art here anyone can recall. The mural, a circle of orange, white and blue in Arabic calligraphy, quotes a third-century Coptic Christian bishop who said, “If one wants to see the light of the sun, he must wipe his eyes.”
Google announced yesterday that they have decided to offer the Nik Collection desktop suite for free starting March 24 as a "long-term investment" move in "building incredible photo editing tools." The powerful photo editing suite went for a bundled product at $149 at Google but is now free for everyone 24/7. Some years back, the Nik Collection would have cost photography enthusiasts a whopping $500. Google is even offering a full refund to those who have purchased the software this year.

Photography buffs, professional or amateur, may now make use of the powerful photo editing collection with its wide range of features in seven desktop plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Apple Aperture: Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine. The suite includes black-and-white controls, vintage camera filters, noise reduction, HDR effects, color enhancement, color correction, and sharpening. Now anyone can have the capability to retouch, sharpen, and adjust the color as well as tonality of photos like a pro without spending a fortune on software.

Download the Google Nik Collection here.
Nothing can trigger a memory so unexpectedly as an aroma. Clove oil immediately transports you to the dentist’s office. Crayola crayons take you back to elementary school. But some fragrances are being phased out of existence thanks to technology and safety regulations. How many of these do you miss?
[quote] (Bacterium Syn3.0) can live on some basic nutrients, grow at a reasonable pace, and reproduce on its own.[ end quote] Researchers create a living cell using 473 genes. They admit not knowing what 149 of those genes are doing, but they are essential for keeping the cell alive