Greasefilter - the install link is in the box on the upper righthand side of the page.  
Greasefilter is all the working (read: working as expected and not bug-filled ;) GM scripts rolled into one script, and given a configuration page from which you can choose only those parts which you wish to use.  
Initially, I tried to do this in the style of the CustomizeGoogle script, using XHTML, XML, and Javascript. It wasn't totally without success, and in fact I think it does some technically interesting things, however it proved to be more difficult to do than I had anticipated.  
So I shelved that method and it's associated files, and started rewriting it to have a configuration page that sets a cookie on your computer, which the Greasefilter script reads to determine which parts of itself to run. This is that version.  
The Greasefilter script itself has a version number which the page linked to above will display for you, as well as displaying the latest script version.  
The original Greasemonkey scripts journal will still be around, used for those less-than-stable or in-progress scripts. Once those scripts work, they will be incorporated into Greasefilter.  
Prerequisites: Firefox (the description is outdated) and the Greasemonkey extension,  
Seamonkey with a modified Greasemonkey 0.6.4
***_____ Attention _____***  
The latest Greasemonkey for Firefox 1.0.x (0.5.3) is a little flakey.  
I suggest using 0.3.5 for now, until things stabilize.  
You can get it direct from here.  
Firefox 1.5.x+ users should use the latest available version.  
Note to Opera users: Mac123 reported that this script fixes some of the problems with using my scripts in Opera.  
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deathburger: As of this comment, Greasefilter replaces the following released Greasemonkey scripts. They should be disabled or removed prior to installing Greasefilter.  
deathburger: A couple things to remember with Greasemonkey scripts:  
They don't work in the sidebar. If a script is meant to make everyone's username pink in the chatter, it will work when the chatter is opened in a tab or window, but for some inexplicable reason the sidebar is some removed 'other' and it won't work there. Thank the Mozilla/Firefox guys for that one. I'm hoping there is a way around it, and am keeping an eye open.  
They work only after the page has fully loaded - images and all. So if you use the 'category images' bit of Greasefilter, it won't be applied until the page completely loads as normal first. Then and only then are the scripts run. It's nothing that'll ruin your day, nor anything I can change, but knowing about it might prevent a WTF moment sometime. :)
deathburger: Would anyone like to forego the "Vote" button on polls, and have selecting a poll option also submit your choice?  
Cuts down on one click, looks fancy and stuff..
deathburger: Version change: 0.2  
Updated with the ability to add a background image to LF. Many are 1280x1024, some are slightly smaller. Firefox isn't able to scale background images to fit, so it will clip the edges of the images if your resolution is smaller.  
There may be a way to get background image scaling to work, but as of now I haven't had any luck.
deathburger: Just threw together a script that resizes large images on the 'filter. No more busted new comment scans because some jerk didn't resize their picture!  
I'll be including it in the next version of Greasefilter.  
It will be set to resize images down to 550 pixels width, if they're larger. If anyone thinks that number should be something else, just shout.
deathburger: I've also just added a way to except images, on an individual basis and as decided by the poster, from being resized. I may also add a way for the viewer to un-resize images individually, but not right away.  
The purpose of allowing images to be skipped is for journals, when someone posts a comic strip for instance - any text will more than likely become unreadable when scaled down by an odd percentage.  
It is never to be used in comments, and if it is I'll remove the capability entirely. I consider posting a largely oversized comment and then explicitly excepting it from getting resized by the script to be abuse. Not that I'm expecting someone to do it, I just wanted to make my policy on that crystal clear.  
To except an image from resizing, you should give it a "noresize" class. Example code:  
<img src="" class="noresize">  
If xml.gif were over 550 pixels wide (or whatever number the script ends up limiting to) that would prevent it from being resized.
glitch p-udding: can you make it a clickable link so it can pop up full size in a new window?
deathburger: Sure, that's doable.
deathburger: Next version of Greasefilter I'll be able to flesh out the image resizing function more. Per-image unresizing and new window view should be in at that time.  
If you're feeling ambitious, you could make some smallish icons for those capabilities. Bear in mind they'll have to be visible on all skins.
fabulon7: 640 is the magic number.
deathburger: 640.. anyone else? If not, I'll go with that. If so, majority rules.
deathburger: Updated to 0.3  
    • Image width limiting, set to 640 pixels. Anything larger will get scaled down to that.  
    • User list page line highlighting  
    • Added some more info and links to the Greasefilter page itself, in the hopes the changes are helpful.  
For the next version I'd like to be able to get the Live Preview script in. If you haven't tested it and are able to do so, please do. the Live Preview script can be found in the original Greasemonkey journal.
deathburger: For the image resizing thingy, how about just holding the mouse over the image to return it to the original size? Moving the mouse off of it would naturally scale it back down. Yes, no, maybe?
deathburger: Updated to make the image resizer more robust.  
You can click the image itself to toggle between the scaled-down and full sizes.  
If an image is also a link, it will now move the link directly below the image, de-linkifying it in the process. It also detects if the link goes to an image or not, and if so will display the filename as part of the link.  
Thank tmk and his Florida images journal for the inspiration.
deathburger: Version changed to 0.4 as well.
deathburger: bah. By 'de-linkifying it' I mean the image, of course.
thatmikeykid: hah. i knew i was good for something.
deathburger: I added the Red Cross plus to the working robot image. I'll leave it as a part of it for as long as Linkfilter leaves it in the sleepy robot.
deathburger: Next version of Greasefilter will add in subject/title length limits when posting links, journals, or comments. The limits are based off of what I observed Linkfilter itself allowing. Hopefully this will help some with link titles getting clipped short.  
If anyone knows the poll title length limit, I can add that as well.
Greasefilter 0.5
deathburger: New for Greasefilter 0.5:  
• "Expand input boxes" now includes the search box and detailed search fields.  
• New option: Rounded inputs. In a Mozilla-based browser, it will give subject, title, search inputs etc and buttons rounded corners. It's a cosmetic change, everything will work the same as before. It will *not* work in any Greasemonkey-like extension or program for other browsers, since it uses Mozilla-specific CSS. If/when CSS3 gets widely adopted, and if we're still around, I'll update this to support it.  
• Input lengths for link titles, journal titles, and comment subjects are all enforced now. For example, you can only have 60 characters in a link title, but the link posting page doesn't limit how much you can put in. This addition will enforce that limit so links won't get posted with clipped titles. If a title starts out too long, from posting using the Linkfilter Toolbar for instance, it will also alert you that it has clipped the title and show you what it clipped off.
deathburger: note to self:  
Bug in the image resizer that makes it fire on already-resized images like:  
<img src="" width="10" height="10">  
Bug in the new rounded inputs section that catches poll options, effectively expanding their layout. It doesn't change the poll's function in any way though.
deathburger: Rounded inputs bug squashed. Since it doesn't do any actual harm with the bug, this fix can wait for the next version.
deathburger: Image resizer bug also squished. It was firing on images resized to exactly 640 width, which it had the opposite effect on (it expanded them to regular size).  
This one will also wait for the next version, since not many images are resized to 640 on the nose.
deathburger: I also just did some tweaking and (this may just be me) it seems to be alot quicker.
crataegus: 0.5.3 regular expression weirdness  
I wasn't getting the images in place of the category names on the main page with "*" and "**" as my included pages. Instead of * = 0 or more characters, something's expecting at least 1 character after the /. Greasefilter works fine and dandy if you include the exact URLs in your included page.  
This isn't so much a Greasefilter problem as it is a Greasemonkey problem. (Or maybe it's a crataegus on crack problem.) I didn't notice this elsewhere in yer journal. Sorry if it's already been reported.
deathburger: It's not a Gerasefilter issue, guaranteed.  
I'm still using GM 0.3.5 since the newer versions didn't work for me terribly well. I had problems with scripts not firing unless I reloaded the page, which alone is reason enough to roll back to the 0.3.5 version.  
If you're not using the FF betas, my advice is to back up your scripts and use GM 0.3.5 until a stable and fully functional Greasemonkey is released. That's what I'm doing.
deathburger: Wow, that's one helluva typo.
deathburger: The "Erase Preferences" button on the config page seems to be a bit off. It is supposed to pop up a confirmation that you want to remove your GF prefs, thereby disabling the script... but then no matter if you hit OK or Cancel, it erases the prefs.  
I swear that worked when I uploaded it. Oh well, for now don't click that button unless you mean it. I'll fix it before the next Greasefilter update.
deathburger: Okay, I found a bug that required me to upload an updated script.. the version remains at 0.5 though.  
The image resizer and rounded inputs bugs are gone, and a bug that made the script crap itself on is fixed. I haven't had a look at the config page yet, so that bug with the erase preferences buttin is still there for now.
Rounded Corners
Mac: I just turned on the rounded corner feature.  
I'm not sure what prompted you to add this, or why I ignored it earlier, but I really like it.