Serpents Wall
Posted by pdxpogo in blogs & zines 14 years ago
Elena of Motorcycling through Chernobyl has a new web project up. A little amateur archeology. Wandering the environs of Kiev with a metal detector.  
She can tell a compelling story after her own fashion.
This site is . . .
tomcat101147: actually the portal to two sites. Both are compelling and worth visiting. Chernobyl is a diary of events in our own time and Serpant's wall is a telling of both a previous history and a distant history.  
I wish I could vote twice on this one. Once for each story. Both are illustrated with the author's own photos (which are of good quality) and even on dialup the sites load reasonably fast.
Elena Rocks!
kridnix: I'll vote for you... Elena strikes again with another archeological adventure that is somehow compelling.
Liked the Chernobyl one...
psychosomatic: This was also good. I hope she does more of this stuff. 10/10