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Attack the scout! This may be your only opportunity to get one of the raiders. Hopefully, the other raiders will be so disrupted that they call off the attack.
Let the scout pass. Hopefully, you can wait until more of the raiders climb the bank and can then attack to greater effect!
Some other creative solution... (please comment)
Defending the village!
darkstar: Your hunting experience has taught you discipline in sitting quietly, waiting for prey. Others of your band aren't so gifted, however.  
Periodically, you hear one or another shifting in their hiding place, trying to regain circulation to stiff limbs or simply succumbing to impatience. Hopefully, they won't give away the ambush before it can be sprung. Fortunately, the thin trickle of the creek below helps to mask the sound, somewhat.  
Shortly after midnight, the thin crescent of moon slips below the horizon and only starlight illumines the night. With your eyes adjusted, it is still possible to see the path where it cuts through the ravine. The waiting continues...  
After another half an hour, you think you hear some rustling on the far side of the ravine: a sound lifted above the creek's murmur. Straining to hear and peering into the darkness, suddenly you see a shadow, darker than the surrounding night, shifting on the far bank. They are here!  
A moment more...the shadow pauses and is met by another and then by two more. It appears they are conferring. A small breeze picks up, bringing the sweet aroma of the night-flowering Tree of Sorrow blossoms in the wood. You hope it is not a bad omen.  
The shadows separate, and one begins to wend its way into the ravine. You can hear discrete sounds now as the raider makes his unsure footing on the far bank. It won't be long now.  
Alas! It appears that only one is coming across! A scout, perhaps, to make sure the approach to the village is safe. This will mean you cannot ambush two or three at a time, as you hoped!  
The inky shape makes his way through the water to your side of the ravine. He is perhaps no more than 20 feet away from the top of the bank, now, and you can see he is carrying a short spear which he uses to help him keep his footing.  
He pauses, lifts his head up to the top of the bank and scans back and forth. You hope against hope that your comrades are silent...  
The scout stops scanning the bank and begins making his way up the ravine. You can hear nothing from your comrades, and can almost feel their tension as they wait for you or Milo to give some word of when to strike.  
The scout, with some muted grunting, makes his way to the top of the bank and peers around him. Can he see your party, waiting there only feet from him? He pauses and sniffs the air...
darkstar: Previous episodes of the Silver Pool campaign can be found here.  
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I pick option three.
FoolProof: Attack the scout and cut him down as quickly and quietly as possible.  
Have the three party members armed with slings, although chances of hitting anything on the other side of the creek are remote, let stones fly at the opposite bank. (Yes. Attack the darkness. I know.) As many stones as they can throw. Hopefully this will lead the brigands to believe that there are but a few poorly armed, poorly trained townsfolk in our group and they will be enticed into a fight.  
Non-slingers retreat to the town. Slingers make for the town if and when the brigands begin to cross the creek. Lure them to the ambush at the inn.
AB: Yes.
Mother Gert came along for a reason
pdxpogo: Seems to me you could make use of her illusion magic to confuse the scout capture him and then lure the others into an ambush at the top of the ravine. They can't rush you en masse so you can pick them off pretty easily, even untrained folk have the advantage of surprise and a foe attacking uphill. Slings in the dark? I can't imagine they would be effective. Capture the scout take his weapons. Tie and gag him. Pretend to be the scout (more illusion magic?) to bring the others up one at a time.
AB: Resourceful, aren't you?
let him pass...
let him pass. he's a scout. one of two things will happen here. either he will see you, in which case he'll try and make it back to the group with all kinds of vague information, or he won't. either the ambush has been made or it hasn't. assuming it has doesn't fix the situation. If he doesn't see you and he goes past, all the better. he'll be coming back to tell his buddies something.  
the worst possible thing you can do while laying an ambush is to spring it too soon. one dude comes by who's going to be coming back as part of his job? too soon.  
so we wait. maybe if it's obvious that he's seen us, we move the ambush on down the trail, making it appear that the guy was full of crap. or maybe we just have enough patience to see the plan through and the ambush will be successful.
pneum0nic: You are wise, padawan....
FoolProof: Can't argue with that.