For my art classes, I've just done some self-portraits. For reference, here's a photo of me (thanks, beaglebot!

My first attempt was to be as close to realistic as I could. I did a 3/4 view using my wife's makeup mirror. That's why I appear to be looking to my right.

After that, I started playing around. Here's more of a gestural sketch, full-on.

After that, I realized that my puffy face has very little interest when there's no expression, so I did one smiling. See the dimples?

After that, I started working on more abstraction. First I flipped the mirror over to the magnifying side and positioned it where I got a double view of my face. I tried to draw that.

Finally, I did a contour drawing. One continuous line, looking at the paper as little as possible. I turned it into a yo-yo string.

Hope you all enjoyed that. Thanks for looking!
darkstar: My favorites are the first one and your continuous line self-portrait. The latter reminds me of some of Thurber's illustrations, which I always enjoyed.
ultrafastx: Those were my favs too. Thanks for sharing, yoyo!
bear: a long time ago I posted a link about digital self portraits 5 lines or something a few of us actually did portraits and they showed up on that site. search for the link.
yoyology: The link is here, but they are no longer accepting submissions. It's a cool site, though. Have to show it to my teacher.
malpt: I am so digging that last drawing. Keep up swell work.