The Silver Pool Campaign
This is the portal page for the Silver Pool D&D campaign.  
Chapter 1: Foxglove Raiders  
Episode 1.1.1: To the Raiders' Hideout (7/26/04)  
Episode 1.1.2: Keeping a Close Watch (8/4/04)  
Episode 1.1.3: A Meeting on the Path (5/26/07)  
Episode 1.1.4: A Bold Bluff! (6/3/07)  
Episode 1.1.5: Warning the Village Elders (6/9/07)  
Episode 1.1.6: Setting an Ambush (6/16/07)  
Episode 1.1.7: A Clever Ruse (6/20/07)  
Episode 1.1.8: The Ambush is Sprung (6/24/07)  
Episode 1.1.9: Back at the Inn (6/30/07)  
Episode 1.1.10: An Interesting Job Offer (6/30/07)  
Chapter 2: A Tracker is You!  
Episode 1.2.1: Back to the Raiders' Cave (7/5/07)  
Episode 1.2.2: Scouting the Cave Surroundings (7/9/07)  
Episode 1.2.3: A Ruse and a Rashness (7/13/07)  
Episode 1.2.4: Exploring the Cave (7/17/07)  
Episode 1.2.5: Shedding Light (7/21/07)  
Episode 1.2.6: Attacking the Darkness! (7/24/07)  
Episode 1.2.7: A Brisk Dip (8/1/07)  
Episode 1.2.8: Clearing the Cave (8/5/07)  
Episode 1.2.9: A Discreet Withdrawal (8/7/07)  
Episode 1.2.10: Durk's Story (8/10/07)  
Episode 1.2.11: A Night in the Thicket (8/14/07)  
Episode 1.2.12: Justice for a Brigand (8/18/07)  
Episode 1.2.13: An Opportunity for Advancement (8/19/07)  
Episode 1.2.14: Au Naturel (8/24/07)  
Chapter 3: The Glimmerweald  
Episode 1.3.1: A Dire Party Crasher (8/26/07)  
Episode 1.3.2: Treed! (8/31/07)  
Episode 1.3.3: A Well Executed Plan (9/1/07)  
Episode 1.3.4: Survival Snaring (9/7/07)  
Episode 1.3.5: Well Met (9/7/07)  
Episode 1.3.6: No Free Lunches (9/7/07)  
Episode 1.3.7: To the Hive! (9/11/07)  
Episode 1.3.8: Tree of Sorrow (9/14/07)  
Episode 1.3.9: A Grisly Inventory (9/21/07)  
Episode 1.3.10: Catching a Buzz  
Episode 1.3.11 (to come...)  
About your character:  
Name: Kit  
Class: Ranger / Druid  
Level: 2 (1st Ranger / 1st Druid)  
XP: 1065 (next level at 3000)  
Hit Points: 16  
Special skills: Woodland Lore, Knowledge (Nature), Animal Empathy, Concentration  
Druidic talents: Nature Sense (identify plants, animals and safe drinking water)  
Feats: Track, Alertness  
Cash: 10 sp, 11 cp  
Your spells:  
You may cast 3 from 0-level and 1 from 1st-level every day.  
0-level known:  
Cure minor wounds(1hp)  
Create Water  
1st level known:  
Animal Friendship (works on up to 2 Hit Dice animals)  
Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 hp)  
Your current location:  
In the eastern end of the Glimmerweald valley along the trail to Viscount Grall's lands. Somewhere near an orangemantle wasp hive. Approximately midnight, full moon, standing in front of a Tree of Sorrow and the corpse of a tax collector.  
Your current quest(s):  
A. "Tracker" for Foxglove Village. You are in the employ of the Village of Foxglove as a tracker. Ostensibly, your task is to retrieve missing cattle lost in the recent raids. However, this is a cover for your actual task, which is to track down any information you can find about who or what is behind the evidently larger conspiracy to raid the village.  
You are being paid 2 silver pieces per week, with a 10 sp advance. You will be paid an additional 1 sp for each cow, pig or goat returned (though it is not expected you will necessarily find any missing livestock). At the end of one month, the Village Elders will determine whether this arrangement should continue. The pay is less than the standard "1 sp per day" for hired help, but the village is poor (and on very hard times!), and there's a chance for significant loot to augment your wage.  
Loot gained from raiders or those in direct involvement with staging the raids will be split equally between your party and the village to use for reconstruction. Your party's portion of such spoils will be divided into equal shares, with you as the leader getting an extra share.  
Loot legally gained during your adventures from sources not directly responsible for the raids may be divided with the party members in a manner which you determine is fair, with no portion of the loot being owed to the village for such spoils.  
Your current inventory:  
In your hands:  
Spear (ash-wood, steel tip, steel butt-cap)  
Simple clothing (shirt, breeches, tunic, small cap)  
Med-high, soft, leather boots  
Coat of metal-studded, flexible leather armor  
Leather belt  
Leather beltpouch  
Leather backpack (small)  
Cotton canvas shoulder bag from Brother Owen  
Longsword (fine) in Black leather belt & scabbard  
Dagger (fine, silvered) with black leather scabbard  
In the Cotton canvas shoulder bag from Brother Owen:  
Potion: repel vermin  
3 tindertwigs  
3 flasks of oil  
In your beltpouch:  
Small leather drawstring coin bag (with 10 sp, 11 cp)  
Small canvas drawstring bag with four small sling stones  
Small hunting sling (for small animals)  
Potion: cure minor wounds (1 hp): will stop blood loss, close wounds and heal 1 hp damage.  
In your backpack:  
Dagger with leather scabbard, strangely iridescent sheen on blade (from corpse in Glimmerweald)  
8' x 8' oiled canvas tarp, pegs and lengths of twine (stored in a canvas bag)  
Waterskin, full  
50' ball of twine  
25' rope  
Canvas drawstring bag with trail rations (hardtack, oatcakes, hard cheese, etc.)  
Canvas fishing kit: three small fishhooks, two 10' lengths of silk thread, 3'x3' fish netting  
Small torch  
Pewter cup  
Twine (5 four-foot lengths, pre-knotted as hunting snares)  
Flint-stone and a bit of fire-starter lint  
Knife (simple but functional) with leather scabbard  
Potion: create water: a drop will make an ounce of water, flask contains 264 drops (about 26 ml / about a fluid ounce of potion). Therefore, about two gallons total creation (or 32 cups).  
Left with friend in village: Staff  
Scene 1.1.4...
darkstar: ready for voting!  
Poll duration is shortened to 5 days, since votes are usually in by then...
FoolProof: I noticed and dig the change. :)
Episode 1.1.5...
darkstar: now ready for voting.  
Four days for this poll. :)
Now updated...
darkstar: ...with character info and inventory.
Now updated...
darkstar: ...with episode 1.1.6.
Details, details. :)
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Fixed now... :)
FoolProof: I think I just leveled up in terms of nerd-dom.
A note on leveling up...
darkstar: ...from a chatter exchange today:  
AB> d*: when does out character level up?  
darkstar> on the character sheet, you'll notice Kit's experience points. They're about 600 or so right now. It also shows the xp needed for the next level.  
AB> 675..  
AB> I just thoght that after the bandit fights, we might have leveled up or come closer  
darkstar> In this case, the next level (2) comes at 1000xp. I suspect that will happen within another half-dozen episodes  
darkstar> normally, xp is calculated at the end of a coherent "set" of eps.  
AB> drawing it out, eh? ;)  
darkstar> that is, you don't necessarily get xp at the moment you do something xp-worthy.  
AB> ahhh  
darkstar> It's a convention that considers two realities: 1) xp calculations require a fair amount of time for the DM, so it's best to do them in chunks, rather than every time something happens.  
AB> nods  
darkstar> The second factor is that leveling up is supposed to represent more than just "hitting a certain threshhold" of xp. It also reflects other things that are supposed to be going on: getting additional training, taking time to review and evaluate what you've done, etc., etc.  
darkstar> Consequently, what usually happens is that you will play a series of encounters which, together, amount to an "adventure" or a "scenario" or, in this case, a "chapter". When the chapter is over, xp is calculated and, if you are over the level-up threshhold, then you choose how you want to do it.  
AB> ah-ha  
AB> makes much more sense  
darkstar> In this case, I'm allowing multi-classing, so when Kit levels up, I'll need to post a poll to determine the next level: another ranger level? or add a level of druid? or of fighter, sorcerer, etc.  
darkstar> Kit could end up being a 2nd level Ranger or a 1st level Ranger, 1st level druid, etc.  
darkstar> An allowance of time will be required for Kit to spend a few weeks studying with someone who can teach him the new class, if Kit goes that way. Otherwise, leveling up as a Ranger would require no delay.
darkstar: By the way, I should post how much xp you get and from where each time I assign it. I'll do that from now on.  
Here's my calc for Chapter 1:  
25 xp - Tracking down the Raider's hideout  
50 xp - Turning and interrogating the bandit Ralf  
100 xp - Alerting the Village Elders to the impending attack  
100 xp - Eliminating four of Bardo's raiders  
100 xp - Eliminating Bardo  
100 xp - Preventing the Village Raid with no loss of life or property  
50 xp - Bonus for suggesting an illusionist ruse during the ambush*  
100 xp - Retrieving Bardo's belongings for examination  
50 xp - Loot xp**  
675 xp total for Chapter 1. Recall that Level 2 occurs at 1000 xp.  
*Bonuses given for good suggestion that are actually implemented, based on how the voting goes.  
**Loot xp is an xp bonus given to reflect a portion of the value of the swag (money, weapons, etc.) retrieved, and the relative difficulty of retrieving it, divided by the number of characters who participated. The total loot retrieved in this chapter was about 300 gp value, with a 1:6 factor being used to reflect a balance between Kit's solo work and the work done as part of the larger ambush party.
darkstar: Experience point calculations for Chapter 2:  
50 xp - Capturing and interrogating Durk  
75 xp - Killing three raiders  
50 xp - Turning Durk in for punishment  
100 xp - Eliminating all raiders in band  
25 xp - Locating the underwater tunnel in the cave  
50 xp - Securing most valuable loot from cave  
40 xp - Loot xp  
=390 xp gained  
Total XP = 1065 (Second level gained at 1000 xp; you are ready to gain a level!)  
Character sheet now updated...
darkstar: ...with an explanation of your current quest, including the compensation/spoils agreement made with Elder Milo.
cornpone: this belongs in otterella.
darkstar: Huh. Never occurred to me.  
I'll link it in! :)
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