The Museum of Regrettable Threads
A recent comment by Fluffy left me thinking about the variety of low points that we've seen in the history of LF, those threads you return to weeks after the fact and think: 'what the HELL were we all smoking?'  
Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are just hair-raising. And all, I'm afraid to say, are better left in the past.  
So here they are! Anyone have any other suggestions?  
*We have this pleasant little journal entry in which a (former) user threatens to report the journal poster's actions to the authorities (whatever authorities those might be).  
*The famous Least Called For Linkfilter Contest Ever, which was almost a joke before it even began.  
*This thread is still cited as an example of how not to conduct an argument. Election 2004 warning!  
*In the 'dear God, why?' category, we have just one of many, many pointless threads about secondhand smoke.  
*Second Amendment thread. Everyone gets really worked up and starts waving their pieces around.  
*Things are said, mistakes are made, somebody makes reference to attack hamsters.  
*The abortion issue crashes and burns. Darkstar bites some guy's head off.  
*This might look like a flamewar if I could tell what was actually going on.  
*In this fine thread, some people discuss the game of basketball. Also, some guy tries to kill several people with his high-school diploma and receives several papercuts.  
*A 1-voter owns up in this heartwarming thread. People aren't too pleased.  
*In a thread so bad that clu claims there aren't enough pictures of puppies in the world to save it, some yahoo derides darkstar for his ignorance of the evil ways of the French, little suspecting where his opponent actually lives...  
*Bad threads don't have to be concerned with weighty, contentious matters. The famous Fish vs. Meat vs. Whale vs. Hendrix debacle is perhaps the best example. Yours truly challenges FuzzyDave to a fish-slapping duel and everyone chews on the scenery.  
*In which a certain LF user proves not only that he's unable to write a joke, but also that he doesn't even know what one is.  
*Irony can be delicious, but in this thread it tastes bitter as ashes.  
*When someone says "Everyone who has a chance to walk away from this toxic thread should do it now," you should always take the advice, right? Right?
[sound of crickets]
shigpit: (I think they're applauding)
FoolProof: *chirp* *chirp*
darkstar: homage to online venting. :)  
I first thought that I'd sift through these threads and find a lot of immature behavior on my part. After reviewing them, I've breathed a sigh of relief that my interactions weren't all that ugly.  
More than anything, though, they remind me of how much time I've wasted on LF! :-/  
I was trying to find the thread where some user and I got in a heated debate about, among other things, the French. You may recall, the one where, after much back-and-forth, he suggested I was so ignorant of the French that I should actually go to France to see what it was really like?  
At the time, I'd been living there for three years. I suppose that could be interpreted in two different ways...  
darkstar: Oh my God, there are some jewels of snarky humor in some of those threads.  
Some of them even by me. :)
lorddimwit: Oh yeah, that was CLASSIC!!  
Here it is. I'll add it to the list.
FuzzyDave: I'm disappointed the Meat/Whale/Hendrix feud didn't make the cut. As I recall you were quite perturbed by it.
darkstar: I never saw that one, I don't think. I keep hearing wistful comments about it, though.  
Some of these threads are like watching a train wreck unfold in slow motion. There's nothing you can do to stop it, but you're unable to turn away, either.  
*searches for Hendrix whalemeat...
darkstar: Oh, man. I'd forgotten just how bad that thread was. Blood all over the place.
darkstar: And reading it, I sadly have to retract my comment above about not having been ugly towards another user.
vinfille: WOW.  
Never seen that one before, either.  
Boy, we can be a snarky and foul-mouthed bunch, can't we? And in this case, perhaps, justifiably so.  
The sad thing is that there are so many maolmuires in the world, and that they're so impervious to logic, facts, or general human compassion.  
On another note, I wonder how many people come to LF just looking for arguments, unconsciously or otherwise?
FuzzyDave: Screw you, Hippy!
SpearmintFur: Put a sock in it, meathead!
vinfille: Your silly taunts can't hurt me, you pitiful French- lovers!  
/me goes off to 1-vote everything on the whole intrawebs whilst chain-smoking and creating new, allowable variations of the F-bomb.
aktaeon: How dare you!
FoolProof: I, too, am outraged!
lorddimwit: Found the fish vs. meat thing and (grudgingly) added it.  
Not dimwit's proudest moment. Or... was it?
FoolProof: I've never been prouder.
lorddimwit: I think it's sometimes perfectly acceptable to cudgel someone when gently tickling them isn't working. It's like Old Ezra said once, "stupidity can only be carried to a certain extent before it becomes a public menace." 'Course, right after he said that, he challenged someone to a duel, so go fig.
Boy, I had missed most of these.
vinfille: Good content, in the vein of "history learned prevents repetition..."
Just added this...
darkstar: the Otterella! :)  
fabulon7: If only some of the chatter flameouts had been recorded. They'd make an excellent appetizer to this main course.  
Also: I remember being snarky -- how did I manage to avoid almost all of these?
darkstar: That's a good question! Stealth snark?  
Yah, the chatter flameouts were pretty rich. I still LOL when I recall p-no's "You are SO fired" when banning the IP of a certain dude undergoing mass freakout in the chatter...  
And who can ever forget: No sir, YOU POD!
fabulon7: Yep, you nailed it. Those were exactly what I was thinking of.
Good Lord
sterlingbeauty: I thought this might clue me in to some of the drama I've missed over the years, but I could barely work my way through the first one, which was so totally baffling to me in terms of missed character development. I wonder if I'm in any of these?  
lorddimwit: Updated with the thread about timbley not knowing what a joke is. FuzzyDave's comment on this thread is widely acknowledged as the High Point of all Linkfilter; it's been all downhill since then.
vinfille: Daaay-yum, I missed it the first time, but it was still good as leftovers. Thanks for posting it.