LF community wallpaper collaboration attempt A1
ok i realize this may turn out to be a complete dud.  
do what ever you want, add images/type/stripes/shapes/etc..., try to at least keep approximately 50% of the the original design from each update so we can see some sort of development and transition. photoshop the .jpg or use this photoshop file so you can play with the layers(only two, green background and the basic starting design).  
i figure we can follow the numbering system from this link, except there will be no B,C,D,E etc... those letters can be for the next community wallpaper if this is a success. If two people post at the exact same time i'm sure we can figure out who is A1.2 or A1.3 by the times in which they were posted.  
post developments in comments, your journal, or wherever else just link it back to this journal.  
hopefully this will develop into something. :)  
[complete progression compiled by ultrafastx here] thanks laserboy!  
[LF community wallpaper collaboration attempt B1]  
cornpone: just commenting to bring this to the attention of those who don't have recent journals on their user preferences.
my attempt
cornpone: example of how the numbers work: there will be no A1.1, this will be A1.2 once it has been modified it will become A1.2.1  
the next post from the original(A1) will be A1.3 once that has been modified it will become A1.3.1  
i think that's how it should work?
cornpone: A1.2.1  
i got carried away. this is way too busy. tacky too.  
glitch p-udding:  
a1.2.1.1? or something.
ultrafastx: Yep, you named it right, glitch.
beaglebot: [My Attempt]  
ultrafastx: That would be A1.2.3, beag.  
Now, if someone modifies it, their wallpaper will be A1.2.3.1.  
If someone else modifies it, theirs is A1.2.3.2.  
beaglebot: I was confused due to it being a modification of several wallpapers
ultrafastx: this made me think of the old adage about monkeys and typewriters.  
Maybe we can converge on "art."
'I Can See Through Time' by darkstar (A1.3)
cornpone: A1.3.1  
darkstar: "The Gloaming" (A1.3.2.1)  
Another contribution to cornpone's commmunity wallpaper project. This one is a mod of ufx's A1.3.2.  
darkstar: Argh!  
I forgot to blend the shadow of the sails into the waves.  
Well, pretend those squiggles are blended in.
That's a little better.
ultrafastx: Awesome, darkstar! I was going for the pacific-island-sunset look. Nice follow through!
Thanks, ultra.  
Sadly, I'm not an artist. I was hoping to make the afterglow of sunset shine through the sails, but I'm afraid I simply made it look as if there's a confusion of light sources.  
Ah well - you get the idea.
Whatever.... Number It How You Like
lola_ice: I have no earthly idea about the numbering system and have not seen any of the other attempts until I came here to post. So rename, renumber whatever.  
Here is my first attempt using only the "original" posted wallpaper.  
The actual file is 1024x768 I rescaled it for display  
ultrafastx: This is A1.4  
i.e. it's the 3rd variation of cornpone's original picture.  
Any modification of your wallpaper would become A1.4.1.
darkstar: "Psychedelicacy" by darkstar.  
(A1.4.1 - variation on lola-ice's latest contribution)
ultrafastx: Hahaha! I like that darkstar!
cornpone: A1.4.2  
beaglebot: I didn't understand how mine should be numbered btw
glitch p-udding: a1.4.3  
ultrafastx: Actually this is A1.4.2.1, not A1.4.3.
ultrafastx: This is A1.4.3, a variation of lola_ice's contribution: