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interroBOING: Home to the ALFA Firefox Extension and various other projects. hosting site of the ALFA Opera Widget.
nothing is at this site
pdxpogo: except text
AB: Try it now.
AB: Widget Bump
AB: ALFA v. 0.21 is out and up. Go to abcode to d/l the newest xpi.
Now added...
darkstar: Otterella!  
Well done, AB! :)
FoolProof: Indeed. Good Jeeeoooaarrrbb.
Bumping it softly
AB: interroBOING updated with ALFA 0.25  
Please gimme a shout out, pneu, regarding its Mac-compatibility.
bear: whats up with this
AB: School is kinda taking its time with me, taking MY time away from this lovely project that I still poke at every now and then. It still works. :)
bear: it's a replacement for dbs toolbar?
AB: Indeed. It works almost the same, but has a few things less plus a few things added.
bear: good on ya