LF Toolbar RFC
The toolbar can be found here. It works in Firefox Firefox, Flock Flock, Mozilla The Mozilla Suite, Seamonkey Seamonkey, and probably Netscape too but since Netscape is AOL these days I'm not linking to it.  
If I've announced a new version, it means I've already uploaded it.. if you're seeing the previous version or older, try hitting ctrl+R at the install page to refresh it.  
If there is something you think should be a part of the toolbar, or you've found a bug, or whatever else, this is the place to leave a comment about it.  
firefox extensions  
link to the original toolbar - for historical purposes and proper credit to bear. :)  
--== Latest Info ==--  
• 1.4.1 is available  
Added Advanced search dialog, contributed by AB  
Fixed The prefs dialog wasn't opening at all. Not such a big deal since there are no prefs yet, but that dialog also holds the "about" information.  
The toolbar has also been mirrored at TEM, and there is a discussion forum as well.  
The next major version of the Linkfilter Toolbar (2.0) is being called Catfish. It will be released to the general public at some point after Linkfilter's Otter has been. Until then, this paragraph is merely informational.

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shigpit: Since I tend to hose new comment scans oftenly, I'd like a function that, when clicked, brings up a popup that allows an input of date and time with which to create a newscan from that input.
deathburger: Does it need to open in a new tab, or can it use the same one you're currently on?
beaglebot: I'd be happy with the same window/tab  
deathburger: Done.  
The next update (1.1.7+) will have it in. Be mindful of the format when using it, or else it won't work.
yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
deathburger: Updated.  
o The inclusion of this dated new comment scan called "Dated Newscan".  
o Bugfixes for the Mozilla Suite, now 98% functional.  
o Fixed a rather nasty bug that screwed up submitting sites.
deathburger: Something to note: If you're using the Suite, the new bar can install over the original bar (I think). Just tell it to install to the Application directory if it asks.  
If you have NOT installed the bar before, install it to the Profile directory!! It makes life much easier in the long run.
AB: Uhhhhhhh... I find this hysterical at 3:41 a.m.  
We'll see if that carries over to the next day.
AB: Most definitely. Hahaha.
beaglebot: Not really a toolbar issue but I'd still like a "submit this site" bookmarklet for work
beaglebot: ABiloty to hav it post bookmarks to spurl and delicious when you bookmark a link. This would actually just hacve to be spurl as it has a way setup to add them to del.icio.us, I just don't like it as it doesn't let you tag the del post  
beaglebot: And auto spell check.
deathburger: I'll have to figure out what any of that means first. :)
beaglebot: http://www.spurl.net/  
deathburger: I need to see the url for whatever it is you're trying to do, with an explanation...
deathburger: For instance, [link] This link will post a comment attached to the General forum.
bear: the forum feature is supposed to be hidden
bear: I don't think that fits within the scope of the toolbar
deathburger: I think the big thing was getting to deleted bookmarks, and that can be done much easier. baglebot's bookmarks, deleted and not. And he's got pages and pages of deleted ones. ;)
deathburger: whoops.. I wonder who baglebot is. Probably a newyorker.
beaglebot: Sweet. I do have a lot of bookmarks
deathburger: This is a note for myself, and a teaser for you. ;p  
A "Send Weblink" submenu, which contains functions to send the page you're at through Gmail or Yahoo (I won't do Hotmail, don't ask.. maybe others though), with selected text added to the message body (if anything is selected).
deathburger: Gmail and Yahoo Mail for sending pages (URLs) now incorporated, including selecting text that'll go into the body of the message just like the bookmarklets. For now, these new parts only work in Firefox for the same reason that submit and closeurl only work in 'fox. Will fix, if possible.  
Be jealous, as I'm not releasing this version right now. ;)  
Oh yeah, when I get a few minutes to spare I'll add a link to the install page in the journal itself. Right now there's a showing of the house in 20 minutes, and I have to do 90 minutes of cleaning first. *ouch*
deathburger: Linkfilter Toolbar 1.1.6 is available, adding Gmail and Yahoo! Mail link sending.  
I can add more webmail providers, but only major ones (and not Hotmail*), and then only if someone asks.  
*If Hotmail is all you've got for webmail, ask around here and I'd bet someone could hook you up with a Gmail account. I just can't justify promoting the use of such a horrid service as Hotmail.
beaglebot: I just noticed the send weblink feature again. Nice. I like that there are some non lf specific items in there.
deathburger: I use it all the time too. :)
Intergrated Search on the Toolbar
deathburger: Someone mentioned that having a searchbar specifically for linkfilter right on the toolbar would be useful. With the bookmarklets and search plugins, I'm not too sure about that one.. this is an RFC, so C. ;p  
I ran across a couple chunks of information that let me create the UI for selecting what type of search, as well as remembering which search was used across sessions. Even if it turns out there is no (or too little) demand for integrated searching on the bar, those will be quite handy.
beaglebot: That was me, but it would be just as good to have it as a plugin that works with the search box in the top right now  
deathburger: Here they are in case anyone missed seeing them before. They're supposed to work in the Moz Suite too, but I never tested it.
beaglebot: Missed them, that takes care of that reequest