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Dan suggests you inspect the debris and tracks around the cave, first. Perhaps that will give you a better idea of whether the raiders are here or have already gone.
Aelric thinks you should wait and watch a while. You're in no rush to attack - maybe you can learn something by observing.
Martelo is concerned about the risk of waiting and having more raiders arrive. He wants to go ahead and check out the cave. It looks like the raiders are already gone. If they are still here, they won't be expecting a frontal assault!
Mistress Faye suggests that she scope around and see what her nature sense tells her. Sometimes the plants and animals in an area can tell a lot about a situation...
Another possibility comes to mind: that you shout out to the raiders in the cave that they are surrounded and if they do not surrender, they will be killed.
Another possibility comes to mind: create a distraction outside the cave to see whether it draws anyone out of the cave. It could facilitate things if you don't have to fight the raiders in the dark cave...
Some other creative option? (please comment)
Back to the Raiders' Cave.
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The coolness of the early morning finds you standing in the main hall of the Inn with Milo and four other conscripts to your cause. Milo makes it clear to them that you are the leader of the party and they are to follow your instructions. They are all well known to you, having been members of the village for a long time:  
Dan and Aelric, two brothers in their mid-20s who run the small woodcutter and charcoal burner's camp in the nearby woods. They were part of your ambush party two nights ago. Now, though, instead of staves, they are carrying spears taken from the raiders and wearing coats of boiled leather armor.  
Martelo, the 18-year old son of Carvao, the village smith. Apprenticing to his father's craft, Martelo looks like a young ox. He is upset that he allowed his mother to discourage him from going on the ambush party and has determined to accompany you this morning. He means well, but seems a little too eager to get in a fight and prove himself. Martelo is also wearing gear taken from the raiders; in this case, a short sword and a Bardo's black leather armor, the only armor large enough for the barrel-chested fellow.  
Mistress Faye. Normally very reserved, the druid seems especially interested in helping get to the bottom of these events and helping to clear Brother Owen of any involvement. Her green eyes flash at the slightest suggestion that he may be in league with Bardo's men. She wears a sage-colored, quilted tunic and carries a short bow with a dozen arrows in a quiver on her back. A dagger is on her belt.  
Milo serves you all a small meal of eggs and fried potatoes before you go. Martelo jokes that it could be your last meal, earning a mild rebuke from Aelric, who has every hope of making it back home alive and would be just as happy if you see no fighting today. As you finish your breakfast, a few Elders, including Milo, and Mother Gert see you off. You say your goodbyes and get on the path, hoping to make as early a trek as possible, before the morning heats up...  
The tracks of the raiders are easy to follow and the five of you have settled into a steady pace. The closer you approach the caves, the more serious the party has become. Even Martelo seems to have run out of things to say and instead is focusing on side of the path. None of you wants to stumble upon the remaining raiders accidentally or, worse, step into an ambush.  
A few hours later, you are nearing the cave area and motion for your comrades to be especially silent. A slow approach brings you in view of the cave entrance. You can see no raiders, but a lot of debris is lying around the cave opening that wasn't there the last time you were here, only two days ago.  
After a moment watching the cave opening, you hold a small conference with your comrades to get their input, and then decide...  
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Seeing as how we're a tracker and a Ranger, I guess it would make sense to use some tracking skills to check out the debris around the cave rather than doing something that would immediately alert people within shouting distance of our presence (the surrounded ruse) or expose a single member of the party to risk of discovery, capture or attack(sending the druid to scout). Waiting around for something to happen seems like tempting fate. Better to make something of our choosing happen than to just roll the dice, and better to go in armed with information than to run in headlong.
I vote for option #4, kinda
FoolProof: Gather as much info, discreetly, as possible.  
Proceed with option #6 after that if it's appropriate, depending on her findings.