...legendary filmmaker Mel Brooks has been responsible for some of the most beloved movies ever made. And unsurprisingly, at various points in his career, he has discussed the making of almost all his films. Except for one—the lone dud in his canon—a film so bad The New York Times declared it “an embarrassment,” and which Brooks has never publicly discussed: Solarbabies. Well, at least not until now. Because last week, on behalf of the How Did This Get Made? podcast, [Blake J. Harris] spoke with Brooks at length to try and figure out how (the hell) did this get made...
Advancing battery technology - doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai discovers a technology that could lead to batteries than can be recharged over 200,000 times
A trio of researchers in Denmark has calculated the relative ages of the surface of the Earth versus its core and has found that the core is 2.5 years younger than the crust. Decades previously Richard Feynman made a wild guess that the core would be a few days younger than the earth's crust.
This year, we’re seeing the end of a partisan realignment, and the beginning of a policy one — and U.S. politics is about to change big-time.
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Animation/storyboard artist Jeff Hong re-imagines Disney characters within the real world.
Wisconsin outdrinks any other state
Two hundred years ago, the greatest eruption in Earth’s recorded history took place. Mount Tambora—located on Sumbawa Island in the East Indies—blew itself up with apocalyptic force in April 1815.

...Mary Shelley’s storm-lashed novel
Frankenstein bears the imprint of the Tambora summer of 1816, and her literary coterie—which included the poets Percy Shelley and Lord Byron—serve as tour guides through the suffering worldscape of 1815–18.

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...it's not really black. It's not even a color or a pigment. "Vantablack" is a "material," according to Surrey NanoSystems, the British company that created it. But this growling, rebellious material is causing quite a fuss now that renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor — who designed Chicago's Cloud Gate and the Orbit tower for the 2012 London Olympics — has bought the exclusive rights to use it in art.

New York Times interview with Surrey NanoSystems

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“I’d love to do more things like this, taking people’s weird pets out.”
They like fast fashion from Zara and H&M. They work out to be seen as much as to exercise. They drink cappuccinos to show how cosmopolitan they are. Some have had their eyelids done to make them look more Western.
North Korea now has a 1 percent. And you’ll find them in“Pyonghattan,” the parallel ­universe inhabited by the rich kids of the Democratic People’s Republic.
Criminal Charges
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Prison phones are a predatory monopoly. One family fought back — and won.

To prisoners and their relations, calls are a vital connection to home. For facility operators, they’ve long been considered security holes, a means for inmates to coordinate crimes with the outside. And for inmate phone companies, along with state and local governments, the system is a lucrative business opportunity.

For decades, critics called for greater regulation of the companies, arguing that inmates and their families had effectively been priced out of staying in touch. Today, some of those regulations have been put in place...but a recent legal challenge may once again roll them back.

He came to our house and asked, "Can I stay here?" I said I’ll have to talk to my mom. I asked her and she was like, "Yeah, but I have to call his mom and let her know that he’s here." So she called his mom to let her know and they worked it out. So his mom said, "He can stay there if he wants to." So a day turned into a week, week turned into a month, month turned into a year and a year turned into about five or six years, something like that.
Deep in the bowels of Paisley Park, the recording studio compound Prince built in Chanhassen, Minnesota, lies a room-sized vault.... The walls are lined with shelves, organized chronologically and bursting with unreleased recordings... A lifetime’s worth of songs, videos, documentaries, and more. No one knows how many. Hundreds, certainly. Thousands, probably...

If you know anything about Prince...that won’t surprise you. Making music was like breathing to him...simply in that he did both all the time...

...Now the question is, what will happen to what’s inside the vault? A few years ago, Prince made a passing reference to releasing it all in 2013, but nothing came of it. He also once threatened to just burn everything. Will the world ever hear the rest of what Prince made?

By David Pierce
A recent study by researchers at the University of Hawai?i at M?noa, published this month in the journal Toxins, may finally put to rest the ongoing debate about whether to use cold or heat to treat jellyfish stings. Their systematic and critical review provides overwhelming evidence that clinical outcomes from all kinds of jellyfish stings are improved following treatment with hot packs or hot-water immersion.
I'm amazed that the death of Joanie Laurer - aka pro wrestler Chyna - would be mentioned on NPR. I wasn't a fan, but she has her place in my inner map of American pop culture.