The Big Picture
It all began with this little girl I saw on (thanks, grimmy!)

She just fascinated me. The shadows on her face, the bunch of flowers/foliage, the hanky (??) in her left hand.... But most of all, the swirl in the bottom corner. Was it an impression from a lock of hair? A defect? A spirit photograph?
When it came time to choose a subject for a large project, I picked her. The final result: Girl in Meadow with Ectoplasm.

Here are some detail shots.....

And a glimpse into the process.....

For those of you wondering: Yes, I did it on post-it notes. I had done another grid drawing, but I wanted to work in a larger scale, and 3" squares seemed just perfect. I'm planning to post it (hahaha) to the LittleYellowGallery (Thanks again, grimmy!) at some point.
nice job yoyo!
cornpone: that's perty darn neat.
fabulon7: Yep. It sure is.
timetales: That is looking very cool. Well done. Dick Dykman - time tales
bear: is that during library free time?