A new toy!!!!
Posted by cam78aro88 12 years ago
hello linkfilter land! Just wanted to share some pix of my new toy!!! It's a Ducati Monster 620 Dark.  
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it's been a whilw since I last posted. Mostly because I haven't had much to post about. No interesting Busta stories cause well, I don't work with him anymore, that would have something to do with it wouldn't it? I've been working most recently on the Conan O'Brien Show. If anyone is still up at that time... wait, what am I talking about, everyone is right??? riiiiiiight. As I was saying, if you are up at that time you can hear my work! I am covering for a guy this week doing the on air mixing of the Max Weinberg 7 as well as all of the guest bands. Unfortunately, there is nothing really cool this week as far as bands. I must say, it's kinda nice to have a somewhat steady job with set hours. It's kinda weird knowing that everyday I have work and on top of that I know when I'm done with work. I could get used to this.  
I've actually been working there for a while now. On and off at least. NBC doesn't hire anyone anymore. Why would they do that when they can just pay me as a daily hire and not give me benefits. It works out OK. I had to join the union which kinda sucked. They take a shit load of money and from what I can tell, don't really give me much in return. Oh wait... yes... they do, if I buy a new car from a union staffed company they give me $100 off. yay. Let me go buy one right now! ha.  
So anyway, here I am on a train going into the city. I'd really like to get more steady work out of this thing but it's going to be tough. Everyone that works on the show with the exception of one guy has been there since the beginning of the show... aka... 13 years. They ain't going anywhere. On top of that Conan is slated to take over the tonight show in 2009 at which point he will most likely be going out to LA. As I look at it, I have a good foot in the door and I'm getting trained in as many places as I can so they can use me wherever they might need me.  
I guess that's about it. I'm just about to pull into the station so off I go to work. Remember, watch Conan and tell me what you think about the mixes! I'm always interested to hear what other people think. Later!  
The end is near Part III.... NO The end is now!
Posted by cam78aro88 12 years ago
My time with Busta Rhymes has come to an end. I kinda figured this was coming, I felt it, he felt it, everyone felt it. I left on somewhat good terms but not the best by far and I'd like to make it very very clear that I left, I was not fired or let go, I left on my own terms, it was a bit abrupt but on my own free will. Lets rewind a few weeks...  
So in my last post I mentioned the accident, got the ticket that was $214!!!! Ouch, so I tell Busta this and he says "well, you might have to split that with us, that's a lot of money" I say "Ok... that's fine, but don't expect me to drive anything ever again" Could you tell i was starting to get a bit annoyed with this job??? I did get the money so that's a good thing. I guess he came to his senses, not to mention he spends more than that on sneakers in two days but whatever... We finished up the promo tour and he was going to Paris. I don't have a passport so therefore I don't go overseas with him. There is a reason I don't have a passport... because I don't want to go overseas with him! So before he leaves there are a few days in NY. Whenever he is in NY he usually has me working more than when we're on the road. I don't quite understand this considering he's home and would want to see his family.. oh that's right, HE HAS NO SOUL!! They are leaving for Paris on Tuesday, it's Saturday so I know I'm working Sunday and Monday. Saturday night he calls me around 11pm and asks if it's too late to work, I tell him no and go in. I work till about 8 am. Fine, no problem. Go home, go to sleep. He calls on Sunday night around 9 and asks me to come in again... again, no problem, I work until around 5 or 6, now the only difference with this was that he wasn't there the entire time, I was working with Labba so we got some stuff done. We finally get everything finished and I call him and let him know I'm leaving. He asks me if I did all the stuff he asked me to do, which of course I did... I get 2 blocks away and he calls and says, oh yeah, I need blah blah blah, I tell him that I already left and that I'd turn around and wait for him to get back but he said he'd be another hour or so and for me to go home and come back around noon. Yay! lucky me! So I go home and go to sleep for a few hours...  
I get back in at noon ish and start working on the stuff that he needed me to do. One of the things he had called me about earlier yelling at me cause he said he told me to do it and it wasn't done. I told him he never told me to do it and he said he did... I know he didn't but I told him as soon as I got in I'd do it. it wasn't hard. He needed me to do a clean version of a couple songs. No problem at all. I did what he needed me to do and got out of there. So I get a call about an hour later, he's on the plane and he tells me that I need to do clean versions of all the songs on the album. Now, the cleans had already been done but he didn't like them because they were "Wal-Mart Cleans" which means they take out anything that could be offensive, for example, there is a line in one of the songs "...window's steaming up" they had them take that line out. I agree, that is a bit ridiculous, so he wanted me to do clean versions for radio the way we usually do cleans i.e taking out the major curses. I tell him that I'll get on it tonight, in which he replies, no, I need it done now! I say ok, stop what I was doing and get on the phone with the guy from LA to get all the files. I told Busta that I'd have this done before he landed because I was under the impression that this needed to be done ASAP. I work until 4 am and get it all done. I call him, no answer. I go to sleep.  
The next day I wake up and call him again, again, no answer. I get in touch with Troy and ask him to get in touch with Busta to find out what to do with these files. He tells me ok. I don't hear from him again. I finally hear from Busta a day later and he is screaming his head off at me. He is going crazy trying to find this clean version that I had sent. Apparently I had made a small mistake which would have been caught had he just listened to the stuff when i sent it but now it's too late according to him and "everything is fucked up" By the time he was done yelling at me I had the mistake fixed and sent to him. He really really pissed me off. He hung up on me, then called back yelling some more that because of me everything is fucked up and there is no way it's going to get on the radio at 5 pm like it's supposed to. I tell him it's 4:30 and we can e-mail the song to the station. He says the station doesn't have e-mail. riiiiiight. So he tells me to send it to his management company, I told him it was already sent. So now he yells that by the time they burn it to CD and put the feature credits and get it over there it will be 5:30! I had to do everything in my power to not laugh. Like the world is going to end if this song doesn't get played at 5PM. Asshole. So I get one more call saying that I fucked up so bad that he's going to figure out how I'm going to pay for this. Whatever.  
Alright, so I finally get a call on Saturday, it's Busta... He says "Brian, we're back in NY, you ready to work?" Like nothing was wrong. Now, I had plans that night, and even if I didn't there was no way I was going in to work with him. So I tell him, no I'm sorry I already had plans that night. He says "Alright cool." click. 2 minutes later, he calls back, "Yo, you got any of my computers, or equipment or files or music or anything?" I'm like uhh... Nope. "Alright, cool" click. So right there I figure it's over. Cool... it worked itself out, I don't have to deal with this asshole anymore. Or so I thought.  
Oh, one little side note. The engineer that was with him in Paris calls me and asks me how I worked with this man for over a year, I told him I wasn't sure. He tells me that I'm crazy because he is "out of his mind" I agree with him and we both pretty much agree that we're never working with him again.  
So sunday afternoon I'm at my wife's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party and I get a call from Troy the security/road manager calls me and says "we're going to Atlanta monday, call me back so I can let you know the times and stuff" I'm thinking to myself, I'm not going to Atlanta tomorrow, it's memorial day, I have a memorial/graduation party to go to! I call troy back and tell him this. He says alright, I'll tell busta. He calls back and asks me when I can work next. I tell him that I'm going to call busta when I get home and discuss this with him. I get home from the party and decide to call Busta and end it. He doesn't pick up the phone, big surprise there. This is the king of hypocrisy, I don't answer my phone but if you don't answer your phone he goes crazy. So not 2 minutes later Troy calls and says busta wants to know what I want and that he can't take any calls right now. Right. I tell him that I'm tryin to tell busta that i can't work with him anymore and if he wants to relay that info that's fine. So I get a call from busta about half an hour later, he says... you called, I'm returning your call, like he has no idea what's going on. I tell him that I wasn't sure if he talked to troy or not but that I'm sorry and I can't work with him anymore. He says, that's cool, I feel the same way. 2 minutes later, "Yo, you got any of my computers, or equipment, or files or anything?" I say no... and before I can get out but you have my... he hangs up. So that's that. Well, sort of, except for the fact that he's called me almost everyday. He's given my number to his new engineer (poor guy, doesn't know what he's in for) who has called me a few times looking for things that were right in front of his nose. But other than that it's over.  
So, now I'm back into looking for a new job. I still want to stick with the music stuff, I'm thinking about maybe radio or TV and there is this position at Sirius that I'm interested in so if anyone knows anyone in that company please let me know! So I guess that's it for the stories for a while. I'll keep ya posted on the job search.  
The end is near Part II
Posted by cam78aro88 12 years ago
The end is near Part II  
So when I left off last I was in LA. We were in LA for a good few weeks, actually getting work done which is a good thing. Bsa was getting a bit annoyed at times because the doctor was having him do songs that have been "done" for months completely over again. not good for bsa's ego. I guess everything got done cause we left LA a few days ago and headed for Atlanta for Spliff's birthday party. I'm trying to remember if anything significant happened between the Miami fiasco and the Atlanta trip... Oh, I know! At the studio we work at with the doctor they have one of those old original Asteroids game c.1979 I'm sure you all know it. Well, it's a running compititon to see who has the high score... Yours truly put up the #1 score before we left. something like 56,980 points. For that place that's the highest score anyone has ever put up. I am proud of myself. Kinda shows you how busy I am when we go there huh?  
Anwyay, so we drove to Atlanta for spliff's birthday. Now of course there is controversy... how could we go anywhere without it right? right. aparantly the promoters are throwing this party for spliff, but, they're using bsa's name to promote it, and there were reports that it was a bsa party with no mention of spliff at all. So bsa was quite angry at this and decided well, if they're using his name, he should get something out of the deal.... aka...$$$ he said if he didn't have $10,000 he wasn't walking through the door... and to make matters worse, he was going to shut them down (how he was going to do that I'm not sure but anyway...) So the day comes and he has no money, now mind you, the party started at 9 pm. they were arguing about this for close to 3 hours outside the hotel. Ok, we're off, but not to the party. It's 2:45 am, bus wants to go to this strip club first, mind you it closes at 3. We get there, and everyone is leaving already, big surprise there huh? We leave there and finally make our way to Spliff's b-day party. By the time we finally got the party, it was 15 minutes before they closed the doors. Absolutely ridiculous. So we hang out outside of the party for another hour, finally get back to the hotel. I go to sleep.  
Oh, there were a few other things that happened on this wonderful trip. When we got to Atlanta it was about 7am. I went to my room and went to sleep, only to be woken up at 10 by troy telling me we have to go get the rental trucks. Now, why we have to go all the way to the airport to pick up rental trucks I have no idea but whatever. I am now one of the designated drivers since the road manager was let go. I got stuck with this job because I'm the only one with a license besides bsa who won't drive anything other than his own cars, and troy the security guy. So we get to the rental place, I get the truck and back we go to the hotel... well, slowly anyway, traffic was rediculous. I think it took me maybe 2 hours to get back to the hotel. I finally get back, finally get to sleep right? wrong. an hour later troy calls me again, I have to go and pick up Jay (the other security guy) from the doctors office while troy goes and does something else, I can't remember what though. So the whole reason I had to go get him was cause I needed to bring him $$$ from troy to pay for the doctor. I leave the parking lot and forget to grab the money. I realize this and turn around in a mall parking lot. Ok, so I'm heading back to the hotel which is right across from the mall parking lot. It's 2 lanes, then a island, then 2 more lanes. I look both ways, it's clear, I go... I get half way across the 2nd set of lanes and this car is screaming towards me. Shit. If I slam on my brakes she's gonna fuckin T-bone me so I gun it and swerve, she clips the back of the truck. FUCK! I pull into the parking lot and get out of the truck, I look at the truck, there isn't too much damage besides, it's a rental and we got the insurance so I'm all good. (see article a)  
Article A
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Then i see her car. LOL she fucked that thing up good! (see article b)  
Article B
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she pulls up to where I am and gets out. I'm trying hard not laugh at her car. She says "What?? Did you not see me???" I said, uhh, it was clear when I was crossing you came flying out of nowhere. She said "bullshit" So the police show up, we tell our sides of the story and he goes back to his car. Now, I'm thinking she hit me, I have nothing to worry about. The cop comes back and give me a ticket!!! I'm like what the fuck?????? she hit me!!!!!!!!!!! He said because I was pulling out of a private drive that I have to yield to traffic. Uhh, well yeah, I was yielding to traffic, The crazy bitch came flying at me! She had said she slammed on her brakes... ok, where are the skidmarks? oh right.. there are none. What happened to keeping control of your car. If she was in control she should have been able to stop. I know exactly what it is. I'm in Georgia. I'm from NJ. There is no way I'm going to go all the way back down there to fight a ticket. So they figure it's free money. So now I have to find out if it's just a fine (which bsa will be paying) or if points will be put on my license. If it's the latter then i'm going down there to fight it. Annoying. So he leaves, I go upstairs and go to sleep. finally.  
Not much else happened, we woke up the next day after the club kinda early because out of nowhere troy calls and says pack your stuff we have to catch a flight. A flight? I thought we were driving? nope, he wants to get home quick. He wants to spend time with his kids and wife (if you want to call her that) I'm cool with that, I've been on the road for like 3 weeks straight I'd love to see my wife too! cept as luck would have it this is the weekend that she's going to Philly to take a continuing ed course. So we fly in to LaGuardia and head back to Bsa's place, we get there around 3pm, I try to leave but he wants me to do a quick few things. alright... I tell him I'm trying to get home to see my wife before she leaves, he's fine with that but needs a few things done. 5 hours later, I finally get to go home.... for an hour. He needs me to come back in at midnight and keep working. What the fuck happened to spending time with the family??? So yeah, I've been working every day since we got here. I'm here right now. I'm tired. We're leaving "early" tomorrow morning for buffalo. yay. From there we fly to LA and from there I don't know where we're going.  
That about sums it up. I sent my resume in somewhere to try to get a new job that doens't travel as much. I'll keep ya'll posted. Other than that I'm sure I'll have some more stories from the road!
The end is near part I
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Well ladies and gentleman I belive my tenure with bsa might be coming to an end soon. My wife is sick and tired of me being away and to tell you the truth so am I. I found a job opening that is in NY that I’m going to try to get. I can’t take much more of the hip hop game. As far as what’s been going on, well, actually a lot so I am going to try to sum it up in a few short hours… ok, maybe not hours but you might want to get comfortable because it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I have a lot to try to remember.  
I think the last time I left off we were on tour, or maybe finishing up the tour, there was nothing too exciting on tour we did the shows then moved on to the next city. After the tour was over we did a lot of back and forth from LA to NYC. At a couple points we were literally commuting back and forth one day here, next day there, I was getting so confused that half the time I didn’t know where the hell I was! I had to ask my wife when I was filling out invoices where I was! I did get a day or two off for Christmas and thanksgiving he was nice enough to fly us home on a private jet for both which was nice especially since holiday travel sucks. After new years, which he tried to get me to go to Miami for, I didn’t go, we went right back to LA to continue working on the album that never ends.  
Days and days of studio sessions went by and it seemed like stuff was finally getting under way as far as picking songs, mixing songs, you know general getting stuff done. We were still going back and forth but not as much… it was more like, a week here a day in NY, another week or two in LA back to NY. A short trip to Miami for spring break, then back to NY, then back to LA. In that time frame a bunch of stuff happened.  
We all know what happened in NY for the video shoot. Well, no one really knows knows, but you know what I mean… RIP izzy. What’s really messed up is the day that all happened bsa called me in to NY so I could edit the final version of the remix for the shoot. When I got done he asked me if I wanted to go to the shoot and I had said I have a lot of stuff to take care of at my house but if he needed me I’d go. He said, nah, I don’t need you so I took off. I didn’t hear about it until superbowl Sunday when my wife’s friend called me and asked me if I was ok. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me what happened and I quickly popped on the internet to find out who it was. I was hoping it was one of the security of the building, I know that sounds bad, but I’m friends with all of bsa’s security. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I had seen the guy that morning. It sucks.  
Anyway, not much else went on for a while, it was just work work work. Some new songs got recorded that were last minute adds to the album and the doctor was getting quite happy with the way things were coming out. I’m getting ahead of myself though. A few weeks back we were in Miami for the spring bling thing for BET. Bsa had to perform so we were down there hanging out. One night we went out to this club, it was so crowded after walking in, I turned around and hung out in the truck until they came out. Too crowded for me. The next night we went to a different club that wasn’t quite as crowded and there was a little corner that I hung out in so that was cool. I had burnt a CD of remixes and mixtape songs that I worked on with bsa and the DJ played it… I always enjoy hearing shit I’ve worked on in the club and seeing the reaction. Everything was still cool. Then comes Sunday night.  
We go out to the same club as the night before but a different part of it. It’s really really crowded and I didn’t feel like staying there. We’re walking in and of course bsa has to talk to each and every person he knows. We’re in this little corridor, stopped in the middle talking to people but it’s really tight so no one can get by. This one guy starts pushing trying to get by and of course they’re pushing me, the ONLY white guy in this club. Now I’m a pretty big guy, not huge, I’m 6’0 200 lbs… normally in any other club I’d push right back, not here. Sorry… I am not stupid, so I’m getting pushed and pushed closer to one of bsa’s security, this guy jay. Jay I huge. Jay is professional bodybuilder. Jay is 5’9 and probably close to 300lbs of pure muscle. I’m saying jay… jay… JAY! He finally looks at me and I’m about 5 inches from him. He sees what’s happening and pulls me out of the way to deal with it. It turns out that the guy pushing me is with Benzino who is also there. For all of you lf’ers out there who aren’t up on their hip hop benzino is or should I say was the co-owner of the Source magazine. Apparently it got taken away from him in some court decision, not sure of the specifics but anyway, he’s also a wannabe rapper who I’ve worked with a lot. He has major beef with Eminem so in turn has beef with aftermath, the label that bsa is now on. So Jay sees what’s going on, moves me and the guy pushing me now knows that I’m with them and also recognized Jay so everything is all good… not quite. It would have been good if bsa didn’t see what went on but now bsa has to get in benzino’s face giving him shit for messing with his engineer. They don’t fight but there is definitely tension. I move out the way. Everything finally calms down and they keep movin through the club.  
The end of the night comes and it’s still pretty crowded but I found another corner to hang out in and I’m cool. Bsa goes over to the DJ booth to get on the mic for some reason or another and play some more of his songs. Out of nowhere bsa pushes some guy. I don’t know what is going on all I know is that the other security guy goes rushing over to bsa and pushes the same guy again, then spliff out of nowhere comes and bashes the guy in the head with a friggin mic stand. OK, time to get out… NOW. Bsa’s security starts pushing him out of the club along with me, and the rest of our crew. We get outside hop in the trucks and out we go. I come to find out later that the guy that got his head busted was the other ex co-owner of the source Dave Mays. Great. So now we’re hearing threats of retaliation and shit like that. The damn security guys are wearing vests and shit like that. Fucking super. I have one of the security telling me I should get a vest, I have the other one telling me I should start looking for a new job. I don’t need this shit. We leave a day earlier than we were supposed to from Miami and head back to LA. Fun stuff really.  
I think this is long enough for the time being. I’ll have to continue it later. Peace!  
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oops, hit refresh and it reposted it. idiot
What do you think?
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So here is my attempt at making the aformentioned picture. How obvious is it that I put myself, my wife and my sister in? some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!  
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I'm putting out a quick request for help. I recently got married and while at the wedding reception there was a photo that we requested to be taken taken.... The only problem is, they forgot to put a couple people in, some important people... like... you know, me, my wife, and my sister. At the time they said to my mother (the one who got everyone together for the picture) "Don't worry about it, that's the beauty of digital, we can put them in later" well, it's later and big surprise... They can't (or most likely don't want to) do it. So me, being the sneaky guy I am got a hold of all the pictures taken that day. I'm not supposed to have this but they left me alone in a room with the DVD and it found it's way into my computer. I figure that's the least they owe me but whatever... Anyway... so I talked to the lady today and she said she'd be more than happy to let me try to do it. i already tried my hand at it but it didn't come out as good as I would like. If there is anyone out in Linkfilter land that is good at photoshop and has some extra time on their hands and would like to take a crack at it You will be blessed with 10's and comments (where applicable) for as long as I come back to this site. If you're intersted in trying it please e-mail me or comment and I'll send ya the pictures to mess with. Thanks in advance!  
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uhh... something weird is going on...
Some catching up
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I haven't really been keeping up on this journal thing for some reason. I guess mostly because there hasn't been too much exciting stuff going on. Really all just run of the mill mostly. We went to the bahamas for a few days for the 2005 Power Summit but nothing too exciting happened there. I'd say the most memorable thing was taking the private to and from the bahamas. Other than that there were some performances and bsa held a listening party which went quite well.  

We are now on tour as of now, there was a show in Baltimore, then one in Philly both of which I went to. They were pretty small venues, actually they were more like clubs. There was a show in Boston on Saturday but I didn't go to that cause I went to my friends bachelor party, now that was a good time! We went to Atlantic City. We golfed in the morning (in the pouring rain) then we gambled a bit, met up with some more friends, went to dinner, gambled some more, hit a few strip clubs, gambled some more and then went home.  

We're in Ohio now for a show. We're gonna do the regular radio interview first then off to the show.  
I guess that's about it... As I said before nothing too exciting. Hockey season is back GO DEVILS!!! I went to opening night where the Devil's spanked the penguins 5-1
A Very Interesing Night Part 2
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Recap... the light turns green, off we go again, 2 blocks later, there go the police lights. We're getting pulled over....  
Troy, the guy who was driving was very calm about it... Jay on the other hand was calm although a bit more concerned and Turbo, well, turbo was passed the fuck out. I know from my own car at home that police do NOT like tint. Whenever I get pulled over (which isn't often but it happens) I always put on the dome light, roll down the back windows, and put my hands on the steering wheel. I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to roll down my window seeing how I was sitting in the back seat. The cop (sorry for the "slang" and I don't mean to offend any police officers, I just got tired of typing police officer) came to the drivers side with his flashlight, shined it in my eyes and kind of looked surprised for a second to see a white guy with these three quite large black guys, but he proceeded to the drivers window where Troy was sitting. He asked for license and registration, Troy was very calm and very polite, telling the officer he had to reach in his pocket to get the license, then reach for the sun visor to get the registration. He gave the stuff to the cop, the cop asked who the vehicle belonged to, he responded it's a company truck and told him the name of the company. Turbo is snoring loudly now.. he shines the light to the back and asks what's wrong with him? He had too much to drink was the reply...  
The cop brings the info back to the car and runs it through. Now, he tells us he's pulled us over because the truck had no plates. Troy told the cop that the plate was underneath the cover and that the cover had to be taken off. The cop looks underneath the truck and doesn't see anything. He runs the registration and troy's license through the system then comes back to the window. He says "Do you know your license is suspended in the state of NY?" Troy did know this but thought it would be OK to drive in CA but says "No, I didn't" The cop asks if Troy knew why it would be suspended, again, he does, but says no. He asks Troy to step out of the Vehicle. Greeeeaat! Troy gets out and has a seat on the curb. They ask him a few questions that I can't hear and some more cop cars start showing up. The cop comes back to the drivers side and is looking for a VIN number. Now, on most cars, you find the VIN on the dash or the inside of the drivers side door, or something like that. They couldn't find it.... ANYWHERE. This is not good because first of all, no plates, second, driver is from NY with a suspended license. The only thing that is keeping us afloat from what I can tell is that the registration came back clean. Another cop pulls up and walks up to the truck and seems very surprised to see the rest of us still in the truck. He says... "Oh What the Hell??? Everyone out of the truck! " Shit.... not good. I get out, he was on my side and went to pull up my pants a bit.. oops, that was a mistake, he screams at me to keep my hands out of my pockets. I say sorry.. and quickly put my hands to my side. he tells me and Jay to have a seat next to troy on the sidewalk. Meanwhile turbo is still passed the fuck out. They start yelling at him to get out of the car and we tell the other guys that have shown up that he's passed out and very drunk. They open his door and get him out finally. He's a bit confused. At least now that he was awake he could tell us where the VIN was right? no. He doesn't know either.  
So now there are about 10 cops hanging out around us and the truck. They ask the typical question, is there anything in the truck that we should know about? The answer is of course no, there wasn't. They start searching the truck for the VIN... right... like the VIN is going to be between the seats in the back somewhere. They pop the hood, open the back door, they are checking everywhere. The one cop who pulled us over originally finally took the license plate cover off and found the license plate but still wanted to find the VIN to match the registration to the truck itself. I guess it wasn't enough that the company name was embroidered in all the head rests and also printed on the custom sub box in the trunk area. I realize that there is protocol though. I was giving suggestions as to where to find the VIN trying to be as helpful as possible.  
Apparently the truck was bought in germany, not the US so I don't know if they do things differently there, like not put VIN's on their vehicles but there was not one to be found anywhere. The plate came back clean and matched the registration. One of the cops was actually getting really friendly with us, and telling us if it were his show, meaning if he was the one to pull us over) that we would have been on our way a while ago but that the guy who pulled us over was the boss and being a hard ass. They asked all of us for our licenses... Jay doesn't have a license and Turbo's license was suspended in California... great. That all comes back so it seems like I am the only one with a valid license. I get to drive home... If they let us go that is. The one cop who was getting friendly asked who was in the back seat. I said I was with Turbo. He said something really quickly that I caught but no one else did, something about hiding stuff a bit better, I looked at turbo and gave him a face. That could have been really really REALLY bad if the hard ass had found that. Instead the nice cop just put it in his pocket and that was the end of it.  
The hard ass came back with our ID's and said that he could have the truck towed until they found the VIN but since everything else checked out he'd let us go. Whew, bit sigh of relief. He said either me or Jay had to drive cause we were the only one's with valid licenses. That was pretty funny considering Jay gave him his passport as a form of ID and not a license but whatever. He says we are free to go but asked that we don't get back into the truck until they leave. Odd... but whatever. OK, I'm driving!!! Everyone gets back in the car and off we go. We had to make a couple quick stops, one for gas and the other for food, then back to the apartment we go.  
Yesterday, bsa calls me and apologizes which was nice of him. we didn't do much yesterday, went to a rehearsal for the stunt man awards which are being held today. Bsa is performing there, I hope we get to watch the show, that might be cool. After that we went to a video shoot for Pharrell's new solo album. That was a waste of time. After that, we went back to bsa's apartment, dropped him off, then, with me driving, drove back to our apartments, we didn't need a repeat of the other night, although now the license plate is in clear view!!!!  
I heard something about leaving for NY either today or tomorrow so we'll see what happens there. guess that's about it. C-ya!  
A Very Interesing Night Part 1
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
Well, last night was definitely one of the more interesting ones. Bsa came to my apt to make some final final FINAL revisions on the song we were going to master that night. There had already been a recall and he still wanted to tweak some more stuff. We finally got it to where he wanted and of course when we're in a rush my computer decides to be stupid. I was trying to bounce the song to disk, pretty much making a multi-track song into stereo, and the computer kept telling me it couldn't handle it. I had done this a million times before and for some reason, now, when the mastering guy is about to leave, it wants to act up. Figures. I bounce it a different way just to get going and that works thank goodness! He goes downstairs to get his shit together and I pack up all my shit figuring I'll do the rest of the passes i.e. vocal up, instrumental, a cappella, clean and so on, at the mastering place.  
So I get it all packed up and meet him at his truck. Now he can't find his 2-way... Why is when you are in a rush everything that can go wrong does go wrong? I go back to my apartment where he swears it is and it's not there, he comes up to check for himself... it's still not there. I don't know if he found it or not but we left anyway. We get to the mastering house and I give the engineer the one pass that I have. He imports it to his system and they're off! I set up my shit and start to make the new passes that they needed. I had never been to a mastering session before and would have really liked to sit in while they were doing it but no such luck, I was sitting in the lobby listening to 10 different versions of the same song. Oh well. I finally get done with all of them and have a chance to relax... I pack up all the equipment again and we're just about ready to leave. I had heard him saying they were going to some party somewhere and wasn't sure if I was gonna get to go although I really wasn't dressed for the occasion. I heard bsa tell one of the A&R guys that was at the mastering session that was also going to the party that we had to go back to the apartment to drop off the equipment. I guess that answered my question, I'm not going... or so I thought.  
We got back to the apartments and I got out of the truck, told bsa I'd talk to him tomorrow and he said, if you want to come with us you can... I was like... cool, but I'd have to get changed and I don't want to hold you up... he said it would be fine, and to just hurry up. I went inside, found a nice shirt that was almost wrinkleless and put on the white sneakers. Can't go anywhere in hip hop world without white sneakers. I go back out to the truck and get in... not knowing what I was getting in to... dun dun dunnnnn...  
We get to the "club" I put that in quotes because it wasn't really a club in the normal sense. Apparently the doctor can't go out to normal clubs because it's just too crazy so, what do you do when you have more money than you need and want to go to a club? That's right, you buy a warehouse and build your own. From the outside it looked like nothing you get inside and it's a club, obviously invitation only. I got to meet gwen stefani finally!!! I also met her husband. I didn't recognize him. They were both pretty cool. Of course bsa brought in a lot of his music that he had been doing recently and they played it over the system. I still get a rush when I hear something I did over the system... whatever. So we hang out there for a good few hours, it's open bar, all top shelf liquor and they even have guys walking around serving food. It was really cool... There was not a bad looking girl in the place and the ratio had to be at least 2 to 1. I was being good even though I swear some of them were actually checking me out. I had a few drinks but didn't want to get stupid so I kept it to that, Turbo, the road manager, on the other hand was passed out in the back of one of the trucks. I tried to get him up at one point to ask him a question but there was going to be none of that. When we were finally about to go bsa slapped the shit out of him to wake him up because he had a CD that bsa wanted to play on the way home. He told him that it was "ejecting" and then took it out of his pocket. He was a goner!  
Turbo was the one who got us there in the first place and none of us knew where the hell we were. We got directions to a known street and from there bsa knew how to get home. We got to his apartment only to pass his apartment. I was confused. Nope, first we're going to this hotel for reasons i will not divulge. I stayed in the truck and took a little nap. They came back about half an hour later. By this time it's at least 5 am. We go back to his apartment and he actually pulls in this time. I get out of the truck and get into the other truck that has turbo passed out and the security guys. Home we go...  
So we're driving back and pull up to a red light where next to us is a police officer. Now, remember we're driving a Mercedes G500, a $100,000 truck with $25,000 rims on it. All tinted out, windshield included. They usually drive with the front windows down to at least make it a little less noticeable to police but tonight that didn't help. They look at us, the light turns green, we go, get to the next light, stop, they're still next to us. Light turns green, we go, they drop back behind us. Oh, another side not, the truck doesn't have visible license plates. Bsa figures if he has visible plates and someone sees him they could track the plates blah blah blah... Anyway, light turns green, off we go again, 2 blocks later, there go the police lights. We're getting pulled over....  
to be continued.....
Still in LA but leaving sunday and going on Tour!
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
So sources tell me we're going to be in LA for the next couple days and then we're going back to NYC on sunday. We've been out here for a couple days and actually have gotten a lot of work done. It hasn't been like the last couple times where I just sat in my apartment and did nothing, bsa has been in here almost every day fixing something or doing something new or trying out some new ideas for some older songs. I spent almost all of one day trying to transfer 300 megs from here to LA as quickly as possible. I ended up using an FTP site, it took about 3 hours to upload which really wouldn't have been that bad if I didn't have to do it twice. The download after they were done with the recall (a recall of a song is bringing back up the already done mix to make some tweaks) took a LOT longer because they had more files to send and it was almost double the size. We ended up transferring that via IM which was supposed to be faster. Who knows if it was or not.  
Yesterday bsa was in my apartment for literally 6 hours working on different things. In that time I got to hear some interesting phone conversations. Apparently the doctor is a bit hard to get a hold of and this was really starting to piss bsa off considering that is the whole reason we are out here. I think bsa is starting to really get annoyed that this thing is taking so damn long. To make things worse, the first song they released didn't do as well as they wanted so they want to release a second ASAP. This wouldn't be an issue except that the doctor really wanted one of his songs to be the first single and the first that was released wasn't his and neither is this second one that bsa wants to release. Because of this bsa feels that the doctor is really holding the album up and I agree... but anyway, so we've been working pretty hard to get some songs done and I guess we'll get to meet up with the doctor today, if not my sources (security) tell me we're leaving on sunday.  
Last night after bsa left I actually got to go out with a friend of mine from college. It was nice to catch up and see what other guys are doing. He does the post production sound for Fear Factor. Sounds like a cool job but a lot to deal with. You never really think about it but all those car crashes and helicopter sounds and all that are put in later... and they have to sound different for each camera angle. That is one big job. We played some pool had some beers, and got some food, it was really nice to get out and do something for once.  
I guess the tour starts next weekend sometime. We're going to be in NYC and from there I heard we're going to the bahamas which should be really really cool. I hope I get to go. I'm not telling my wife where the show is cause she already told me I'm not allowed to go anywhere fun that she hasn't been (she's kidding obviously... right???) I probably will tell her, she's going to Montana to visit her best friend that moved out there so maybe she won't mind as much. Then after we get back from there, the tour starts... I actually got the itinerary from my source which i was shocked at, so, for anyone interested... here it is!  
10/3: Baltimore  
10/6: Philadelphia  
10/8: Boston  
10/10: Cleveland  
10/14: New Orleans (this is probably going to be cancelled)  
10/17: Miami  
10/21: Atlanta  
10/24: Detroit  
10/26: Milwaukee  
10/29: Chicago  
10/31: St. Louis  
11/3: Houston  
11/5: Dallas  
11/10: San Francisco  
So that's that. I'm sure things will change, they always do but I'm just psyched that I have some idea of where the hell I'm going to be at any given time. In the middle of all this I'm going to be in my friends wedding so I have to take a week off for that... I'm going to probably miss the Miami, Atlanta and possibly Detroit shows but we'll see. I think that's about it for now. Sorry there wasn't anything too exciting to report. later!
Been in NJ, then to Atlanta, now in LA
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
Well, I'm back here in LA. It was very very nice to have almost 2 weeks off. I got a lot done while I was home and didn't have to work all that much which made both the wife and I very happy. I got to spend a lot of time with her and the new puppy, which by the way is doing very well, she's 16 lbs already! Anyway, so the other day I got the call telling me we were leaving on wednesday. Then, on tuesday I got a call saying it got pushed back to Friday... cool. I had to work at bsa's place a few nights before we left but it was all good. While I was home we got a new roof and a tree removed. Fun stuff. The original plan was to leave at 2am friday night (saturday morning) for Atlanta. I thought we were going to LA but apparently we were going to Atlanta for a benefit concert for the Katrina victims. So I had my night planned out, I was going to go out with my parents for dinner, then spend some quality time with Michelle. My sister ended up coming home from school for something or another so she and her boyfriend came out with us. She hadn't met Daisy (the puppy) yet so after dinner I went back to my house and got the puppy and brought her back to my parents house so my sis could meet her. We were there for longer than expected and finally left around 9:30. I didn't have to be into the city until 1:45 am anyway so there was still plenty of time to hang with the wife. Riiiight...  
Not 30 seconds after we got in the car to go home Bsa calls and asks me how quickly can I get into the city. He tells me that the DJ that usually does his shows isn't going to be there and I need to do a quick edit or two for the new DJ. Great. I am not happy about this. We're not supposed to be leaving for another 4 hours! Michelle is not happy about this either. I go inside the house and get my shit together and off to the city I go... We get into the city and I buzz his apartment. No Answer. When we talked earlier I told him I would be there at 11 pm sharp. He made me guarantee that I would be there at 11 PM. I buzzed again. No Answer. I called his phone... no answer. I called his other phone... No answer. I called his other phone... NO ANSWER. I buzzed his apartment again. Still no answer. One of his security guys was outside, I asked him if he was up there... he said he was and that he looked tired... great. The bastard was probably sleeping. I kept buzzing and calling all his phones... Finally at 11:30 PM he buzzes me in. The DJ wasn't even there yet. I go upstairs and get setup, bsa must have been in his room. The DJ finally showed up around 12:30 and I did the edit that took me a whole 10 minutes. I was really really annoyed. I was supposed to be at my house with my wife all that time. Not cool... although originally I wasn't going to charge bsa for friday but I sure as hell am now!  
The bus finally showed up at 3:30... only an hour and a half after it was supposed to. We got all loaded up and off to Atlanta we go. Nothing too exciting happened on the bus ride... we got down to atlanta and checked into the hotel room. I got showered and was told to be in the lobby at 7:30 to go to the show. I really have to learn to stop being so punctual. At around 8:30 everyone else showed up and we left for the venue. We arrived and went to the "Dressing room" which was actually the locker room for the atlanta Hawks. That was kinda cool. The place was huge, I'd never seen backstage of a show that big before! They only had 15 minutes to perform and things didn't exactly go smoothly. They were supposed to be on stage and they were still in the locker room. Then, before they even had the mic's the DJ started the first song.... oops. he got screamed at for that. Then, they finally got the mic's working right and started the first song which was actually the second song because after the DJ false started the first song he didn't want to do it anymore... (was that confusing?) So they finally start their set and start getting into it. The crowd was kinda dead. They were just starting to get into it when the promoters told them they had to get off stage. They asked for one more song and they said OK... they did a verse of one song then wanted to do just one more. They were going to finish with "Break Ya Neck" which always makes the crowd go crazy but half way through it they cut his mic... I guess it was really really time to go... They got off stage and back to the dressing room. They hung out for a while in the dressing room then went back to the stage to catch the rest of the show. TI performed then the headliner Nelly performed. It was a pretty good show although I was a bit disappointed by Nelly... all he did was sing along with the CD tracks. Oh well. So the show ends and we go back to the hotel. We were only there for about half an hour cause we were leaving for LA. I packed up all my shit and off we go...  
It was generally the run of the mill trip except for one stop we made. Somewhere in Texas we needed to stop for bsa to use the restroom. We ended up at a supermarket. Now whenever he actually gets off the bus there are usually a couple on lookers who recognize him but that's about it. Maybe someone comes up and asks for an autograph (and is usually denied) Not this time. When we pulled in there were probably 3 or 4 cars in the parking lot. We all went it, I wanted to buy some dinner cause it was about that time and it's always nice to get out and walk around. So I follow them in and some of the employees recognize him right off the bat, well, they must have called all their friends who called all their friends who called all their friends. People started showing up at the supermarket and just kinda hanging out outside. A few people went inside the store to see what they could see and a few other approached him but the security guys took care of that. We finished up our shopping and went outside. The parking lot was almost full. It was ridiculous how many people showed up to get a glimpse of bsa. At least that's what I'm assuming they were there for... I don't get it. I really don't. Maybe it's because I work so closely with celebrities, but they just don't excite me. Am I weird? So I don't know what all these people were expecting but we all got on the bus and took off. A couple people followed us but not for long. Odd.. very very odd. The rest of the trip was non-eventful. We got into LA around 12PM.  
I guess that's about it. I think we're here to work with Dre some more and hopefully get that single he's looking for. He has a tour starting in october so that should make for some good journal entries. Never been on tour before. I don't know who it's with or where we're going for that matter but as soon as I know I'll pass it on. until next time! Later!
A new addition!!!
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
I just wanted to share the new addition to my family.... her name is Daisy, she's a boxer, she's just about 10 weeks old and weighs in at a whold 12 lbs... for now anyway... I've had the past 5 days off which is a nice change from the hellish schedule I usually have. I heard I'm going to be around here for the next week or so which will help to train the new pup. Not sure where I'm going next, Bsa just got back from Africa... Glad I didn't have to go on that trip! Anyway, more to come both from the road and from the dog!  
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Bored in Miami...
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
So here I am in MIami... nothign too exciting has happened as of yet. The hurricane was not that bad although as of now it's a cat 5 and heading towards New Orleans, glad we're not there! I'm not sure why we came down here at all. At first I thought it was for the VMA's which I was excited about but now I hear he's probably not even going, therefore I, am not going :( I'm kinda disappointed. I really wanted to go. Oh well, maybe next year. I think he wanted to come down here to do some work but I don't think anyone has the same mindset as he does, not to mention there are numerous parties going on and not many people in the mood to work. I haven't done a damn thing since we've been here except for burn some CD's whoo hoo!!! I went out yesterday to buy some clothes just in case we went to the VMA's... nothing like what I spent for the white party and I don't think I'll take any of it back because unlike the outfit for the white party, this is stuff I would actually wear out with my friends. I probably could have gone without the $30 haircut though... Oh well...  
We did go to a club on friday night but that really wasn't that enjoyable. One thing that I did witness that was new to me was the red carpet scene... They had a pseudo red carpet setup to the entrance of the club, lots of screaming fans, a few photographers taking pictures, I kinda just stayed back with the security guys as bsa walked through. We got inside and it was ultra packed... There was no way of moving around and it was really hot. I didn't even drink anything except for a bottle of water so I wouldn't pass out. There were a LOT of artists there, I saw Diddy, Fergie and Apple from the Black Eyed Peas, Fat Joe, and some others that I recognized but can't remember their names... All this did not help the crowd, it was really too crazy to have a good time. We left there around 4:30, went to the diner to get some food then back to the hotel. That was the last I've seen of bsa. I really have no idea what's going on. We'll see if anything exciting happens tonight. I'm bored. Nothing else to talk about, looking forward to going home and actually having some time off. My wife and I I are having a labor day party on sunday so that will be fun. Guess that's about it....
Hello Miami!! Hello Katrina!!!
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
Well, I must say, everything I've said bad about the tour bus I take back. We took a 9 pm flight from LA to Miami and it was NOT fun. We got to the airport close to when we were supposed to, about 45 minutes before the flight, we checked in and had to figure out the carry on situation because by myself I had 4 carry-ons and was only allowed 2. I had my backpack with my laptop, the little suitcase with 3 hard drives and two laptops in it, as well as the bag with the mic, cable, interface, mic stand, etc... and another hard drive case. So we ended up checking more than we were going to to that one of the security guys could take 2 of my bags as his carry ons. OK, we're trying to walk up to the gate and this woman comes up and tells us we still have too many carry-ons. She was being really annoying and we told her that we'd deal with it when we got up there, she asked me where we were going and I said Miami, then walked away, She said OK, i'll see you back down here in a minute.... whatever. So we get up to the gate and the crazy bitch was up there already! At the security checkpoint we had to consolidate some stuff so that everyone had 2 carry ons, they let me slip through with three because the one hard drive case was really small... OK, i'm in a hurry I have to take out all three laptops, get everything situated on the little conveyer belt thingy and walk through the metal detector. It went off... Yeah, it would probably help it maybe I took the keys out of my pocket, as well as my wallet, cell phone, and take off my watch. There we go!! no problem! So we get through security and head off to the gate. We meet the other security guy at the gate, he had to get there early to check in some other things... So they're already boarding and bsa decides he wants some magazines. I figure I have a lot of shit to stow so I figured I'd get on... Ok.. seat 34 E... Shit. Center seat.... in the back.. Damn. I throw my carry-ons wherever I can find room and figure they'll be fine. I get to my seat, not only do I have a center seat, I have a center seat next to a girl holding a toddler!!! YES! I sit down and get situated and just have a feeling this is going to a loooong flight...  
So the girl next to me was not doing a very good job of keeping the kid at bay. He was screaming, throwing toys, hitting her, kicking the seat in front of her... I actually felt worse for the guy sitting in front of her. I think he got the brunt of it and this was all before we even took off! So we finally take off and get on our way. We get to cruising altitude and I figure this is my best chance to go grab my headphones and iPod... I get back to my seat and settle in, the movie for the flight was Madagascar... I hadn't seen it yet so that kept me entertained for an hour or so... After the movie I put my iPod on and tried to go to sleep. At this point the kid had pretty much fallen asleep thank god... I fell asleep... then... BANG! The plane hit some fucking HUGE turbulence... It literally shook and dropped, it was crazy! There were people screaming and falling all over the place. I quickly put my seat belt on. Then it was over. It was kinda scary. It was the worst turbulence I've ever encountered and after we got off the plane all the guys I was with were talking about it, they said it was the worst they've ever experienced too. I did manage to fall asleep again and we landed in Miami right on time. We went to get our bags and headed to the rental car place. I did find it a bit funny that we took a bus to the rental place just like everyone else. I was kinda surprised at that but whatever. We got in the trucks and headed to the hotel.  
When we got to the hotel it wasn't like the other one we stayed at when we were down here, I'd say it's a good 4 or 5 notches below the other one. bsa was not happy at all, in fact, there are two sides to the hotel, the suites side and the rooms side, the weird part is that the suites side has no elevator!!! He has to walk up 4 flights to get to his room. This will not fly. We went to get some food at this diner which has some really good food, then after that went back to the hotel and went to sleep, well I tried to anyway. About an hour after I fell asleep there is this guy banging on my door telling me he has room service... I tell him I didn't order any room service, he said 317, room service. I said again, I DIDN'T ORDER ANY FUCKING ROOM SERVICE! I guess I was a bit cranky. I went back to sleep... then my phone rings, it was the security guy who wanted me to put his music back on his iPod he just got replaced... I told him I was sleeping and I'd come get it when I woke up. 2 hours later he calls again, I guess I should just get up. I went up and got the iPod. I came back down and decided it was pointless to try to go back to sleep. Good thing I guess cause a few minutes later bsa calls and asks me if an e-mail had come through, I told him I can't tell because there is no internet in the room. They did have a business center so I went down there and downloaded what he needed to see, put it on my new little jump drive, and then put it on my laptop. I called him back and told him I had it, he said he was downstairs and to come down and meet him. Sure why not...  
I get downstairs and meet him, show him the artwork that he wanted to see and he said they were going out shopping and asked if I wanted to come... Sure I said. Now, I need to remind you, We are in the middle of a hurricane, I guess at that point it was just a tropical storm but still, it's pouring and really windy. Whatever, so we go out to find him some clothes. We need to go get clothes because we flew here and therefore all of his 17 bags are on the bus and supposedly meeting us here sooner or later. So anyway, we drive to some stores and they're all closed!! Why in the world would stores be closed in the middle of a hurricane??? He calls up a place that we've gone before that mostly has $500 sneakers but also some shirts, jeans, and hats... they're open so he wants to go there. Not before we stop and get sushi though. After sushi we drive to the clothing place where we spend literally at least 2 hours. It's not that big of a store but people that he knew kept coming and going so he just hung out. Fun... really... so 2 hours and $1600 later, we left there. It was now starting to get really bad... It had been upgraded to a hurricane now but he doesn't want to go back to the hotel. He wants to go get something else to eat... back to the diner we go. After yet even more food, we head back to the hotel... but not for long. We go in, grab our stuff, and move to another hotel.  
So, I'm here in the new hotel, which I must say, is a lot nicer than the other one, and it has internet!!! I was setting up the equipment and he called and said he wanted to look something up on the internet. A song of his "Where's Your Money" has been released as a single on the radio and is on the internet so of course there are those sites where people can comment on the song. The particular site we went to had 90 positive comments about it. He was happy, then he got a call from the producers of the song who were going crazy because DJ Funkmaster Flex was going crazy over the song in NY. He brought it back 3 times!! which, translated into regular language means he started the song, liked it so much that he started it again usually this happens somewhere in the intro or first verse, and then if it's really really good, plays it from the beginning yet again! So bsa was in my room going crazy while I was trying to talk to my wife... not an easy task.  
But anyway, so they finally left and I'm sitting here, the wind is pounding the windows, I have a little balcony which is cool but I don't think I should go out there now. I'm watching the news now and it says it's 35 miles away from Miami. I'm hungry, I think I might order some food. I guess that's about it. Still no word whether or not I'll get to go to the VMA's, I'll keep ya posted. C-ya!  
In LA for another day...
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
Well I must say, last night was one of the more interesting nights I've had here and we didn't even go to a club! Nothing much happened during the day. I got up at a normal time, you know, 10, 11 am, and wanted to run some errands. I needed to go to the bank, buy some CDR's cause I was running low, buy a couple CDs and buy a new skateboard because I had forgotten mine in NJ and really hate having to walk everywhere. I was going to buy some food but had talked to turbo and he said we were leaving early tomorrow morning so that would kind of be pointless. I got the rest of my errands done and was just hanging out in the apartment doing what I do best... nothing. Actually, I was listening to the new CDs I just bought, Staind, Chapter V, and System of A Down, Mezmorize which by the way, are both quite good. I highly recommend them. I can't remember the last time I actually went out and bought a CD, not because of what you're thinking, I don't download music, well, I do from iTunes, but you get the point. So I bought Staind and System of A Down, both really good. Anyway, so I'm sitting in my apartment around 3 PM, I decide to send Turbo an instant message to see what was up, it turns out they were at the studio already. I asked him if they needed me, he said nope, I figured cool! I can go play pool with my friend Vince. I call him up and meet up to go. He needed to go to the post office first, I told him I'd just take a ride with him. Not 30 seconds after I get in the car my phone rings. Private number. Gee, who in the world could that be???? I swear he's tagged me with some sattelite thing that just tracks me and the second I leave the room an alarm goes off! But anyway, he needs me to take a cab and bring all the drives to the studio. No problem, I guess pool will have to wait.  
So I get the cab with all my stuff and head to the studio. A $25 cab ride later (good thing I ain't payin for it) I arrive and start to set up my stuff. He has me do a few small things nothing out of the ordinary and then goes back to what he was doing. I go to the lounge to grab some free food and hang out with Turbo. He's playing video games, as usual. He has this new game NARC. Wow, you thought GTA was bad??? Holy shit. Anyway, so I'm watching that and decide to pop my head back in and see if everything was alright. Now, I have to explain the setup of the studio. There are three doors, one goes straight into the control room. the second goes into this little lounge area where I usually set up my stuff and has a window to see into the control room and the third is a little room next to the little lounge area that leads to the kitchen. So I walk into the little lounge area to check on my stuff and look through the window... is that.... no... well... no... It can't be can it?? No.... I see a girl with platinum blonde hair from the back. I'm looking some more then she turns around. Yup... HOLY SHIT!!! IT IS!!! It's Paris Fucking Hilton. At this point bsa walks into the control room which gives me an excuse to walk into the control room. She was there with Scott Storch who if you know anything about hip hop / pop music is a HUGE producer. They're just chillin, smoking, drinking.. you know, typical studio stuff. I get to thinking... isn't she engaged? I thought so, which made me wonder why she was all over Scott, which made me start thinking, I wonder what a picture of Ms. Hilton all over some other guy would go for in the Tabloids... I could pay off my mortgage!!! Unfortunately I'm not that ummm... mean? So no picture. I did learn that she really does talk like that. Hot. lol  
So later on after they left in the phantom bsa was in the other studio writing to a beat that Dre had just made. He called me in and said he wanted to record it in there which was cool, for once I actually get to record in a recording studio and not just a hotel room / apartment. Even though there really isn't that much of a difference it's still nice to have a 3/4 of a million dollar board to play with. I do have to admit though, it was a bit nerve racking knowing that Dre was in the next room and was going to come in to listen to it. Usually I have a good day or so to tweak it to sound it's best before dre hears it but I won't have that luxury here. On the upside it's so much easier to make a quick mix on a board than it is to make in ProTools. So we get done with the vocals, they listen to it 700 times which is usual studio protocol. Dre comes in and puts in his 2 cents, and back to work bsa goes to make some changes. At this point there is some other song playing in the other studio which grabs their attention so the work on this song comes to a screeching halt. Bsa wanted me to find this song he had worked on and for some reason I just couldn't find it. It took me a good 10 minutes which did NOT make him happy. I guess it's a good thing I did find it and it wasn't lost forever but by that point dre had left and now he wanted to leave. So I had 3 minutes to make a new rough mix of the song we did, back up the data from ProTools and pack up all my shit from that little lounge. Right. The song itself is more than 3 minutes long! I get everything done. I learn that a jump drive does not transfer as fast when it's not directly plugged into the computer. It took like 7 minutes to transfer 300 megs. not cool. Whatever, bsa can wait.  
It is now about 3 AM and we're supposed to be on a 7 AM flight for Miami. I don't see this happening. It's confirmed, we are not leaving at 7 am. I get back to the apartment and went to sleep. It's now 10:40 AM and I just found out we have a 9 PM flight so that leaves me in limbo. I know if I pack everything up he'll want to come and work, but if I leave everything up, I'm going to get caught with my pants down... decisions decisions. I guess I'll leave it half setup. That should cover it. I guess that's it. Still no word on weather or not I'll get to go to the VMA's. It would probably help if I asked. More to come from Miami!
Back from my mini Vacation and on my way back to LA
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Back to LA we go! I don't know why I'm shouting that... I'm not real happy about it but it's work, what are ya gonna do right? Going back a little less than a week, I got back from Canada and figured we'd be in the NYC area for the next week or so. I was right for the most part. This worked out well because I had planned a little mini vacation with my wife to go to beautiful Atlantic City NJ. (anyone who's ever been there should pick up on the sarcasm of that) But anyway, so I had a room booked for thursday and friday night. I told bsa that I needed wednesday thru friday off and would appreciate the weekend off but if he needed me I could work. I also told him that I could find someone to help him out those couple days if he wanted to do some work. So he has me come in and do work both monday and tuesday nights, trying to get as much done before he "loses me" I figured as much. No problem. So on tuesday night I leave his place and tell him to call me if he needs someone. I had a friend of mine that I worked with at Sound On Sound in mind so I'd just call him. He tells me before I leave that most likely he will need someone but he'll call me tomorrow. No problem I figure, I'll call the guy tonight, set it all up then not have to worry about it in the morning... Wrong! I called him on the way home from bsa's place and he was booked on a session for the next 4 days. shit. I called another guy I knew... same problem. I was running out of people I knew...  
So wednesday morning rolls around, my wife had to work that day so our game plan was to leave for AC after work. This gave me the whole day to hang out with my friend Mike and my brother in law and play some golf. Boy was that a disaster!!! It was only my second time playing... ever. We still had a lot of fun but I don't think my brother in law will ever play golf with me again. At around the 6th whole my phone starts ringing... it was bsa who needed an engineer around 6 pm. shit. So I called my last resort, Kat. I used to work with Kat at Sound on Sound, she was a good assistant but I had no idea if she could engineer. I figured she'd been assisting long enough and I know she left SOS to do some of her own stuff so I figured she could handle it. I call her and she say's she's available, i give her some basic info and thank her. I figure this should be the end of phone calls but no...  
Earlier in the day my plan was to wait for my mail because my paycheck from the whole bsa project was supposed to come and I was in desperate need of some money. It didn't come. I was quite pissed off. I figured I should call and bother the accountant about it. I wanted to do this before business hours were over so why not now... this did not help my golf game to say the least but it had to get done. I left a message earlier in the day on my way to the course and of course he called while I was golfing. I couldn't just let it go so I had to take care of it there. He told me he's just going to wire the money to my account and be done with it. I was more than happy to help him out with that but, like most people I would imagine, I don't have my routing number memorized. I had to call Bank of America, get my routing number, call him back, give him all the info, meanwhile I'm trying to play golf in between phone calls!!! No surprise it was my worst hole of the day. I periodically checked my account to make sure the money had been deposited and the little automated voice kept telling me I had the same hundred something in there that I had before. not good... I called up the accountant again and asked if it had gone through, he said yes, and I heard a bit of annoyance in his tone... guess I pissed him off... OH WELL! I called back Bank of America and spoke to a person and they said yes, the money had been deposited and was available for withdrawal. YAY!!!  
We finish up our golf game where nothing particularly extraordinary happened. One funny thing was that there is this attractive girl who drives around a golf cart selling drinks and whenever she came around my brother in law would try to flirt with her. So at one point after buying a drink he tries some small talk, mind you he's 31 and has 2 kids, and says "So, what college are you in?" she says Immaculata. I guess hoping to slip it past him, it being that immaculata is a high school. he says... oh, high school huh? I hope you're a senior at least! She says yes. We make fun of him for the rest of the day. I don't even remember what I shot. I think it was like 130 something. it was bad, although most of us did that bad, only steve, my brother in law did alright with a 101. We finally got done around 4:45, considering we started around 11 am that was one looooong game of golf. I got home around the same time as my wife and we started to get ready for our little vacation. we didn't want to leave right then because of traffic so we ran some errands, packed, you know stuff like that. I spent about 10 minutes trying to decide which surfboard to bring... I was going to bring the fun shape and the short board but thought with the storm and all the fun shape wouldn't work so opted for just the shortboard. Loaded up the car, got some gas and we were on our way!  
We made it down in pretty good time didn't hit any traffic at all which was nice. We were staying at the Sands hotel and casino. I had never stayed in AC before, MIchelle had because she and her girl friends go to a club down there for almost every bachlorette party there is. She usually stays in the roadway inn... you can only imagine what that place must look like. I wanted to stay in a hotel/casino so that's where I booked it. I figured it would be nicer. So we check in and he gives us the keys and off we go to the room. We get there and boy it is a shit hole! they stuck us in this tiny corner room that looks like it might have been a closet at one point. Now, I know I might be a bit spoiled staying at 4 star hotels all the time with bsa but this was ridiculous!! The Air Conditioner sounded like it was dying and smelled the same way, the bed was supposed to be a king, it wasn't even a queen, I think it was a double if that! The bathroom was disgusting, and there was a lightbulb out! Michelle said it was fine but I was not happy at all. It was hot as hell and smelled like shit. I called the front desk and complained. I was not going to stay there. The girl at the front desk told me that all the king beds were taken but they could move us to a suite that was the same price with the same size bed. I said as long as the AC was working that would be fine. She showed up in about 5 minutes with our new keys, so we moved up one floor to this suite that was 200% better than the room we had before. Why didn't they just give us that one to begin with????? Although it had the same size bed there was a living room, two TV's a nice bathroom, and AC that worked!!!! They told us that the king size beds were on a first come first serve basis and that if we wanted one the next night we could move again. We decided to just stay where we were rather than move again. we could deal with the small bed, we used to share a twin when she was still in college.  
We get changed and decide to go gamble a bit. Roulette is the only thing that we know how to play somewhat well although we usually just bet red or black. Michelle has a go at it first, she ends up losing $40 I sit down and play for about an hour but can't seem to get ahead, I'll be up then down then up then down, then down some more. We ended up losing about $90 and figured we should give it up for the night.  
In the morning we get up and go find some breakfast. I had no cash on me and trying to find somewhere on the boardwalk that takes credit cards was fun. We finally found a place and had a pretty good breakfast, after that we went back to the room and got ready for the beach. We found a nice spot, sat there for a while then I got board and wanted to surf. I didn't even bring the board at first because it looked pretty flat but some swells were starting to come in so I wanted to find out where I could surf. I asked the lifeguard and he told me where to go... it was about 12 blocks away. My wife was thrilled. (sarcasm again) I went back to the room to get my board and called her when I got back to the beach, I bought her some lemonade to make the walk go faster. We finally got to the surfing beach. We found a new spot and off to surfing I go. I really should have brought the fun shape board because it was not really shortboard conditions but I caught some good ones anyway. I had a good time, I was probably out there for a good 3 hours. we were both tired and decided to call it a day. We went back to the hotel room, got all cleaned up and went to dinner. We walked up the boardwalk and decided to go to this place inside trump plaza called Evo. We had a really nice dinner except for a really annoying woman that was sitting across from us. I'm assuming she was there with her husband but he didn't get a word in the entire time. She seemed to know everyone that worked there. I'd go into it more but don't really feel like it. She was annoying, then her nephew showed up and proceeded to throw bread at me... mind you, he was at least 11 years old. He didn't do it on purpose but it still annoyed me.  
After dinner we went back to the hotel room and got changed, I wanted to go get some of my money back that I had lost the night before. Before that we went to one of the piers and went on the ferris wheel. We walked around a bit more and decided it was time to gamble some more. I didn't want to go back to the sands again, so we tried a few more places. we ended up at Bally's I found a table I liked and Michelle sat down first. she lost $20. I sat down with $40 and did quite well for a while. We were there for a good 2 hours. I ended up winning back all the money we lost the night before and the $20 Michelle lost before. We ended up being up $1. Yes! We had fun and that's the point right? So we went back to the room and went to sleep. We got up in the morning and got all packed up. We went to breakfast/lunch and I had wanted to get my grandmother something. I always get her some pecan thing from the boardwalk. We would have stayed a bit longer but it was raining and walking up and down the boardwalk in the rain is not fun.  
We got back home and went to visit my grandmother, we visited her for a while then had to go to Michelle's grandparents cause it was her grandmothers birthday. Lots of visiting for one day. After that we went to Michelle's parents for dinner. Somewhere in the middle of all this traveling and visiting Turbo called and told me we'd be leaving tomorrow (Saturday) I was not too happy with this and neither was Michelle. She was not happy at all. I figured we'd leave at around midnight as usual... so around 1 pm turbo calls and says we're leaving at 5 pm. Michelle is really REALLY not happy. I was supposed to have the weekend off to begin with and now I have to leave even earlier. So anyway, now here I am on the bus. On my way to LA. We're going to be in Miami for the VMA's not sure yet if I'm going to be able to go or not. It would be really cool if I could. Apparently bsa was going to have a bus wrapped with his name and pic and some album info but when he say the artwork he flipped and I have to admit, it did look pretty bad. I figured I had been learning photoshop a bit so I put 3 or 4 together and he seemed to really like what I did. Hopefully they'll use one of the ones I did, that would be really really cool.  
I guess that brings everything up to date. C-ya!
HELP!!!!!! Revised
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In response to my last journal post I should tell you a bit about the company... duh... sorry bout that... So I'm told for tax reasons I should create a compnay and pay myself. Obviously if you've read my journal I am an audio engineer. I do freelance recording/live sound. So I guess it's a freelance engineering company. I could do something cheezy like BWL sound (my initials) but I'd like something a bit cooler. or, in hip hop language, hotter, crazier, dope...er? Ultimately I might have my own studio so maybe we could name it "something studios"... you get the idea. thanks in advance!
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So I need some creative help. I need to think of a company name for my... umm... company. I know, ironic, me being in the creative industry can't think of a name but I figure I'll call out for some help. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
Au Canada
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So I'm back in NY after a quick trip to Canada, Toronto to be exact. The trip was a blast! I really like Canada! We got in around 4 in the afternoon and didn't have to be anywhere til about 8 so I was free to roam around. I didn't see too much but it seems like a really really cool city and damn... Toronto girls are freakin hot! I hung out with the security guys mostly. We were staying in this really really nice hotel, I can't remember the name of it, the Fairmont or something like that. We all checked into the rooms except for bsa, he said he'd rather stay on the bus with his sattelite TV because Canadian TV sucks, I didn't even watch any TV... Whatever... I hung out with the security guys a bit, took a walk to this mall type thing but for some reason everything was closed. I wasn't quite sure why a mall would be closed on a saturday afternoon but whatever... There was also the hockey hall of fame, I kinda wanted to go in but I wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself because he could have called at any moment and I'd have to leave. I would love to go back and check it out though.  
So 6:30 rolls around and Turbo sends me a IM that we're leaving... He would have called me but I turned my phone off after learning that it was $1.50 a minute. Ouch. So this means we'll be leaving in about 2 hours. but, you know me, I like to be on time so I gather my shit together and go to the bus. An hour and a half later we're just about ready to leave. The venue isn't that far so it's a nice short ride. On the way there it is brought to bsa's attention that the sound guy didn't get on his plane because he thought he needed a passport and didn't have one, so instead of asking someone, he just didn't get on the plane. Great. Turbo asked me if I thought I could handle it and I said sure... oh boy... so we get to the venue and Turbo introduces me to the head tech guy... I guess that's what he was, he seemed to be in charge of the sound stuff, he asked me what we needed, and stuff like that, I took a walk with him to the stage and got to take a look at the equipment, pretty standard stuff, nothing I haven't seen before. Ciara was on stage at the time so I watched her lip sync for a while and jump around stage. After Ciara was Nas, and then us. Here comes the stressful part...  
About 10 minutes before Nas' set is over Bsa comes over and asks me if we have a song's instrumental because he decided now that he wants to perform it... GREAT! So I run to the bus, fire up the laptops find the song, burn it to CD, he goes through it a few times then I run back and hand it to the DJ pretty much right before they're about to start. Fun stuff. I ended up not doing the sound but was there pretty much telling the guys what needed to be brought up or down. It would have been cool to run the thing but whatever. The show goes pretty well, there were waaaay too many people with backstage passes and video cameras, bsa does not allow videotaping of his shows so at one point, after asking this guy not to tape 3 times, the one security guy pushes the guy to the ground and snatches his camera. I'm sure he was not happy. The show finishes up and we all go back to the bus. There are a few people milling around hoping to say hi and whatnot but he goes straight inside and relaxes for a bit. A bit meaning about an hour. He finally gets ready and goes outside but before he can even get down the steps of the bus there is this guy doing interviews and blah blah blah with a camera, the camera light comes on and he flips, screaming at the guy, although he did make a good point that if he had asked permission it would have been fine but he rather than do that he just assumed. So he's pissed doesn't even get off the bus, just turns around and goes back inside. Oh, quick sidenote, I saw the bus do something I've never seen it do before, the freakin wall comes out of the side and makes the inside like double the size!!! It was crazy!!! all of a sudden the wall just started moving away from me. But anyway, so we all get on the bus and head back to the hotel... After milling around there for a good hour and a half we finally get in some trucks and go to the after party at this club called dream, that is where the real fun starts!  
We pull up to the club and Turbo goes inside to check things out and make sure the VIP area is set up and stuff like that, we start to walk inside and they go to search us... I usually have a knife on me, nothing illegal, just a knife. I also usually leave it in the car or at home when I know we're going to a club... this time I didn't oops. So the security guys say we don't usually get searched, they say, OK, we won't search him but we have to search the rest of you. Now I'm figuring shit... I have a knife! It's usually clipped to the inside of my pocket, I unclip and slip it in to my pocket alongside a lighter I have. so the girl come to search me, runs her hands over my pockets, feels the knife with the lighter, feels the cell phone in my other pocket, runs dow my legs, checks the ankles, back up, checks the pockets again, checks the waist and chest area and gives the pockets one more squeeze... then lets me in. damn they got some good security in Canada!!! Both the security guys i was with got a kick out of that. anyway, so we get inside and the place is pretty damn small, but it works. We go over to the VIP section and get our area which consists of a bed and a table. I'm just hanging out, on the way in we were all introduced to Valerie, the waitress that was going to take care of us. Damn she was hot... Busta introduced us and we chatted for a bit. She came over with a bucket of ice, glasses, a bottle of Grey Goose and a bottle of Cristal and a carafe of cranberry juice. I made myself a drink... or three... While I was sitting in the little area, this girl comes over and says she just wants to say hi to bsa... I tell her I'll try to introduce her but I can't guarantee anything... she says that's fine and goes into this whole thing about how she got into the club because she was one of the 6 finalists of all these girls blah blah blah... I was half paying attention half looking for the waitress... So Spliff Starr comes by and she asks if she can meet him, I say sure, so I introduce her and they start talking. Within minutes they were all over each other... So the waitress comes back and we chat some more, I drink some more, hot girls and alcohol are not a good mix for me although I remain good. She mentions to me that she manages a female artist and that she's really good (aren't they all though???) So I ask if she has a demo, she says yea but it's in her car. Then she says, "Leave with me and I'll give you the CD" I tell her as long as I can get back to the hotel that's fine... Great, now what did I get myself into....  
So before the end of the night the girl who was hooking up with spliff was putting on quite a show, she and this other girl got quite intimate, it was really insane. I heard later on that at one point she and spliff went somewhere and did some stuff... not surprising. So the club starts to close down and we start to leave. I had gotten the waitresses phone number and she knew where we were staying. I actually had a roommate this trip because there was one extra security guy, Alan, but it's all good. So we get back to the hotel, I call her up and tell her what room we're in. She says she'll be there in a few minutes. At this point, I lay down and pass out. I wake up with Alan coming inside with the waitress. She's upset about something, I didn't know what. Shortly I find out she's mad at her boyfriend. I guess she really did just want to give me the CD. This is probably a good thing. So I ask her if she brought the CD, she says she forgot it in the car. I tell her we'll take a walk and go get it. We get the CD and head back up to the room, I listen to it, give her some constructive criticism and we hang out some more. Me and the security guy are hungry so we order some room service.. Nothing like $50 for two hamburgers. They weren't bad. So at about 5:30 Alan's two-way goes off and he tells me, "we're leaving" Shit. I'm fuckin tired and drunk... I don't want to get on a damn bus! So I pack up all my shit, Alan walks the two girls (at some point another girl showed up but to tell you the truth, I really don't remember when) back to their car... by the time he gets back I'm packed up and we go to the bus. I load up the shit and off to NYC we go. I pass out in my bunk, wake up once for the checkpoint, go back to sleep and wake up in NYC. We get back to bsa's apartment, unload the stuff and I remind him that I have wed thru thus off and would like the weekend off if possible, he tells me it shouldn't be a problem. I ask if he needs anything else, he says no so Home I go! I think we're going back to LA after the weekend. Guess that's about it. lata!
Back in NYC but not for long yet again...
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
So we got back to NYC a couple days ago... again, a nice long bus ride from LA to NYC... I'm starting to get a bit sick of the rides but I'll live. Busta was in a hurry for some reason or another, although, then again, isn't he ALWAYS in a hurry? Yes... so somewhere between texas and NY he decided he needed to get back to NYC quicker, so what do we do?? he finds the nearest airport that has a first class non-stop flight and we go there... he gets on a plane and off to NYC he goes!!! I of course, got to ride the bus the rest of the way home. I believe we were in Ohio or some state near there when he did this. No, I guess we were a bit further, I know it was only a 2 hour flight... but whatever... So he and one of his security guys flew home and the rest of us, (his road manager, the bus drivers, obviously, me, and the other security guy) got to ride the rest of the way in a nice climate controlled bus... I say this because as I think as I've said before, Busta likes is -10 at all times... So anyway, it worked out nicely cause I convinced them to drop me off in NJ rather than going in the NYC and lugging all this shit back to NJ on the train.  
So I had the last couple of days almost completely off... I say almost because I had to do some little things here and there, e-mail some shit here and there... easy stuff that luckily I could do from home. I got to spend some much needed time with my wife. She called out from work on tuesday so we got to spend the entire day together... I got home just in time to see my new niece.. My wife's brother just had his second kid, Autumn. She was cute, actually right after Michelle (Mrs. Cam78aro88) picked me up from where the bus dropped me off we went straight to the hospital. That was monday, tuesday we didn't do anything too exciting, we were going to go to the beach but it was crappy out so we just ran some errands and took care of some stuff that needed taking care of. Later on that night we took our nephew to the carnival that was happening just a few blocks from our house, boy was that expensive but it was worth it.. rode some rides, got some food, it was a good day. But just like everything else, all good things must come to an end....  
I'm back in NYC right now as we speak, err, type... doing nothing... Nothing like old times right??? I'm sitting here in Busta's apartment waiting for him, his wife let me up (he calls his serious girlfriends his wives, yes pleural because there are more than one.. if he ever say any of this stuff I wrote I would be so fucking dead...) Anyway, so I'm here don't know what I'm going to be doing or for how long but we'll see.... After tonight I believe we are supposed to be in Detroit on thursday, then Toronto on Friday or Saturday (it will be my first visit to our friends to the north) then back to good ol' LA but then.... I get to take a small vacation!!!! YAY me and the wife are going to fabulous Atlantic City!!!! (nothing says you live in NJ like going on vacation... in NJ.... ) It's only for a couple of days but I am really looking forward to going to AC and turning my phone off! OK, who am I kidding, I'll have it on, but I'm not going to do any work! Ok, maybe a little, but I'm going to charge double. ok, not really... I don't know how it's going to work, Busta mentioned that he had to be back in NYC around the same dates for some court thing so maybe it'll work out that he won't need anything for those 3 to 5 days. I hope so.  
I asked him on the trip out here before he got on the plane obviously if we were going to be in the NY area for Labor day, he said, "you will, we're gonna be in Africa" I said, cool... I really didn't want to go to Africa not to mention I had a party planned for Labor Day, a party we were throwing therefore I kinda had to be there... then he told me that after Africa there is a 4 week tour.... I asked him if he was going to need me for that and he said yes. great. The wife loved that one. I'm still not sure if I'm going to go. Have to talk it over with the wife. Anyway, I guess that brings us up to speed. the next post might be from Detroit or Toronto or might just wait till we get back to NY... we'll see. Adios!
Back in LA yet again... not sure for how long Part 2
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So we're in LA yet again. The show went well, I got my first backstage pass!!!! I got to be on stage and everything. The trip was ok, 6 hours which is really nothing compared to the cross country stuff we've been doing. I stayed up almost the entire trip... I sat up in front which was a change for me, I hung out with the driver, got to see some cool California landscape. Saw my first real windmill... that was kinda cool, there were tons of em. The show went pretty well, they were actually on time which is very very VERY rare. They got kicked off stage around 9 pm, I guess that's when the permit ran out. They didn't seem too upset about it. There were some talks of after-parties but nothing seemed to interest Busta. We sat in the bus for a couple hours while different people came in to "holla" I got to see redman and method man perform that was pretty cool. Other than that it was just another show. I hear we're going up to Canada for a show on the 13th of August but I'm hoping to get out of going and go home.  
We've actually been doing a lot of work since we've been out here. We've recorded 2 songs and did other various little tasks that needed to get done. I hear him telling people we're going to work until the 11th hour, I could have sworn that had come and gone!!! I went to the apple store today in the Grove (pretty much a mall just outside, actually, I've noticed a lot of "malls" out here are outside. It's kinda cool.) Anyway, so the PCI slot on Busta's laptop is busted.... no pun intended... ok, yeah it was.... Anyway, so I went to the apple store to get it fixed, although I should have known it wasn't going to be that easy, first it took almost 45 minutes for them to see me, then told me they could have it back to me in 7 to 10 days!!!! what the fuck is that??? I see, so the "Genius bar" is for people who don't know how to install RAM or something easy like that. I obviously couldn't leave it with them cause I need it... like... you know... tonight!!! So they gave me some numbers for some other places that might be able to turn it around a bit quicker.  
The ride over to the apple store was quite interesting. Turbo drove me in the Mercedes G500 Truck that has the 24" rims on it... all tinted out, really nice looking truck if you're into that sort of thing. So usually when we drive around we bump the typical loud bass hip hop song... You know, you see a truck like that, that's what you're expecting right? right. Not this time... for some reason or another Turbo had the classical music station on, so instead of blasting the newest 50 Cent song, we were blasting Mozart. You should have seen the looks we were getting. It was hilarious! Some people had the strangest looks on their faces. Good times.  
So I'm back in the apartment, about to make some calls to see if I can get this computer fixed. don't know what tonight has in store for us nor the next couple of days but I'll be sure to keep this thing up to date as much as I can. lata!
Back in LA yet again... not sure for how long
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Back on the bus and on our way back to Los Angeles. We were in the NYC area for a few days which was nice because I got to see my wife. I was hoping to be there for Saturday but alas it didn't happen. My wife and her family was going to the horse races and I had wanted to go but oh well. We are going to a show in San Francisco on Sunday, that should be fun. The hype man for Busta, Spliff Star, is with us on the trip out... he's a really cool guy. Fun to hang out with, more friendly than Busta. He decided he wanted to give me a name. I told him I had a name, he said, nah, you need an Also Known As name... He thought about it for a second and said... Breeze... that's your new name, because you're quiet, and you work fast, and you know... Brian, Breeze... both b's. So anyway, he's the only one that's been using it so far, we'll see if it sticks. I kind of doubt it will but it would be funny if it did.  
Nothing too exciting has happened on this trip yet. I've been working on this one song a lot. A lot of times Busta has me put lyrics he's already done on one song and time stretch them to a new beat to make a new song. I've been working on this one a lot. For some reason, most of the time when I do it it sync's right up and as soon as you get the start point right, the rest of the song is right. I must have been a bit more careless this time cause a lot of things had to be moved around. Oops. It came out good though. I just don't feel like working on it anymore. I've "mixed" it like 4 times and he keeps finding problems with it yet he won't sit there with me and go over the problems. I guess I should just know them.  
So I'm back in LA, going to a show in San Francisco tomorrow then back to LA and I heard something about going back to Miami. Busta blew up on his Assistant / road manager Turbo today... actually he was screaming at the top of his lungs at him and actually said he was fired. I'm not sure if this is permanent or not but we'll see tomorrow I guess. So, I'm gonna get something to eat, then go to sleep in a few hours... gotta make sure he doesn't want to come over and record. I kind of doubt it considering we just got off the bus and we have to be back on it at 10 am to get there in time for the show. Later!
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Preface: I was on the bus last night (technically early early this morning) and just started writing about what I was thinking... this is what came out...  
So i'm lying here in my bunk, listening to music and i've been here for about the past hour and a half just thinking. I've been thinking about lots of things and for some reason decided to jot down what i was thinking. I've been thinking about a lot of different shit. I've been thinking about building a studio in my basement, what kind of equipment would I get? where would I get my clients, maybe go to my old high school and put up flyers... I dunno.. Am I even supposed to do music for the rest of my life? How many people know what the hell they want to do?? and of those how many people are actually doing it? I go back and forth sometimes, ok, a lot of times thinking what if I just got a "normal" job, you know, 9 to 5 I don't know if I could do it. I know my wife would be thrilled but I think it would drive me insane. I have this issue that I've had for a while... I like things... like, you know, material things. Unfortunately, I like expensive material things. My wife has told me that nothing is ever good enough and to some degree in my mind I know she's right... for example, we have a 2003 mitsubishi lancer... it's a nice car, it's normal... but I can't be normal, I wanted the windows tinted... ok, got that done... $200... ok, now I want to put a system in it... I got most of it for christmas and got that installed. I'm still not happy with it, not only because one of the 12's blew but I want it to be better... I want to replace all the speakers, I want to lower the car, I want to put nicer rims on it... I should just be happy that I have a car right? what is wrong with me that I have to be different? I think some of it comes from wanting to be noticed... I love it when I drive down the road, system blaring and people look, It happens even more when I drive my 78 camaro around. I love that car. but I don't know why I feel like I have to be noticed. why can't I just blend in with everyone else and just be normal? I think a lot of why I like the work I'm in has to do with just that. I get the taste of the good money and the fame and it's like I want more... I figure the more I work the more money i can make, the closer to that lamborghini or viper that I want. I want too much damn stuff... too much damn expensive stuff. My wife wanted a house and she's happy... granted she wants stuff done to the house but that's understandable as well as a good investment... what is a lamborghini going to do for me? nothing... but it's a fuckin cool car. So what do I do? do i continue working with busta? I should but it's really starting to get to my wife. I really don't mind being on the road, don't get me wrong, I miss her but I guess I'm better at dealing with it than she is. I've made some good money but not the kind of money I know I can make. If I can get into mixing records that is where the really good money is... I know this but I also know it takes a while to get to that point, that or some good luck... which of course I might have passed on my chance because I was stupid... one night i was working in NYC with swizz. He had a Mary J. Blige song that he was working on and had to sync the lyrics with the beat... I had the files and had it lined up before he even got there.. He wanted to put a bass line on it and had all his gear setup... He tried a few times but didn't really come up with anything, he left the room and I messed around with it for a while, I actually come up with something that worked and recorded it just for the hell of it. He came back in a while later and I played it for him and believe it or not he actually liked it... So he spent a few more hours just messing around in the studio not really doing much of anything, he had a couple of girls with him and they were just chilling... in the mean time I had done a little rough mix on the board just to pass the time. He had me make a CD of it and said he was going to the club... and this is where I fucked up... big time... at least I think I did. He's walking out the door and says I'll be back later to finish this up... I say, oh, you're coming back? he says why, do you want to go home... and instead of me saying "no, let me mix the song and we'll tweak it when you get back" I say yeah, i'm kinda tired. he says Ok, and that's that. I have been kicking myself for that for the past 3 months or so... I don't know why I wanted to get out of there so bad... actually i kind of do. I think as much as my wife says she's behind me I know she hates my schedule. I wanted to get home so I could see her... I think a lot of times I should be doing one thing and instead do another because I don't want to piss her off... not piss her off.. but I dunno, I just think she misses me more than I miss her. I can deal, she can't. I know if it were up to me I would work non stop... that's just the way I am... I'm a workaholic and she's the complete opposite... if she gets stuck at work 15 minutes late it's like the end of the world. She gets annoyed when I'm sitting at work waiting for a client to show up... she figures that the time that I'm sitting there waiting I could be spending with her... this is true but I explain they're paying me to sit there and wait... the same thing with busta, she comes out to LA to visit and can't stand just sitting around the apartment doing nothing... I don't know why she can't get it that i'm not on vacation.. this is my job.  
Back to other thoughts... why can't I be happy with what I've already got? we have 3 cars, a house... these are all good things... I mean, compared to my friends we have a lot... hell, most of my friends are still living with their parents! But still, I can't be happy with what I've got. I really think it's that taste of good money that I keep getting. I wonder if I stopped working with such rich people, would I stop wanting to be rich as well? I mean, everyone wants to be rich right? I always thought I wanted to be comfortable... that's how my parents are, my dad has his own business, and whenever he wants something he goes and buys it... the only difference is the things he wants are not nearly as extravagant as the things I want... is that because i work with guys who drive $250,000 cars? or wear watches that cost more than my house? If I had that kind of money would I buy a watch worth $400,000??? probably not. I guess I want to be comfortable as well, just a bit more comfortable than I'm used to. If I were to get out of the music engineering thing, what would I do? I could go back to school but for what? I mean, I like computer shit but lets be honest, there are so many people in that field that trying to make any money in that is pointless right? I think everyone has to be great at something and I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be great at. Does everyone find their gift? I don't think so... and if they do, do they know it? I mean if you think about it, sports is an easy example... obviously michael jordan was supposed to play basketball... wayne gretsky, hockey... I guess in any field there are the superstars right? and then there are the third stringers that play professionally but they're not a household name, I think that's me right now... In the engineering game I am a third string guy... I'm here doing it with the big guys but i'm a nobody. How often does that third string tight end make it to superstardom? I know you have to work your way up but every once in a while there is that guy who goes from no one to superstar although on the other side of things, you have to start somewhere. So i guess this brings us to the main question... how long do I give this until I give up and move on to something else? 1 year? 5 years? I've been at it for about 4 years... well, not really... I got out of school 4 years ago, I've only been engineering for about a year... not even... I guess if I look at it that way I'm not doing too bad at all... I'm engineering for Busta Rhymes and I've only been at it for a year. I still want to get into mixing though. I would love to mix one of the songs for his record, maybe I'll ask him about it although I don't see it happening considering Dre is mixing the record. Then there is the time issue. As I said before if it were up to me I'd be working every day but my wife is really starting to get annoyed, me traveling all over the country is starting to get to her. She's missing me and not that i'm not missing her, I feel like I need to work as much as I can and I don't want to sever the relationship with busta just because my wife misses me. Is that totally wrong?  
My wife has brought up many many good points... She kind of figures that you should enjoy life while you're young and as much as I agree with her I feel like you need money to enjoy life. Without her I wouldn't have that house and would probably still be living with my parents. and although I'd have a whole lot of stuff for my cars it's still better to have the wife and the house. shit. I need to figure out my fucking life. ironic... i'm listening to "every-thing's gonna be fine" by Blink 182. alright, i'm going to try to sleep. I hope we stop soon, i'm hungry. I'm going to be back home for the next 4 days... It will be nice. oh wait, before I go, remember how I said my wife says nothing is ever good enough, I thinks she's the same way sometimes... she comes out to LA to see me but that's not good enough we need to go out. I come home for 4 days but that's not good enough because she has to work and can't spend every waking moment with me. I might just be being mean right now but it's true, I might bring that up to her, in a nicer way of course but I really think it's true. like it's not good enougth that I'm going to be home, what does she want from me? I'm gonna have to work for busta while we're home and she already complained that I'll be at work while she's at home and I'll be home while she's at work which isn't all the way true considering I usually go in around 10 PM and she gets home from work around 5. why can't she be happy with the 5 hours we get to see each other? granted it's not all that much but what the fuck??? I'm not happy about it either but I deal. She tells me I'm never happy and I always want more but I think she's the same way, she can't be happy that I'm home she has to look at the negative and how much I'll be gone when I'm home. I must be gettting tired, i get mean when I'm tires. I'm gonna go to sleep.
New Orleans
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So I've been in New Orleans for about three days now... I actually did some work the first day, which I think was thursday. He came in and recorded a verse for something then I sent it to whoever it needed to be sent to. Friday he had the wedding, I originally thought the wedding was going to be on Saturday so that was the night I was planning on going out on the town per se. My galavanting got moved up a day, no problem. I went online (google local is a huge savior by the way) and found some clubs / bars that might interest me. The one that really caught my eye was Coyote Ugly, yes, just like the movie. I planned on going to the casino first, spending some money in hopes to win some money to go to the bar with... Well, I didn't win any money, although I didn't lose any money either... in fact, I didn't play a damn thing. The only think I'm somewhat "good" at is roulette and all the tables were a $15 minimum... I didn't feel like losing that much that quickly. When I was on my honeymoon it was a $5 minimum on the ship, I liked that, you can lose a few times and not be out all that much money, but whatever. So I walked around the casino for about half an hour, debating whether or not to play and obviously chose the latter. I left there and walked to the Coyote Ugly Saloon.  

The place wasn't real busy but wasn't dead. There were a lot of older (when I say older I mean late 30's mid 40's) women there some of which were dancing on the bar... not quite what I was expecting but the bartenders were nice looking so I sat down and ordered a beer. About 3 beers later one of the bartenders DeeDee, (yes, I really think it's her real name and I'll tell you why in a bit) asked me my name and we talked for a bit. It was her first night actually working although she'd been training for two weeks. I felt like kind of a loser sitting at a bar by myself but whatever, it was better than sitting in my hotel room right? right. So I had a few more beers, did a shot with DeeDee, watched various girls dance on the bar as well as the choreographed dances that the bartenders performed. I was having a pretty good time. I was getting quite plastered and at one point one of the bartenders said they needed a shot... so me, being the nice guy that I am, bought them one... all four of them.... They were quite happy with me. At this point, and when I say that I mean another 2 shots and 4 beers later, I was feeling quite good. I slowed down a bit, there were more people there now, one guy who was particularly trashed seemed to want to make friends with me. I think he was trying to live vicariously through me because his wife was there... I guess he didn't realize I had a ring on my finger too... He kept trying to hook me up with various girls... it was pretty funny. Throughout the night Dee Dee and I kept talking, she mentioned that I should do a body shot... for a mere $20 you get to pick two girls, they get up on the bar, one lays down in front of you and reveals her belly, and the other one pours the shot into the other girls belly and you suck it all up... Against my better judgment, I agreed. So Dee Dee laid down in front of me and I sucked two lemon drops from her belly then grabbed the lemon from her mouth. Bad me... BAD BAD BAD ME! So at that point I'm quite blitzed although still not as bad as the night I came back to the hotel room in Miami, but pretty drunk. It's about 3:15 am and I figure it's about time to head home... I was originally going to stay til close but that wasn't going to happen. I had started a tab with my credit card cause I ran out of cash so when Dee Dee brought me the check I signed it, then she flipped over my copy and what do we have??? a phone number! so me, being the suave very very VERY drunk guy I am, rip off a piece of the paper and instead of putting my phone number, which would be the normal thing to do... no... I give her my room number and freakin room KEY! I think I said something to the effect of "just in case you don't want to drive home tonight" or some cheesy line like that. At that point I left and walked back to my hotel.  

I got back to my room and drank a $9 bottle of water that was in the mini fridge and passed out. I don't think she ever stopped by. If she did I was too passed out to know. This was probably a good thing. I don't know how I get myself in these situations. I guess I have a very very weak will power. Anyway... on to tonight (Saturday) well, actually it started with the day, I was sleeping off my hangover and Busta calls around 1 pm. He says he's going to stop by shortly, Ok, time to get up, I throw on some clothes and he stops by. All he needed was for me to burn a CD and look up a song for him, pretty easy. Then he's about to leave and mentions that tonight we're going on a cruise and it's a white event... He asks me if I have a white shirt, and white shoes... I tell him I have a white shirt with a stripe in it.. he say's that's fine, and I show him the shoes, he says I should probably buy some new ones... they are a bit beat up, I figure I'm going to use white sneakers again anyway so that's no big deal. The shirt I was going to wear was dirty considering I wore it the night before to the bar. Ok, so I guess I need to find a new white shirt... I go shopping... I realize about a half hour into shopping that it's a white event... doesn't that mean you need white pants too??? shit. I call turbo, yup... white pants. Shit. So I'm looking in these shops, no white pants... I'm thinking of just giving up and not going but it's really rare that Busta actually invites me to go so I kinda wanted to go. The cruise is pretty much a continuation of the wedding reception and he explained that the two people who got married are very close to him blah blah blah.. I should go. I ask Turbo where to find white pants, he tells me Brooks Brothers. I've never heard of this place, I walk in, mind you I'm in shorts, a T-shrit and skater shoes, and this is an upscale suit shop. I ask the guy if they have any white pants. He shows me some that are on sale for $67 great... I try them on, they don't fit right... they fit, for a white guy, but we have to realize here, this is not a white person event... this is a white event. I tell the guy it's not the fit I'm looking for and he shows me some others, I try them on, same thing... tapered leg, too fitted... not cool. I thank him and ask him for any other places I might find some white pants. He suggests Saks Fifth Avenue which is right next door. I go in there and found a whole bunch of things... I found a shirt i really liked... that was until I found out it was $195 who the hell buys a shirt for $195???? a plain, white shirt at that???? Not me! I found a pair of pants on sale that fit the way I liked, then found a shirt also on sale that worked with the pants... $147 later, I have an outfit for this party... oh wait... not yet... add another $50 for some new sneakers. At least I kept it under $200 right? So the time comes for me to go downstairs in my new clothes and meet up with Busta and crew. Busta actually complimented me a lot, he said I "was gonna be shittin on people" or something to that effect, in other words, he thinks I looked good... I'm happy, I think I look like an idiot but whatever. So we go to the cruise, it's one of those riverboats, they have food, drinks, music... it was a pretty good time, Busta was having such a good time that when we got back and docked he wanted to go out again, that didn't happen though. We ended up going to a club a couple blocks away and stayed there til about 4 am. I had wanted to go back to Coyote Ugly but didn't get a chance to, Oh, yeah, I know Dee Dee is her real name because like an idiot I actually called her, I got her voicemail and it said, hey you reached Dee Dee blah blah blah... she never called me back, again, probably a good thing.  

So I think we're leaving tomorrow although we all know I'll be the last to know so i guess we'll see what happens. good night!
Still on the Road...
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Well it's been quite a long time since I've updated my journal. I'm not sure where I left off. I know I left quite an interesting entry in Miami after we got back from the club. That was a pretty good night. Not to much happened before that night. We were in the NY area for the 4th of July. I was happy to get to be home for that. I went to see some fireworks with my wife and some friends. It was the first time in 2 years that I got to see fireworks on the 4th, I had been working the years before this one. My wife was nice enough to drive me into the city on the 6th so I could meet up with the guys and hop on the bus to go back to Miami. Unfortunately while my wife was on her way home the new (well, newer, 97 Jetta) broke down in a torrential downpour!!! I kinda figured it had something to do with the rain and I was right but only found that out after about $200 of towing bills. Some thingy was cracked and let water in and that killed the spark which in turn made the engine stop running. It started up just fine in the morning but the mechanic found the problem and replaced the part. I was happy that my friend was with her... I would have really worried about some tow truck guy giving her a ride home.  

Anyway, so we got back down to Miami. We stayed at the same hotel ultimately, I say this because the first night we were there we stayed at a different place. It was actually a bit more upscale but I liked the other place better, mostly because the other place had free internet access and this place charged something like $10 a day granted I wasn't paying for it but still... So after the first night we moved back to the place we had stayed the first time, before we went to NYC. I managed to actually go out a bit more. I think half the reason I didn't post much from the first trip was because I did absolutely nothing almost the entire trip. We did some work, I think we recorded one or two songs... still looking for "the one" This second time I wanted to make sure I went out and did some stuff. I mentioned that I wanted to go to the studio with them and blah blah blah, so when they were going one night I went along. It was pretty cool... got to meet timberland and even though he threw me out of the room at one point (OK, he didn't throw me but asked me politely to leave) it was still cool to see another studio and get out of the hotel. The next night they went to a video shoot, turbo asked me if I wanted to go and I said sure. Before we left Turbo told me to put on some jeans. (I was in shorts) I said OK not really knowing why but whatever. I found out why later... we were going to a club after the video shoot. When we finally got the video shoot I was kinda disappointed because they had finished shooting so all I got to see was the breakdown... oh well... After hanging around there for about half an hour we went to a club. Finally! I get to have some fun!!! It was pretty damn crowded and I saw some people I actually knew!!! It's always weird when you're a white kid walking through a hip hop club and people are saying hi to you! I didn't drink all that much that night because, well, it was crowded and I didn't really have much money and although I'm sure Busta was paying for everything I didn't want to assume so I just kinda stood there and watched what was going on. That was about it for that night...  

The next day we went back to the studio to meet with some other producers... I got to meet Scott Storch (who was driving a killer Mercedes one night and a very nice ferrari the next) and we met with Kool and Dre... I'd actually worked with them before on a Fat Joe record that I just recently found out I got credit for on the album. I was kinda psyched about that even though the album did really bad. I think it was my first engineering credit that actually got printed. But anyway, so this is the infamous night of the drunken Miami post. At first I didn't even think I was going to get in because again, I was in shorts. I have now learned that I wear jeans everywhere I go. So we're at the entrance to the club, this is one of those clubs that you can only get in if you know somebody or have lots and lots and LOTS of money. Out front there are ferrari's Lamborghini's, a Phantom, and countless BMW, Mercedes, you get the picture. So there I am, standing in my shorts and obviously this place has a strict dress code... no shorts. So I tell Busta that I can just go home because I don't want to cause any trouble, he says it's no trouble and he'll get me in... the managers come out and tell him I can't go in, at this point I feel awkward enough and tell him I'll just go... he says no, and asks to talk to the owner... the owner comes out and tells him that if it were anyone else he'd say no but he'd make the exception just this one time... so this white kid goes through the door that all these guys are trying to get in, in shorts no less... I had at least 2 bouncers come up to me and ask me how I got in with shorts on... It was a pretty good night. I don't know how many doubles of hennessy I had... obviously. We left the club and went to a diner where I apparently decided to change turbo's phone to spanish. I had the best omlet that night. At least I think it was the best it could have just been really good cause I was really drunk but it was damn good. We didn't really hit any more clubs after that night... actually we left two days later to go out to LA. Busta had to meet with Dre on Friday so we had to get there by then. We actually didn't make it so met with him on Monday.  

So we got back to LA on friday night, I think I did more work from Friday to Monday then I have for almost the entire time I've worked with Busta. We recorded like 4 songs and mixed about 4 or 5. Made corrections to some others and I had to do some other work on some others. I guess he was trying to get the shit together for Dre. This of course figured considering I flew my wife out to LA so that we could spend some time together. We did get to go to dinner one night and hang out during one of the days. I was really hoping to be able to spend more time with her but no such luck. She flew out this morning which works out quite well considering I am, as I type, on my way to Louisiana. I think they have some wedding to go to. I was hoping that Busta would fly me home while he went to the wedding and then fly me back when he was done but no such luck. So here I am, sitting on this bus. again. I heard we're heading back to NY after Louisiana and then I don't know where we're going after that. We just made a quick stop to get busta some cigarettes and some backwoods, he also asked if there was a liquor store around... I looked out and saw one right up the street so I asked what he wanted, he told me a fifth of hennessy. I said alright and got the money from turbo. I grabbed my skateboard and skated over to the store, went inside, bought the liquor, the guy asked me how old I was, I told him 26, he said alright... I thought that was kinda odd... I paid with a $100... the guy kinda looked at me weird, as did the old lady who was trading in quarters. Whatever, I didn't think anything of it... so I got the henny and skated back to the bus. I threw my skateboard back underneath and got on. A bit later Turbo came back, I gave him the change and he asked me if everything went alright... I said.. uhh.. yeah... kind of confused. He said, ok, good... just wanted to make sure you didn't get mugged... I told him that's what the skateboard was really for.. just joking around. a bit later he told me, "oh, by the way, when you get home, you can tell your friends you just went to a liquor store in the middle of the night on Crenshaw" as in Crenshaw Blvd... I wondered why people were looking at me a bit odd... That would explain why the security guy was outside the bus watching me. Yes... I am still a bit naive I suppose...  

I think that brings everything up to date. I'm going to try to keep more on top of this but I've been cheating on Linkfilter with myspace. I made fun of it at first but actually found some friends that I went to college with so I guess it's not all bad. I've been messing with it trying to change the way it looks but not having much luck. If anyone wants to check it out go Here  
I think that's about it for now. Adios!!!
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I'm drunk... veyr drunk.. hennessy i sba...bad... bad... I went ot a clup tonight iwt h busta... it was fun... too much hennenesy... obvioulsy... i'm goin gto slee p good night.
Off the bus, in Miami Part 3
Posted by cam78aro88 13 years ago
this is so pathetic... I'm in Miami beach on a summer saturday night and I'm sitting in my hotel room watching re-runs of saturday night live. I actually did some work last night, actually we worked for a good 4 hours. I found out they went out the other night, I'm kinda pissed I missed it. Sounded like a blast, I'm sure they went out last night and they're probably going out tonight. I went out and spent some money today, took a skate to the quiksilver store and bought the wife something as well as myself somethings. Nothing like spending money when there is nothing else to do. I am kind of annoyed at the food situation. I am by no means a healthy eater but fast food for the past week is getting a bit extreme. I've had subway a couple times which is a lot better than McDonalds or Burger King but still not the healthiest food by any means. I really want a good meal. At least in LA I had a kitchen so I could heat things up or actually cook but here I'm stuck in a hotel room without even a microwave. Maybe I should find something that delivers. I think that's about it for now. Later!