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Return to the raiders' cave. With what you know, you may be able to defeat the band by yourself!
Return to the raiders' cave. Wait until they leave for the raid tonight and then plunder their hideout while they're not there! There should be some good loot in there!
Continue on to the village and inform the Elders. They need to know all you've learned and prepare for the raid tonight. If you head home now, you may be able to get there by nightfall.
Track down Ralf and do away with him. It's too dangerous to let him live. Plus, he probably has some money and other goodies. He'd be an easy mark now that he has no spear or armor. Maybe you can make it look like he had an accident...
Wait hidden beside the path for a while to see if something else happens.
Think of some other creative idea...
A Bold Bluff!
darkstar: With only seconds before the brigand passes you on the path, you quickly consider your options. A flash of insight sparks a possibility, but it's risky! You heft your staff in your hand, draw yourself up to your full height and manage a confident air as you step boldly into the path in front of the rascal.  
The man freezes momentarily, his eyes wide in shock at your appearance. A split second later, he swiftly raises his spear to you and hunches into a defensive posture. He casts his gaze around frantically.  
Before he can regain composure, you stab the butt of your staff into the ground. In a bold voice, you raise your other hand and shout: "HALT, ROGUE! We will not harm you if you tell us what we want to know!"  
The brigand's mouth drops open in shock. "Who are ye?" he shouts back. "What are ye doing here?" He is clearly put off balance by your sudden, commanding presence and the implication that you are not alone.  
"We have been sent by Lord Grall to destroy your little raiding band," you say, derisively. "We have already located your camp at the cave up the hill and will be attacking within the hour." You let that sink in for just a moment before continuing. "However, we will spare YOUR life and let YOU go free...IF..."  
The brigand looks about nervously. "If...?" he suggests.  
"IF you provide us information. Otherwise, " you pause and gesture to a spot in the underbrush, "I'll have my archers fell you where you stand. Now, DECIDE!"  
The man licks his lips. "I don't see no archers..." he says, tentatively.  
"Very well!" you shout. "ARCHERS, IF THIS BLACKGUARD HASN'T DROPPED HIS SPEAR BY THE TIME I DROP MY HAND, KILL HIM!" You raise your hand menacingly.  
"WAIT! WAIT!!" shouts the brigand throwing his spear down hastily. "DON'T KILL ME! What do ye want to know!"  
Ah, a coward AND an idiot! What luck!  
After having the brigand doff his armor and sit, you tie his hands and begin the interrogation. At first it goes poorly, the bandit not being very forthcoming. Until, that is, you offer the man your wineskin. He guzzles from it greedily with a wide smile. From there, the interrogation goes pretty smoothly and the rogue -- a somewhat hapless outlaw named Ralf -- even goes out of his way to share information with you.  
Fifteen minutes later, you've learned about as much as you can from the man. Ralf doesn't know too much. He (along with nine other human and half-orc outlaws) were recruited by the bandit leader Bardo a few weeks ago to raid the outlying villages of Viscount Grall's holdings. It seemed that Bardo had a plan he was following about which village was raided and when, but it was never communicated to the rest of the raiders. They just did what they were told.  
They were each promised one silver piece per week, plus a share of the plunder. However, Ralf feels like he's not been receiving his full share, especially of the good beer and honey mead that comes from these raids. Because of this, tension has been growing between him and the rest of the band and he had already been seriously considering leaving them.  
Ralf tells you about the layout of the hideout cave they've been using as a base for the past few weeks. It has two small chambers, one of which Bardo keeps for himself. In the back of a third, larger chamber is a small pool of drinkable water. They have discussed, at times, posting a guard but Bardo always dismisses the idea as unnecessary.  
Ralf also confirms they were planning to raid Foxglove again tonight - probably around midnight. Most of the raiders have simple weapons - short swords, spear, daggers and the like. Bardo has a longsword and a small, one-handed crossbow that he allows no one else to touch. He also keeps a bag full of silver pieces in his pack for paying wages. Ralf has been tempted many times to steal it -- and a few other raiders even muttered about doing so as well. But Bardo is very strong and clever, and he seems to have eerie abilities, such as the time he moved a cup of ale just by pointing and speaking to it. After that display, any talk of stealing from Bardo abruptly stopped.  
Satisfied with what you've learned, you confiscate Ralf's spear and armor "in the name of His Lordship" but allow him to keep his other possessions. Killing him at this point could create more trouble than it's worth: the last thing you need is a gyre of carrion birds tipping off the raiders to his death, and you'd have no time to bury him, either. So, you send send him on his way with a dire promise to kill him if he's seen anywhere near here or the village Foxglove again. Ralf gladly takes his leave.  
"Bardo'd gut me himself if he ever found out I squealed, not to mention losing my armor and spear. I think the next county'll be healthier for ol' Ralfie." He scurries off down the path away from the cave, half-drunk, still working on emptying your wineskin.  
You are standing there, by the path, considering what you've learned. You've gained a decent spear and a serviceable, if dirty, coat of studded leather armor. Both are more armament that the folks in your village would typically have. You don the protective tunic, grimacing a bit at its smell, and give thought to your next step...
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If we don't return to the village..
FoolProof: ...innocent lives will likely be lost.  
/me is such a good guy.