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Posted by thatmikeykid on Jul 5, 2005 04:23pm....
FoolProof: ...found here  
Got an axe to grind, hmmm?  
I won't even comment on the grammer.  
Damn. The one time I jump into one of these and I make a fool of myself.  
Oh well. I never was a very good speller.
Posted by blackvelvetjesus on Jul 10, 2005 08:38pm PST
thatmikeykid: "When I sing that song, it'll be shortly before I drop the toaster in the bathtub."  
found here...  
When you sing "Power of Love" by Celine Dion do you change the lyrics around to suit your gender?
Posted by FuzzyDave on Jul 11, 2005 10:25pm
FoolProof: Delete My Account  
I've spent the past 6 hours deleting all my journals.  
I don't have the patience to delete the 2000 links I've posted over the years.  
So, just delete my account, retire my avatar, and cancel my LF mail account and user space.  
As found.. HERE.
deathburger: Wow. Just... wow. What a mentality.  
Can you see the Forest For The Trees?  
Posted by Psychomike on Jul 15, 2005 01:59am  
We can't leave the Iraq people. We need more troops. More standing armies in the region.  
Cracking down on video games is a good thing.  
Because at least Hillary isn't Bush they say, even if she and the party are hell bent to turn this into a Viet Nam by any means necessary.  
Have you at long last no shame......
Posted by Psychomike on Aug 3, 2005 11:49am  
Your conspiracy theory helps no one.
Posted by aktaeon on Jul 21, 2005 07:50pm PST
thatmikeykid: The point is that if Al Franken reported it, then it isn't true.  
For instance, everytime Al Franken talks about gravity, we all float into space and die.  
Found here.
Posted 03:49 on 7/25/05 - taken from chatter
FoolProof: crataegus> Hell, you can't swing a dead cat in ATL without hitting a couple of people who've tasted the Goddess' coochiepop.
deathburger: Posted by hammer of truth on Aug 2, 2005 02:16am  
Mike's "grizzled-old-insider-who's-seen-it-from-all-sides" routine has made me laugh from the first time he tried to lay it on me. His comments always remind me of my mother, who's schizophrenic, and likes to "give you a piece of her mind" and then look at you like she just put you in your place when all she's done is string together a bunch of nonsensical, fragmented thoughts that really have nothing to do with anything.  
Posted by tomcat101147 on Aug 3, 2005 01:29am
FoolProof: Selections taken from comments found under this link.  
The scum driver pulled in with the hearse on the hook about 45 minutes later, crammed it in a parking place and got in his truck to leave. I managed to persuade him to replace the transmission linkage that the tow company had removed from the hearse by using charm, persuasive language, an engaging smile, and a loaded small guage shotgun at very intimate range.  
[he]lived and managed to escape back to his apartment although not without damage and was at least clever enough to not try to call the police.  
My vehical damage ended and the bastards that caused the problem ran and hid every time they saw me thereafter.  
I did have the air let out of one tire on my van but after I handed the bastards next door all eight tire valves from both their cars neatly sealed in an envelope and told them that they were living on borrowed time they got the clue. They moved shortly thereafter. End of problem.  
crataegus: [quotes]  
Just adding a comment to make this more easily searchable...
Posted by beaglebot on Aug 31, 2005 08:38pm
Kassi42: Wow, I think you may have the least amount of clue of anyone on the planet  
Found here.
deathburger: From chatter on Sunday September 4th 11:30 CST  
* * * Substandard hugs testicle
deathburger: Not a comment, but it was so ridiculous as to be funny.. bold emphasis provided by myself.  
current eventsDetailed Katrina Response Timeline
Link #93473 submitted by Mac123 on Sep 7, 2005 01:20pm. (+605XP)  
Far more detailed and less politically lopsided than the one found in this link
I'm not sure if it was intended as humor...
Mac: Make sure you only go after the source...spend no time on the content.
deathburger: The Comment Archive is not a place for discussion of submissions. That will only serve to make the Archive less funny, profound, and environment defining.
best comment
Posted by hammer of truth on Sep 11, 2005 04:42pm
FoolProof: RE: RE: RE: RE: :::  
"Weak On Defense" is one of my favorite propaganda phrases. You may as well say "Faggot On Defense" and get it over with, because that's the intended implication of the phrase.  
The degree to which you've been indoctrinated is a testament to the power of GOP think-tanks, Bud. Let me know if you ever begin having thoughts of your own.  
Found here.  
deathburger: Gotta love hammer's comments.. even when one is the target.. err, that is, subject of them. ;)  
I was gonna add something else, but turns out it's in that very same thread.. so..
Bud Tugly: "The Comment Archive is not a place for discussion of submissions. That will only serve to make the Archive less funny, profound, and environment defining."  
(see above)
deathburger: No discussion, rather me pointing at the link in the comment previous and saying "There are more there, go look".  
So, there are more there, go look. ;)
Novelhead: You would probably die eventually from poop inhalation as you will not be able to navigate through the poo.  
By rover77
beaglebot: the internet is a strange and wonderful place...and icky too
That about sums it up.
Bud Tugly: I'm seeking to highlight idiocy, yes.  
- budfields  
From here.
deathburger: From chatter:  
Apocalyptic Blogger> My mouse is somehow set to double-click on a single click  
Apocalyptic Blogger> It's a laptop mouse plugged into the USB drive of my cpu
deathburger: With apologies. It was too funny though. :)
Substandard said:
Novelhead: "Self esteem is for worthless, ugly, stupid retards that nobody loves.."  
Found here  
Yes, I realize it's Sub's list... But I thought that was really funny. :)  
Champthom on Oct 17, 2005 07:27pm
Kassi42: "I have a friend who thinks all of Tolkein's stuff is brilliant. He's also an avid pothead."  
From here
Posted by Novelhead on Nov 5, 2005 10:03am  
Someone found my blog after searching Google for "double blade navel cross-legged husband's fantasy"".  
What the hell does that mean? Do I even want to know?  
God, people are so weird.
This is the same guy who pounds nails into his skull. ;)
Novelhead: "Vicious and unexpected biting isn't really a second date sort of activity, usually."