Play Some Games!
Just don't get canned doing it. :)  
Games to pass the time.  
8 Queens  
Dice Roller  
Same Game  
Simon Says  
Tic Tac Toe  
Typing Test  
And more to come...
deathburger: Minesweeper and Mastermind are available now. They're fully playable, but they've got minor issues - the Help menu in Minesweeper (it has it's own menus) isn't in the right place, and also right-click in Minesweeper when in Moz/Firefox to flag a square still shows the browser context menu (can't help that one, sorry).. and Mastermind is in French for the time being.  
Still looking for Freecell. :)  
Bud Tugly: Uber-cool!
deathburger: The only one of these games that I've broken cross-browser compatibility with is the Poker game, and if you had seen what it looked like in the beginning you'd understand. It's almost twice as fast now compared to the original, at the expense of IE users getting a more limited use (I assume).
SpearmintFur: Your copy of Masterminds is, oh how do you Americuns say eet, in ze French?  
I like my games in English, but that's just me.  
I tried to submit feedback by clicking on the submit feedback thing but that didn't turn out too well...
deathburger: The Mastermind has yet to be translated, true. I'll do it sooner or later. :)  
And the feedback thing is meant to be funny...
SpearmintFur: That's what I was implying when I said that it didn't work out too well.  
BTW DB...  
Was your father a terrorist, db? Because you da bomb.