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Post linkfilter bugs you find in here.. I can't promise i'll get to them any time soon, but lets have one place to go.  
Remember, when you want to get back here, just go do a detailed search for journals containing the words bugreport.  
The new server goes up this weekend. The Internal Server Errors should go away as a result. I'm not sure i'll have time to make any fixes but I could get lucky..  
Thanks for bearing with the problems!
bear: 1. when I tried to edit this poll that has HTML in it things got way fucked up http://linkfilter.net/?s=p;pid=3645  
2. the toolbar vote doesn't work AKA vote by URL  
3. on the about linkfilter box, glitchs email address says: http://mailto:[email protected]  
the http:// part should be taken off like it is with yours.  
thats all for now.  
thanks again for the most wonderfulest bestest awesomest site ever!
glitch p-udding: about linkfilter box?  
[email protected]? i haven't used that email address in ages.  
this place is falling to pieces!
cornpone: your jplt, email. i memorized it without even trying too. you should probably check it more often.  
potatono: 1. I didn't see the problem with that poll, post it again when you see it again.  
2. URL voting is fixed!  
3. About box is fixed.  
beaglebot: The editable comment scan no longer works for when you hose your comments  
It seems that the "closely matched titles" is a little off. May be from the ignore list, or I could have just hit something twice
soulorcell: detail search allows a comment search...  
under type of search, select comments...  
enter the date YYYYMMDD...  
soulorcell: potatono says he will add "today" and "yesterday" to the drop-down box to make this easier...
potatono: Notice Today and Yesterday is now available in the pull down box.
beaglebot: I('m going to say that ignore is definatly messing with the "closely matched titles" and "closely matched urts" as I turned the filters off and it showed it to me when I did another search
beaglebot: Posted by beaglebot on Nov 16, 2003 02:04am  
I think the clock is a bit off. I posted this at 1 am my time on the 16th. Unless the server is in a different time zone now  
potatono: both these should work now.
tagerine skin...
soulorcell: needs a different color for the hot links...  
chatter links barely show up...  
I don't even notice links on the right unless I happen to mouse over them...
FuzzyDave: YES!!!  
I've always had this problem with tangerine. I have to scroll my mouse over every line of text in order to "uncover" a hotlink.  
the strange thing is, the hotlinks show up in the chatter box if i have that open in a separate window; but i NEVER see hotlinks anywhere else when using tangerine.
bear: You do not have enough CP to post a journal. This joournal would require 5 CP to post.
glitch p-udding: clicked on the poll of an ignored user. instead of expanding the poll, it took me to the mainpage.
Extra character space for username
SuperNintendoChalmer: Is it possible to add an extra character to the user name entry field? Then my Simpsons reference could be a success!
You need to pick a big S as your avatar. That should take care of it.
cornpone: yesterday i got a refund on a link that only had 5 votes. i didnt get a sixth vote on the link until much later, so it wasn't me just not paying attention.
soulorcell: I think I noticed the same thing with one of my posts...I thought maybe they changed the minimum votes required...looks like a real bug...I'm in tangerine...I doubt that matters though...
bear: the toolbar vote doesn't work AKA vote by URL
add comments to poll
blarp: I'm using the robot skin. I can't add comments to polls except to reply to another user's comment. Other skins have the "Post a new comment" link, or something like that, but robot doesn't.
beaglebot: Works for me no problem, it's a little speech bubble icon
blarp: for some reason it wasn't working for me. but now it has been fixed, so bug no more!
cornpone: scrolling down to update a journal, i click on the 2 for the second page of my entries. i get what is probably my second page of links instead of my second page of journal entries. robot dreams.
AB: I just wanna second this bug notice. It just happened to me, too.
bug report
ultrafastx: Looks like there may be a bug. pdxpogo claims one of his links which was deleted as a repost (here) cost him 30 CP to post, but he only recieved 10 CP back when it was nuked.
Voting & the LF toolbar
deathburger: I just wasted 4 CP voting using the LF toolbar (I know, not made by you.. the point is coming right up) and the vote didn't even register. Twice it said thanks for the vote though. :/  
This is the offending link: http://linkfilter.net/?id=48420  
Voting using the toolbar has worked for me in the past without any trouble, which is why I'm putting this here instead of complaining at it's creator. :)
bear: it is a server side bug I have pointed it out to potatono and he is aware of it but I don't think he has had time to address it or he forgot
ultrafastx: It seems the links to people's files (like journal pics) on the LF server space are on the fritz. I can still FTP in and manipulate files, but nothing is showing up when I try to access the corresponding URL.
ultrafastx: whatever was the problem, it seems to have fixed itself.  
carry on, nothing to see here.