List of link sites
my goal is a list of sites that post links a la linkfilter:  
Please comment with other suggestions
bear: super useful thanks
deathburger: This is the thing you were talking about in chatter:
bear: I updated the list but left that one off, do you think it is deserving?
deathburger: Put it under a heading like "blogish" or something. LF has journals which is kinda like a weblog, so it fits I think...
bear: added
one more from me
darkstar: Cool journal, bear!  
It's now in Otterella as The Link Harvest!  
Well done!
bear: add
dead links literally
bear: ok I cleaned up the linkharvest and added a few new link blogs I found, sadly the guy running this one died! or at least that is what I can tell from it.  
If you have any other link sites that you harvest from please let me know and I'll add it to the list, come on don't be stingy now!
bear: this site has all the great link blogs I wonder if I should farm all that stuff for linkharvest or just link to it like I do now at the bottom of linkharvest
here's another 1 or 2
pneum0nic: and  
Actually, looks like popruls no longer works, but there's a cool script at that's like a diy link aggregator...