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beaglebot: Anyone have any more that they would like to have added?
madtbone: Thanks beag, now I know how to do things at LF that i had know idea about. Great job!
beaglebot: The floor is open for questions, hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will answer them
soulorcell> have you seen bbots unfaq journal yet?
soulorcell: soulorcell> bbot is my nomination for this years lfmvp...
beaglebot: It's an honor just to be nominated
New comment scans for just the last few hours are possible!!!
beaglebot: Check it out
Only Comments
(where #### is the link number)  
That will show only the comments attached to the link in question, omitting the post itself. Questionably useful, but it's something interesting that the 'filter can do.
Chatter "hacks"
deathburger: Linkfilter Chatter, normal view  
Linkfilter Chatter with a large backlog! (change the number to make it show more chatter history)  
Linkfilter Chatter, new window view, no autoupdate, no input box, and the large backlog, but otherwise same as the regular "new window" version.  
Linkfilter Chatter, same as above, but autoupdating.  
Linkfilter Chatter text input field only.
deathburger: The last one doesn't appear to actually work...
FoolProof: Yes it does.
AB: The large backlog doesn't work for me. Maybe the function was disabled?
deathburger: Still works here. Open regular chatter in a new tab, then the large backlog link in another tab, and compare.
beaglebot: The unFAQ has been updated and moved. PLease change your bookmarks to reflect its new location. Comments and sugestions should still be left in this journal entry
deathburger: Should the toolbar still point to this journal?
beaglebot: It would be better to go to the page, I can't make all of the html work in my journal. Doesn't matter much either way tho as the journal gives a link to the new unfaq
owl: funny how spellcheckers still can't distinguish god from good.  
course, some folks think that's as it should be, and all power to them.  
beaglebot: Most spell checkers catch fire around me
deathburger: The NCS has an RSS feed, apparently. It might be used to recover a lost NCS if the feed gets saved or something.
bookmarks of yours by me
AB: the number following "bookmarksby=" is the user number.