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This is the ambush you planned for - the ruse worked! Now, attack Bardo with your spear!
This is the ambush you planned for - the ruse worked! Now, attack one of the raiders accompanying Bardo with your spear!
Let the raiders pass without attack. This is the ambush you planned for - the ruse worked! But you hadn't anticipated Bardo being one of the few in front! His experience and knowledge of magic would make it unwise to attack him.
Let the raiders pass until the rest come up the bank. Wait until one of the last raiders passes you and then try to pick off one of the stragglers. It will be less risky than a frontal assault. The safety of your fellow villagers is of primary concern.
Some other creative solution...? (please comment)
A Clever Ruse!
darkstar: Fighting the almost overwhelming urge to attack the scout, you will yourself to be still and silent. The scout continues to sniff the air, obviously relying on his nose to tell him what his eyes cannot see. It occurs to you in a flash of insight that the sudden zephyr that brought the heady aroma of night flowers is a boon as it may help mask your scent!  
After a moment, the scout seems to relax and begins moving forward on the path. He treads softly, perhaps another 20 steps, and stops again to look around in the underbrush. He finally turns around and begins to retrace his steps back toward the ravine.  
Suddenly, from one of your comrades comes a small rustle in the underbrush! The scout whirls and peers into the shadows. He takes a half-step toward the sound as if to investigate, but then thinks better of it. He spins on his heels and begins to dash back toward the ravine!  
You have no time to think: your spear transfixes the scout before he takes three steps. His wide eyes and gaping mouth show his shock as your spear protrudes from his gut. Before he can utter a cry, Milo's hand clamps down on his mouth from behind and his dagger dispatches the scout. You are fortunate that very little sound was made in the process and that the scout had moved far enough away from the ravine that his demise could not be seen from the other bank.  
Mother Gert quickly joins you. In a whispered exchange, the three of you agree on a new plan...  
You and Milo quietly drag the scout's body into concealment in the underbrush. Mother Gert, meanwhile, speaks some arcane words, low and soft in the night. Her body suddenly wavers, as if in a vision seen through water. After a few seconds, she has taken on the rough form of the scout. She picks up the scout's short spear. From a few paces away, in the starlit dimness, it is a startlingly effective illusion.  
Milo and you take up your earlier hidden positions. Mother Gert, now in the shape of the scout, returns to the edge of the ravine. She pauses, taps the butt of the spear a couple of times on the ground and then waves at the dim, clustered shadows across the ravine. She gestures broadly for the other raiders to cross. You realize you are holding your breath, hoping the ruse will work...  
After a moment, the shadows across the ravine begin to detach themselves and slowly make their way down the ravine. It appears that they are all coming across. It's working!  
As the first one begins crossing the water, Mother Gert moves back away from the bank of the ravine, down the path several paces. Your pulse quickens as the raiders begin climbing the bank. First one reaches the top of the bank, then another, then a third. Three others are on the near side of the bank while the rest are on the other side of the creek.  
You suddenly realize that the third one to climb the bank on your side of the ravine is the bandit leader Bardo! In the dimness, you can barely make out that his sword is still in his scabbard. The other two with him appear to have short swords, however, and they are out and ready. The other raiders will be up the bank soon...
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skewer him.
FoolProof: What the cat said. Be quick. Don't give him time to speak or even to draw his sword.
Tough call
pdxpogo: We know Bardo has magic we don't know the extent of his powers, but surprise just might work if you can distract him. Getting rid of the bandit leader should allow you to rout the other two brigands and perhaps run the others off.  
It is a big gamble but the payoff is big. Of course an unsuccesful attack on Bardo could cost the village it's only ranger and maybe other casualties.