How much debt are you in right now?
1,000 - 5,000
5,000 - 10,000
10,000 - 20,000
20,000 - 40,000
40,000 - 60,000
60,000 - 80,000
Bud Tugly: Does mortgage count?
deathburger: Yes. So do car payments, boat payments, medical payments, etc. If you owe money to someone/something, it's a debt.
Bud Tugly: I disagree. A house is an appreciating asset.  
A credit card is money flushed down the toilet.  
There is a difference.
deathburger: True, but when it boils down to it money owed is money owed. Doesn't matter than 10 years down the road you'll get more out of the house if you're currently paying on it. It's a debt until it's not anymore. :)
Bud Tugly: Ok fine. The reason I asked is because most financial professionals don't consider a mortgage debt in the same category as most other debt.
deathburger: Does it benefit them to do it that way more than the other? Always question things.
fabulon7: A mortgage is governed by a whole different set of rules than most other debt.  
Plus, a mortgage is really easy to get rid of -- you sell the house. Almost always you will get the same price or more than you paid for it, so debt-b-gone.  
More or less.
Bud Tugly: Ok, DB.  
Fabulon7 and I both agree.  
That must mean it's the Gospel Truth!  
Yield, I say, relent!  
(It could also mean the world will end in 1 hour.)  
Let's see
SpearmintFur: Including my student loans: $80k  
Excluding: $50 and a bottle of Fuze($20 bucks to some guy from when I was $13, $1 with interest to some girl when I was 13 as well, a bottle of Fuze to some girl last year)
SpearmintFur: Wait, make that $30. Not $50. Man, I can't add today...
lagbnaft: Are you still $13? If not, when was the last time you were?
SpearmintFur: Ahahaha, no, I meant 13. I was never age $13.  
I had money on the mind.
lagbnaft: I was hoping that what you meant. Otherwise your one cheap dude. ;)
sandwoman13: Just me or me and my spouse?
animated .gif files...
tomcat101147: make browsing a slow and frustrating experience for people using dial-up modems. Do those really need to appear in comments as much as they have been lately?  
A small animated file that loads quickly is fine but the sections of movies, cartoons and other lengthy items make browsing a miserable experience for dial-up users.  
If the purpose is to drive away dial-up users on older machines then why not just add a "lot" of flash animation? A nice long intro and having each page flash faded should do it nicely or just add a highly visible information line to the front page saying "If your computer isn't cutting edge and you're not on DSL or Cable then this website might not be for you."  
Sometimes having high speed, DSL or cable is not always a viable option for some people.  
Using the animated .gif files in journals is fine but it's getting to be a real pain on NCS scans.  
tomcat101147: Well crap! That didn't end up where it should be!  
Apologies! Enjoy the comment points anyway.
tomcat101147: It was supposed to be in general forum.  
beaglebot: I think that sized down and done correctly thye should load reasonably fast on dial up.  
I wonder if somewhere online is a "dial up simulator" that lets you look at pages as they would be on a slower connection, like there are places that you can see how a page looks in multiple browsers
tomcat101147: The small gif's do load fairly well unless they represent a sizable chunk of video as from a movie or cartoon. It's the larger files that take the time. A small display with 15 to 45 seconds of display loads just like any other video however... slowly. Several in row becomes tedious in the extreme.
ampersand2001: student loans and divorce = horseshit and a second job.  
what a dirty world
johnny2000: since 1980 living in a modest personal world of surplus - no car, own flat & houses, huge music collection - the way to achieve this is to continually cut your costs, only buy when goods are cheap (for me its often in hungary), always compare prices, ...
Re: student loans
sorbyl: Education is a basic right .. The b**tards that introduced this enjoyed student grants.  
If you have the academic ability to pursue a particular course of education, which is easy to demonstrate when you take the endless tests and assesments, some of which are required by government at an early age, then, should you choose to pursue your chosen curriculum the government should sponsor, rather than charge you.  
I despair when I see further education becoming less a matter of intellect and more a matter of ability to pay.  
Keep that in mind or the next lecture you get could be from "professor" Paris Hilton...  
Jeez, it's already happening