the life and times of hatepup - part 2: the capitol years
Part 3: Baby Needs A New Set Of Bahlz
Bud Tugly: Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtra long journal posts are ruining LinkFilter!
Bud Tugly: Couldn't you break this up like:  
The Life and Times of Hatepup Volume I (the early years)  
Volume II  
deathburger: That many images can take down a user's browser.. please use thumbnails (not just resizes) or links instead.
fabulon7: Geez you sissies, what's the big deal? The dog's done a lot of stuff.
darkstar: ...going into Otterella!  
I think I'd prefer the thumbnails, too. But it'd be pure HatePup to crash someone's browser...
glitch p-udding: i'll split it up.....but you're crazy if you think i'm going to you know how long that took? and i'm not even done yet.
darkstar: worries. But if you could make a journal entry with links to the multiple installments, that would be cool. I've linked this to Otterella, but it would be great not to have to link all of the installments there. If you can have one index entry, I'll point the Otterella link there.  
By the way, this is awesome - thanks for linking these pics. I knew lola's been doing a LOT of these, but I had no idea it was this many.  
That Pup sure gets around!!!
FuzzyDave: I am so glad someone is archiving these pics. I had a folder of virtually every HatePup pic posted to LF, but i had to trash it to make room on my hard drive for video editing.  
keep it up, glitch. And screw those Thumbnail-whinin' pussies!
FuzzyDave: if memory serves, there are some 200 pup pix in circulation.  
my alltime favorite is one from the civil war. i believe general Grant and some other officers are standing by a captured confederate cannon. sitting near the cannon is a tiny hatepup.  
i love it.  
and i also love the ones where the pup isn't the center of attention, but somewhere in the background (like on a box of cereal).
mucho fun
johnny2000: 10 x 10 points, worth the loading time, rotfl  
sent it to some friends ... incredible work
are you kidding me?
jones: glitch! no wonder your project is never done! get back to work!
aaah, the voice of reason...