Slapped these onto an external page because I can't have a javascript: link that works in the journal. :(

For those on the couch: there is one that will do a Google image search...

Javascript Goodies

deathburger: I don't know why I didn't do it before. There's one for Google News searching too.
deathburger: I've added some LF-specific bookmarklets!

First, the one that's not LF-specific - one that will open a new window to StripDir which will contain just the images (except .gif) from that page.

Now the LF stuff:
There are the usual searches - journal, comment, and link (all of which include deleted).
There's also one you can use when you're at a page you wish to post that will do the close url search to see if the page has been posted. And it even opens in a new window so you don't lose your page. :)

I'd also like this journal entry included in the Otterella if possible..

deathburger: Added in the Poll search bookmarklet.. don't ask me how I overlooked that originally. :/
deathburger: I've stolen a little of the css from Robot Dreams, so the page is alot neater. The descriptions are in the link's title now too (think of it as a "tooltip").

Also, I'm the only one to have commented here.. does anyone actually use these? Feedback, people! ;p

deathburger: Added one to search for *perfect* rhyming words from this link.
cornpone: i'm just commenting so it doesn't look like you're talking to yourself too much.
deathburger: *look of relief*

At least I won't be accused of insanity. At least not because of this journal. ;)

YepYep: You? Insane? Come on, that's crazy!
bear: I wish you would do that for me more often.
deathburger: I added the Gmailit bookmarklet (and a link to the author's page, I think). There's also a version that uses secure mode, accomplished by adding one 's' ;)  
Why did I bother adding these, you ask? Because it's a useful bookmarklet to quickly email a page to someone without leaving the browser or waiting for the email app to load up.
deathburger: # +CommentBox - Enlarge the size of the "Post a Comment" box.  
# -CommentBox - And return it back to how it was.  
These will probably be making it into the toolbar sooner or later too.
deathburger: New bookmarklet, for those who want to make a temporary CSS alteration to any page. A possible use would be to expand the width of the area containing text you wish to read, to make it easier to follow.  
        InjectCSS - Add some arbitrary CSS to a page temporarily.  
Look towards the bottom of the Goodies page to find it, in the "Other" section. It's a shade of Greasemonkey, actually, in that it injects your own code into a page after-the-fact. Obviously the bookmarklet is a great deal less complex than GM though, hence "shade of". :)  
Mozilla/Firefox/Flock/etc users, remember to put " !important" after your style to make sure it overrides anything set on the page. For example:  
table { color: red !important }  
would make sure any text within a table was colored red, regardless of other CSS or style= attributes.
deathburger: Yes, this one was to scratch an itch. If others find it useful, so much the better.
deathburger: Oh, and if you want to test it out, you can do it right from the page. Click the InjectCSS link and type this in:  
If it changes all the links red, it works for you too.
deathburger: One more thing I forgot to mention, it probably won't work with frames. Sorry.
deathburger: Added the bookmarklet (repeatedly ;) requested by beaglebot for posting a site. It may or may not work fully in IE, someone will have to test it.